The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 86

The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Missing First Princess Bianca

The road is not so complicated. We were planning to return to the Kingdom of Baratonia and move, as it was a month-long journey, which also meant taking a break, but I am puzzled by why the king of the Wegrain kingdom is summoning us so urgently.

As I sat at the window of an inn in the bustling town of Poleinia, I had an ominous feeling. We were waiting for the orders from the Wegrain kingdom.

“You look troubled. Unfortunately, I don’t have any good news to share either.”

A voice suddenly echoed from outside the window. The window faced the courtyard and the Poleinia kingdom was known for its flat-roofed homes.

I was taken aback that I couldn’t see the speaker, but when I leaned out the window, I saw Gauche, dressed in worker clothes, standing below.

“What’s going on…?”

“It’s about Princess Bianca. ——We were keeping a watchful eye on her, but I’m sorry to say she’s gone missing.”

“?! “

At the news of my sister Bianca’s disappearance, I was about to exclaim, but I quickly muffled my voice with my hands.

“…What does this mean?”

“Although she may be feigning illness, Princess Bianca of the Faithnum Empire is nowhere to be seen. That much is certain, but if there were any suspicious movements, I would have been informed. After all, while I was in Baratonia, I was always on the lookout for anyone who might be killed by the Faithnum Empire… But I didn’t expect Princess Bianca to disappear. It has been some time now and we are still in the dark about what happened to her.”

In my limited perspective, I believe the Shadows of Nejia is the most well-informed organization on this continent, based on my observations and experiences with them.

Where had Bianca disappeared to, pretending to be ill? As of now, there is no known vassal state where she may have married and taken control, nor any news of a noble upheaval within the country, even if taxes have increased or been imposed harshly. I should not have to be concerned with such matters.

I must take the side of the Faithnum Empire in regards to Princess Bianca… I remained silent and pondered alongside Gauche.

“…Hey, Gauche.”

“Yeah, I think I’m thinking the same thing.

Gauche replied in a voice that conveyed his understanding, just from my tremulous call. A voice that sounded quite discontent echoed back.

“Even though I have wed from the Faithnum Empire to the Baratonia Kingdom, my origin will always remain in the Faithnum Empire, it never changes…”

“Indeed, that’s correct.”

“What if I were to pass away during my honeymoon journey?”

Gauche responded with a distinct, disapproving cluck of his tongue.

“Of course, the blame would fall on Baratonia, who allowed you to embark on the honeymoon trip. To begin with, it was a mistake to repay kindness when they were openly trying to eliminate you. And Claire also made them aware of her exceptional abilities, which they had previously been unaware of.”

In simpler terms, if I were to die during the trip, the Faithnum Empire could start a war by claiming that they treated their princess harshly and carelessly.

The Baratonia Kingdom engages in food trade with other nations, but they have just provided food aid to the extreme winter land. Our food supplies are limited, and it is not yet harvest season. Additionally, as we are using our funds for reforms, we do not have the luxury of having a treasury that can support the nobles with troops.

I was relieved that the Faithnum Empire was kept at bay, but I was also frustrated with my own recklessness.

However, I know that I cannot stop thinking and give up, as I now understand that much about myself.

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