The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 73

The Bewilderment of the Sacrificial Second Princess ~ Married Into the Enemy Country as a Hostage Princess, but Was Strangely Welcomed With Open Arms~ – Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Day before the trip

I was so rattled by Gauche’s story that I couldn’t help but let out sighs more frequently when I was alone.

Despite that, I am a princess by birth. Though it may not reflect my education as a proper lady, being a member of the royal family, I have the innate ability to keep secrets.

(…If I’m not cautious, I might end up becoming a sacrifice…)

Even in the presence of Auglia-sama, Lord Balk, Melissa, and Gwenna, I have confidence that I didn’t betray any emotions through my expressions or actions.

But my secret was uncovered.

“Princess, may I have a word with you?”

“Hillian? Of course.”

As soon as I left Lord Balk’s office, Hillian called out to me, took the documents I was holding, and entered Hillian’s neighboring office. Lord Balk will be opening the palace for a while, so they were discussing the tasks he had requested to be taken care of and the ones he wanted to entrust while he was away.

The room is well-maintained, making it an ideal location for confidential discussions. When I’m engaged in work, I won’t be bothered by anyone even if I’m alone with a man. That’s because it’s work-related.

“Please also add me to one of the guards.”


“I have already made a request to Lord Balk. I was told that as long as the Princess consents, it’s not an issue. The preparations to open the castle have already been completed.”

“Hold on. How did this occur? Hillian, what does being part of the escort entail for you?”

With a heavy sigh, Hillian rubbed his forehead as if he had no other option and regarded me with a stern expression.

“It would have been better if you never found out… But, since you did, I have to explain. In the Four Gods religion, which places great importance on ‘the spirit of speech,’ it is forbidden. I don’t have any ill-will towards you as a person to the point of wanting to harm you.”

TL: Maybe it’s some kind of Jinx

I did not underestimate Hillian enough to make excuses. His audacious attempt to manipulate words and his cautionary words “be careful on the way” only fueled my curiosity to delve into the matter and uncover the truth.

“I share in the responsibility for giving poor advice. You had a genuine interest in the Four Gods religion, not just a passing curiosity, and showed an understanding of it after learning more. I can see why you are being treated with kindness and respect. I don’t want to see you meet a premature end.”

“…What will happen if you accompany me?”

It is highly likely that Hillian lacks knowledge of martial arts. Given the information I’ve gathered about the Four Gods Religion and Hillian’s perspective, it appears to be unwise to travel to a nation with a different religious belief.

“Do you recall Lord Bogwarts from the Dragnate Kingdom’s words?”

“Um… about worshiping a deity beyond human comprehension?”

With the sun setting behind him, Hillian leaned forward on the desk, propping himself up with both hands. Although we are stationed near the entrance, the backlight obstructs my view of his expression, causing a feeling of unease to wash over me.

“Yes. Regardless of one’s beliefs, they remain unchanged. Specifically, the Lina Religion Wegrain Faction has revered the same Goddess for an extended period. It is crucial to have someone like myself, who has a connection to the mystical.”

“Do you think I could be in danger?”

“As long as you are safe, there is no cause for concern.”

In other words, if I were to encounter any difficulties, Hillian would be involved as well.

“It would be beneficial if I could act as an interpreter instead of a guard. The presence of one additional person on a two-week journey wouldn’t be a hindrance, right?”

Despite being in close proximity to two countries from the capital, the languages differ, and while I am capable of speaking the language, having an interpreter would also enhance our appearance.

Although I have a basic grasp of the language and customs, it’s not appropriate for me to constantly serve as an interpreter for Auglia-sama.

“…I understand. I’ll speak with Auglia-sama. Have you finished preparing?”

“For the most part, yes.”

“…I’m sorry, Hillian. I never thought… there could be things that would be better off not knowing.”

Although I believed I was effectively concealing it, I was taken aback by others’ prying inquiries and found myself shedding tears of relief as I covered my face with both hands, gazing downward with tear-streaked cheeks.

“…Tears are one of the things I detest the most, but…”

Despite my attempts to stop the tears, I couldn’t. I have been consumed by unpleasant thoughts for the past three days.

As footsteps approached me and stopped in front of me, a graceful handkerchief was offered.

“You displayed great restraint. Not everyone has that capability. Don’t worry, I will always keep you safe.”

The person didn’t touch me, but I silently took the handkerchief and wept in front of Hillian.

Being burdened with the fear of death is something I should have expected when I married into this country, but since becoming a citizen of the Baratonia Kingdom, I seem to have become increasingly aware of my life and time.

Hillian offered me a chair as I cried like a child, and remained silently by my side.

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