The Abandoned Saint Became the Snack Attendant for the Childish Demon King – Chapter 55

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟓: 𝐅𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲

“If it’s cooking, wouldn’t a chef make it?”

“It seems like they’re concerned about having a slight bias in the dishes. Lately, they’ve been asking a lot about home cooking and local cuisine. So if there’s room, I’d like to give them a few books as a gift.”

At first, Migi-san and Hidari-san were only interested in snacks, but recently they have become curious about home cooking as well.

It all started when Orphemia-san accidentally bought a book on home cooking along with the snack book.

When they saw the cream stew with plenty of vegetables and murmured, “I want to eat that after a long time,” their interest was sparked. 

Their cooking is delicious, but they still worry about having a biased repertoire. They were very interested in ordinary home-cooked meals and modest meals served at the church.

But what I know is only based on the quantity and taste in my own home. I often just throw in whatever vegetables seem to go well at the time, and the quantity is often estimated.

I have never had any problems with it, but they don’t have a standard to compare to, so they seemed anxious. But books should have precise measurements. At least they are much more accurate than my memory.

“Then let’s choose together.”

“Do you have something you want to eat?”

“Pumpkin potage. The one with potatoes.”

“How about something around here?”

We choose books together, shoulder to shoulder.

Tyran-san chooses books with potatoes and pumpkins on the cover. He must like them. I choose a few books that don’t overlap with the ones he chose. 

Taking advantage of his offer to buy other books besides the snack book, I entrust him with the books. After the payment is done, he and I hold the books, sharing the load.

“If there’s somewhere else you want to go, we can stop by.”

“No, I’ve bought everything I wanted, and the young master is waiting. Let’s go back quickly.”

“When we get back, they’ll immediately start saying they want to eat this and that from the books.”

“Like Tyran-san earlier?”


I’m hungry… I mutter as we walk through the forest.

When people are no longer in sight, I decide to ask the question I had in the bookstore.

“Are you close with her and Saint-sama?”

“Granny is master’s older sister, like family.”


“When I was young, I went to the church with my master every other week. There were times when I couldn’t see Granny because she was busy, but we always met every month without fail. She scolded us a lot, but Master was still happy. Granny always made snacks and waited for us.”

Tyran-san’s softened expression as he talks about his memories is a happy one. Olivier-sama and his master are truly important people to him.

Naturally, my heart warms at the word “family” that naturally came up.

“It’s a wonderful memory.”

“Yeah. The ice cream that was made for us the other day, we were talking about coming to eat it together someday. Granny can’t leave that place freely, but still, someday. The ice cream shop was gone before that, but I was glad to know it wasn’t just a dream.” 

“I’ll make it for you again anytime. It’s not a dream. Let’s eat together when she comes.”

It seems that his master has already passed away, so Tyran-san cannot recreate the scene he once imagined.

But still, his wish to let Olivier-sama taste it will come true.

I will make it happen.

As I clench my fist, Tyran-san smiles softly.

“…Thank you.”

From then on, until we reach the location of the teleportation circle, we don’t say a word.

But Tyran-san smiles gently, imagining the happiness that will come someday, and I also immerse myself in happiness while glancing at him.

When we return to the place where we teleported earlier, Tyran-san squats down and flicks his finger. Then, the disappeared magic circle reappears.

Just like when we came, we entered the magic circle together and returned to the Demon King’s Castle in an instant.

“We’re back!”

“We’re back now.”

Demon King-sama rushes over with quick steps. His gaze is fixed on the bookstore bag. He must have been looking forward to it.

“Thank you for the money. Thanks to you, I could buy a lot.”

“It’s a cheap price since it’s replacing my snacks. But more importantly, show me the books you bought!”

I hand him the loot along with the paper bag, and Demon King-sama holds it carefully and returns to his throne. His face shines as he flips through the recipe book.

As I watch with a heartwarming feeling, a bag from the bookstore is handed to me from the side. 

“Dairy, use it.”


“I found a book that seems to have magic that Dairy could use.”

“You chose it for me?”

“It’s my usual gratitude.”

“Thank you. I will treasure it.”


Tyran-san says that and looks away.

It seemed like he chose it for me when we were separated at the bookstore.

Whether it’s a notebook or a grimoire, Tyran-san gives me things that seem useful even after I leave this place. It made me happy that he naturally considers the future.

Tyran-san has his usual aloof expression, but I didn’t miss the slight blush on his ears hidden by his hair. 

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