The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 76

The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Poleinia Kingdom

After venturing northward, the convoy of carriages progressed along the frontier. The journey, excluding travel time, was expected to last two weeks, with one week spent in each country and meetings arranged accordingly.

The amicable diplomacy between the Faithnum Empire and the Baratonia Kingdom, perceived as a safeguard against the Faithnum Empire, was in high demand among the northern nations. Furthermore, the Baratonia Kingdom had a reputation for triumphantly defeating the Faithnum Empire.

Despite the fact that it was a matter of perception, strategy, and surprise attack, the victor is still the victor. Moreover, we did not make any rash statements simply because we won. Our primary concern was the establishment of a medical system proportional to our population in accordance with our independence.

These factors contributed to the northern nations generally viewing the Baratonia Kingdom as a bulwark against the Faithnum Empire.

Since Baratonia Kingdom expressed their desire to visit there for their honeymoon, Poleinia and Wegrain Kingdoms eagerly welcomed them with open arms.

As we discussed this, we left behind the serene rural landscape and headed towards the Poleinia Kingdom, sneaking into the country and making our way towards the capital.

Ever since we arrived in the land of Poleinia, I have sensed a change in the atmosphere. I initially believed that the climate would be harsh due to its location in the north, but I was wrong.

The difference lies in the scenery. Unlike the rural surroundings of Baratonia, Poleinia’s roads are lined with deciduous trees. Perhaps because it is an inland nation, one can see grasslands and settlements through the gaps in the trees.

The countryside is dotted with large cattle grazing on the fields, and I can feel the thriving dairy industry in the air. I had assumed that conifers would be easier to cultivate and process, especially in cold regions, but I was proven wrong upon my arrival in the main town where we were staying.

We were housed in a luxurious inn, but the quality of the furnishings was vastly different. In Baratonia, many buildings and furniture were constructed from straight-growing conifers, with some made from charcoal and firewood. Even if they were polished to a caramel hue and coated with varnish, they still had a rough touch. The same applied to the paint, and high tables were made from deciduous trees instead.

In the Kingdom of Poleinia, broad-leaved trees have become a staple among its citizens. Every piece of furniture in the room was crafted from these trees, giving it a sturdy yet luxurious feel.

“It’s incredible, they say a change of scenery can do wonders, but to have an entire room made from such expensive wood is a rarity,”

“It’s also due to the advanced building techniques in this kingdom. The building techniques in the Kingdom of Baratonia are not quite up to par. I find the technology here intriguing… hehe.”

Suddenly, Auglia-sama stopped talking and laughed to himself. When I stopped stroking the furniture and turned to look at him, he was covering his mouth with his hand and shaking her shoulders as if amused.

“What to do, Claire. Your curiosity has shifted entirely. It’s amusing, but it keeps you occupied.”

“Well, Auglia-sama. Curiosity is a valuable trait.”

“Yeah, I get that…but in the past, I wouldn’t have been so observant and worried like this, so it’s fun to think about.”

“Wow, you’re laughing too much! Enough already! But it truly is remarkable, isn’t it? The architectural technology… Ah, that beam must be made from a broad-leaved tree grown in its natural form. It’s not straight, but it’s thick and twisted while still securely supporting the ceiling.”

As I made this observation, I gazed around the room and pointed out my discovery. Auglia-sama also stepped next to me and peered upward to inspect.

Thus, we uncovered new findings together and developed a fascination for the technological advancements of other nations.

I secretly felt happy knowing that I had someone to share my curiosity with, which I had previously kept to myself.

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