The Abandoned Saint Became the Snack Attendant for the Childish Demon King – Prologue

Chapter 0: Prologue

This morning, I stack one or two pancakes made with fresh eggs and milk. On top of the three-layered pancakes, I generously place the milk ice cream that I prepared since morning.

Especially for Demon King-sama, there should be plenty. It’s just right if it’s slightly melted. Then, I drizzle jam on top. Tyran-san has a lot of jam.

Both of them will surely say that this is not enough. I have prepared extra pancakes, ice cream, and jam.

With freshly made pancakes and the tea prepared for me, I place them on the kitchen wagon and head towards the king’s chamber.

“I apologize for the wait.”

“What’s today’s snack?!”

Demon King-sama, who seems to have caught the sound of the rolling kitchen wagon early on, is already leaning forward.

I’ve informed through the communication device that “Today’s snack is special,” but I kept what I would make a secret.

“It’s pancakes.”

“Pancakes? I’ve had them before, haven’t I?”

“Today’s pancakes are not just ordinary pancakes. They are three-layered pancakes with milk ice cream and jam on top!”

“Is it. . .alright to eat that much? I ate a lot today, so will you say no more tomorrow?”

“It’s alright. Only bad children have their snacks taken away. Demon King-sama is a good child, right?”

“Yes, I am a good child. Now, quickly give me that snack!” 

I set the pancakes and cutlery for the two of them on the snack table. As I prepare the tea, Demon King-sama, who couldn’t wait any longer, stabbed the pancakes with a fork.

Ignoring the knife I prepared for easy eating, he drags a whole piece. The ice cream couldn’t withstand it and falls onto the next pancake.

Only the melted ice cream and jam remain.

Nevertheless, it seems to be enough to delight Demon King-sama.


He puffs up his cheeks like a hamster, completely satisfied. Ah, how adorable.

On the other hand, Tyran-san, who waited until the tea was poured, moistened his throat and then took the fork. It seems he is also a person who doesn’t use a knife.

He cuts the ice cream in half with the fork and places one half on top of the pancake.

As I watch what he will do, he folds the pancake in half and takes a big bite.


“Be careful not to choke, okay?”


When I first came to the Demon King’s castle, I never imagined that he would eat snacks like this.

On the first day, he reluctantly ate, showing no signs of acknowledging me. But today’s snack was decided by Tyran-san and me for the sake of Demon King-sama.

In this place where I came as a substitute for the person who took care of me, I have found happiness.

“Oh, by the way. I have prepared refills for today as well.”

“What did you say?!”

“There are three types of jam too!” 

I proudly announce my decision. Then, Tyran-san starts trembling. Although I kept it a secret from him, it seems he is very pleased.

“We agreed on one type, didn’t we?”

“I thought having more would make you happier. Tyran-san, of course, you’ll have all the varieties, right?”

“Yes, I want to spread it generously on the entire surface.”

“Tyran, make sure to save some for me!”

“No, it’s first come, first served. It’s common sense in this world that delicious things don’t last forever.”

Tyran-san says this with a serious expression.

Even though he loves jam, I’m making quite a large amount. I even jarred a portion from the beginning to avoid any shortage.

But Demon King-sama is trembling as if he heard something terrifying.

“Put jam on my plate! Hurry, or Tyran will eat it all.”

“Even if it’s Tyran-san, he won’t eat everything.”

“Don’t let your guard down! I also want to eat more ice cream.”

“Ice cream and jam, right? Should I put them on top of the pancakes?”

“Yes! A lot. A lot, okay?”

Demon King-sama repeats “a lot” while gripping the fork. It’s adorable and irresistible.

“Here you go~.”

“If there are refills, it would be nice to sandwich them between two pancakes. . .”

Demon King-sama gazes at the pancakes with plenty of ice cream and jam, sparkling with excitement, while Tyran-san, with a bit of jam on the corner of his mouth, seriously considers how to eat the snack.

They, along with the demons living in this Demon King’s castle, have given me a place to belong.

I can enjoy making snacks every day because they eat them with delight.

“It’s a success.”

“I’m glad they’re happy.”

As I exchange glances with Tyran-san and let out a small laugh, happiness wells up within me.

This is the story of a discarded Saint finding her place to belong.

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