The Abandoned Saint Became the Snack Attendant for the Childish Demon King – Chapter 68

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝟖: 𝐖𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐟𝐮𝐥𝐟𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭

“Tyran-san, when you go to the royal castle next time, could you take me with you?”

“Did you listen to what I said?”

“Let me punch Jude.”

Olivier-sama is my benefactor. She kindly taught me how to use magic when I knew nothing. Moreover, she protected me.

My suggestion would disregard her kindness.

Nevertheless, I can’t suppress the urge to punch that selfish man.

“Could it be that you know each other?”

“We’ve known each other since childhood.”

If I say so, both Tyran-san and Demon King-sama widen their eyes in surprise.

They probably didn’t expect that there would be a woman here who seems to have valuable information.

But I don’t have any useful information at all.

Even though we were together since we were young, I don’t understand anything anymore.

I even doubt if he really liked the raspberry pie that I thought was his favorite.

After being trampled for a long time, when I looked back at the path I thought I had walked with him, all that remained was not love, but deep regret.

The red of the raspberries is soaked into the ground.

At that time, I should have punched him once or twice.

Punch him and scold him for being the worst. It would have been refreshing to end it like that.

Seeing me clenching my fist and trembling, Tyran-san seems to have made up his mind.

“I can’t guarantee that I can let you punch him, but I promise to protect Dairy.”

“Thank you!”

From then until we are called, we decided to spend our days as usual. 

Since we will come back soon anyway, we decided to eat the snacks we were planning to bring together with the three of us.

There are still snacks left in my hands. I also brought the snacks that I intended to give to Tyran-san and gather in the king’s chamber.

Although it’s only enough for one person in the bag, there is a considerable amount. I made extra because I didn’t know how many days it would take.

But all of these will be eaten today.

It’s like a prayer to come back soon.

“These madeleines taste a little different from usual. The usual ones are good, but these are delicious too.”

“I changed the recipe a bit.”

“Aren’t there any jam cookies left?”

“You already ate them?! I made quite a lot…”

“It’s not enough at all.”

“I want to eat more spiral cookies.”

“I’ll bake plenty next time.”

“Is today over already?”

Demon King-sama, with teary eyes, appeals to me with a cute face.

But today is over with this.

After eating today’s snacks, we are consuming these snacks. If we eat more, it will be too much.

“Even tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the next, there will be snacks, so please be patient today.”

Forever and ever. Even after two years have passed, I want to stay here. I put those feelings into my words.

Then Demon King-sama droops his shoulders and pouts a little.

“But you don’t know when you will be called, right?”

It seems that he doesn’t like the idea of being left behind. 

However, if I were to take Demon King-sama with us, it would surely cause a commotion. He has to endure it.

“Then, before we go, I’ll leave a snack bento for Demon King-sama.”

“A snack bento?”

“I’ll pack a box full of snacks.”

“Those will be finished in less than a day.”

Perhaps because he has already experienced Tyran-san’s absence for two weeks, loneliness prevailed over a large amount of snacks. He puffs up his cheeks and looks down.

While stroking the adorable Demon King-sama’s head, I utter words that sound dangerous.

“I’ll be back soon after punching the Hero and complaining, so don’t worry.”

I have no intention of staying for long. Even if it’s for a limited time, this Demon King’s Castle is where I belong now.

I will definitely come back with Tyran-san. I gaze at him with a strong determination, and he nods slightly.

“…I understand. So, please include these cookies too.”

Then he points to this and that, one after another.

He mentions snacks that we don’t have here, and it becomes difficult to fit everything into the box.

But Demon King-sama doesn’t mean to include all of them. There’s no way “Twenty pancakes with a mountain of ice cream and jam” would fit. 

So he probably wants to say, “Hurry up and come back.” 

Tyran-san squats down and meets eyes with Demon King-sama.

“Sorry for making you wait. I’ll finish quickly and come back.”

“Promise, okay? If you break it, I’ll take Tyran’s share of snacks for a while.”

“In that case, if you come back early, let’s share the contents of the snack bento.”

“…If you come back early, would you be willing to share?”

“At that time, let’s share snacks again with the three of us, the Demon King, me, and Dairy.”

“Yes, I’ll be waiting!”

With Tyran-san’s plan, Demon King-sama’s mood has completely improved.

He starts thinking about where to eat the bento. It’s as if we’re going on a picnic.

As I think about how the cheerful Demon King-sama is waiting, my heart feels a little lighter.


“What’s wrong?”

“I forgot that I also made milk jelly.”

Due to the series of surprising conversations, I completely forgot about the jelly that was chilling in the refrigerator until just now.

Both Tyran-san and Demon King-sama widened their eyes at the unexpected additional snack.

They don’t seem like the calm ones who were just talking earlier. But now is the most peaceful moment, just like them.

“I want to eat it!”

“I’ll bring it, so please wait.”

“I’ll wait, so there’s no need to rush.”

Leaving the two snack lovers in the king’s chamber, I rush to the kitchen once again, for what feels like the umpteenth time today. 

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