The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 91

The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Lord Warg

“Allow me to escort you to your lodgings.”

After the presentation was completed and King and Bianca retired to their private chambers, the well-groomed young man who approached us was the one who had brought the gifts. Though he was younger than the King, he carried himself with dignity.

“My apologies for any inconvenience. I am Torain Warg, Duke of the Wegrain Kingdom, and I have been delegated to act as your tour guide while you are in our country. On behalf of His Highness, the Crown Prince of Baratonia, and Her Highness, the Crown Princess, I extend my warmest greetings.”

He bent at the waist in a graceful bow, his right hand pressed against his abdomen, and smiled charmingly.

His hair was styled in golden waves, half of it tucked behind his ears, and he had a toned, tall physique. Though he was likely around the same age as Lord Balk, he appeared younger.

Torain appeared to have a better understanding of hospitality than the King. Though he may not be particularly religious, his gestures and expressions indicated a political motivation.

Despite his strength, he was putting on a show of his abilities. His approachable demeanor made socializing with him much easier. 

“Thank you, Lord Warg. I must admit, I was taken aback when I learned of the Imperial Princess’ inclusion in the royal family. As neighboring countries, I was unaware of her wedding. When did it take place?”

“I was equally shocked when I learned of my sister’s marriage. To think she has become the Queen of the Wegrain Kingdom. Even though she’s my sister, I don’t know how to approach her easily.”

Duke Warg chuckled in response to Auglia-sama and my surprise.

“Many in this country are followers of the Lina Religion, which is the state religion. I am a believer myself. If the engagement is from the Faithnum Empire, the headquarters of the Lina Religion, it will be celebrated for three days and three nights with great fanfare. However, such an event requires proper preparations and will be a national celebration, known only to the higher nobility and the Pope. The Pope has already sanctioned the marriage and deposited the certificate in the church, making the King and Queen truly wed. We are planning a grand reception in the future, and I hope to extend an invitation to you then.”

The words sound simple, but they leave me with a sense that such a day will never arrive, as if it’s just an illusion.

It could be because the Duke is serving as our guide, taking into account the contrast with the earlier rude reception, but even when I reflect on it during the tour, I find it difficult to comprehend.

A vague unease is clouding my thoughts and I can’t seem to shake it off.

I soon became aware that I was not receiving the same level of respect as Bianca after being led to the guest quarters on the palace’s second floor without a specific date being given, by someone who had married into a foreign country that followed the same Lina religion as the headquarters.

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