The Abandoned Saint Became the Snack Attendant for the Childish Demon King – Chapter 30

π‚π‘πšπ©π­πžπ« πŸ‘πŸŽ: π€π©πšπ«π­ 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐒𝐧𝐠 𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐒𝐜

β€œIt’s done!”

β€œIt looks beautiful.”

β€œIt’s so translucent.”

β€œNot only does it look good, but it also tastes good. Would you like to have a taste?”

β€œIs that okay?!”

β€œTasting is a privilege of the cook.”

The part I avoided is for tasting.

I scoop it up with a spoon and offer one to each of them.

Both of them gulp and bring the spoon to their mouths.

And they start swaying. It seems the apricot jam turned out well.

β€œWhile it cools down, I’m thinking of making ice cream to go with it. Can you help me?”

β€œLet’s make a lot!”

With that, we start preparing promptly.

In front of me are three small bowls and a set of ingredients and measuring tools. While the two of them make ice, I diligently mix the ingredients together.

I enchant all three wooden spoons and hand them over with the bowls.

After that, the three of us just knead the mixture.

Although the workload is not heavy, it’s a plain task.

Just having someone do it together makes me feel relieved.

β€œI wish I could use magic other than enchantment, like ice magic.”

β€œIf it’s Dairy-san, I think you’ll be able to use it right away.”

β€œIt would be nice if we could teach magic in return for teaching us cooking, but unfortunately, it’s mostly specialized in cooking. . .”

β€œI’m sorry for not being able to help.”

I become anxious as they bow their heads. I was just complaining about my own powerlessness.

I quickly wave my hands to dismiss it. 

β€œNo, no. You two always make delicious meals for me!”

β€œI heard that there are many magic books in the library, so it might be a good idea to go and check it out.”

β€œWe don’t know much, but there’s a demon in there who is knowledgeable about books. If you’re in trouble, you should try asking her.”

β€œThank you. I’ll go later.”


A demon who is knowledgeable about books, huh? I wonder what kind of person they are.

Come to think of it, it has been over half a month since I came to the Demon King’s Castle, but I have only moved to designated places. I have only interacted with the people I met on the first day.

Although we pass each other in the hallway, we only exchange a brief nod.

When I received the communication device from Demon King-sama, he told me to use it when I get lost.

Even if those words were used as an excuse for snacks, it must be within Demon King’s expectations to explore the Demon King’s Castle.

It’s a good opportunity. While serving the ice cream, I decided to ask Demon King-sama.

If I get permission, I would like to peek into places other than the library. My wish is easily granted.

β€œThe demon in the library? If you’re curious, it’s best to go there directly. That person is usually in the library. Besides, there are many snack books in the library too! It would be good for future reference.” 

This time, snacks come with it, but the information that there are snack books is delightful.

Even though I have a hobby of making sweets, I don’t remember the precise measurements, and there may be ingredients that don’t exist in this world.

On the other hand, there might be new ingredients in this world that I don’t know about.

With different cultures, even the same ingredients can lead to different food cultures. Books are a collection of knowledge. There is a lot to learn besides studying magic. With that in mind, I feel motivated.


γ€Žβ€π•¬π–œπ–Šπ–‡π–˜π–™π–”π–—π–Žπ–Šπ–˜.π–ˆπ–”π–’β€ – π•―π–Žπ–˜π–ˆπ–”π–›π–Šπ–— 𝖆 π–ˆπ–†π–•π–™π–Žπ–›π–†π–™π–Žπ–“π–Œ π–œπ–”π–—π–‘π–‰ 𝖔𝖋 π–‘π–”π–›π–Š, π–•π–†π–˜π–˜π–Žπ–”π–“ 𝖆𝖓𝖉 π–†π–‰π–›π–Šπ–“π–™π–šπ–—π–Š, π–œπ–π–Šπ–—π–Š π–žπ–”π–š π–ˆπ–†π–“ π–Žπ–“π–‰uπ–‘π–Œπ–Š π–Žπ–“ 𝖆 π–ˆπ–”π–‘π–‘π–Šπ–ˆπ–™π–Žπ–”π–“ 𝖔𝖋 π–™π–—π–†π–“π–˜π–‘π–†π–™π–Šπ–‰ π–“π–”π–›π–Šπ–‘π–˜ π–œπ–Žπ–™π– β€œπ–‰π–†π–Žπ–‘π–ž π–šπ–•π–‰π–†π–™π–Šπ–˜β€ 𝖆𝖓𝖉 π–Šπ–π–ˆπ–‘π–šπ–˜π–Žπ–›π–Š π–†π–ˆπ–ˆπ–Šπ–˜π–˜ 𝖙𝖔 β€œπ–†π–‰π–›π–†π–“π–ˆπ–Šπ–‰ π–ˆπ–π–†π–•π–™π–Šπ–—π–˜β€.』


β€œIf it’s about choosing magic books, even I can do it, so feel free to ask me.”

β€œTyran-san? Won’t you say that I’m getting in the way if I go?”

I wonder what kind of change of heart it is for someone who has recently started taking snack breaks.

When I give him a suspicious look, Tyran-san furrows his brow.

β€œIt’s a gesture of gratitude for the ice cream! I would do something like that too. . .But yeah, if you’re curious, give me some jam. You have more, right? I’ll eat it with bread.”

β€œIn that case, I’ll bring it to your room later.”


I see. He seems to have liked not only the ice cream but also the jam.

It must be quite a demand to ask for something in return. It’s a positive progress that he has started thinking about meals on his own.

In Tyran-san’s case, I feel like he would keep eating what he likes, but first, it’s important to get him to eat a proper meal.

As I find his grumpy attitude endearing, Demon King-sama pulls on my sleeve.

β€œHey, Dairy. I want to eat it with bread too.” 

β€œThen, let’s have pancakes for tomorrow’s snack. Let’s put plenty of jam on them and enjoy.”


I made a promise with Tyran-san to bring the jam bottle and collect the plates. After finishing the dishes, I take the bottle and leave the kitchen. 

Then, Ciel-san was waiting for me.

β€œI have been instructed to guide you to the library.”

β€œThank you. Can I stop by Tyran-san’s room first? I want to deliver this.”

β€œOf course.”

Ciel-san bows slowly and starts walking.

After delivering the jam to Tyran-san, she heads towards the stairs. It seems that the library is on the upper floor.

Following her brisk steps, we reach a large door at the end of the second floor. 

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