The Abandoned Saint Became the Snack Attendant for the Childish Demon King – Chapter 21

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟏: 𝐃𝐨𝐞𝐬 𝐡𝐨𝐭 𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐰𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐬𝐧𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐬?

“So demons are lurking in the human realm. . .”

“Some travel, while others live among humans. There are probably more than Dairy-san thinks.”

“Humans have long viewed demons as enemies, but from the perspective of demons, they are probably closer than they realize. The peace treaty was established mainly due to Demon King-sama’s thoughts, but there are also these circumstances.”

“I see. . .”

It’s a shocking fact.

I had thought that there must be beings who can trade with humans in order to obtain a large amount of ingredients, but I didn’t realize there were so many. . .

I can’t help but wonder if we really needed a “hero.” However, it’s true that they became a bridge.

Whether it’s a sturdy stone bridge or a suspension bridge full of flaws, I don’t know.

By crossing the bridge and getting to know each other, we can reinforce it.

Although it has only been a few days, now that I have come to know Demon King-sama, I don’t want to imagine him being defeated. I can only hope that the bridge becomes stronger.

“Dairy-san, are you okay?”

“Y-Yes! Let’s start making boiled eggs right away.”

This time, I’m preparing two types of hot sandwiches.

The first one is bacon and egg.

To retain the texture of the boiled eggs, I plan to make them slightly firmer rather than soft-boiled. I will drop them into the pot and time them carefully. Meanwhile, I will crisp up the bacon. I will roughly mash the boiled eggs and cut the bacon into small pieces. After mixing the two together, I will place them on the bread. 

Since I like sandwiches with plenty of fillings, I will put all the finished ingredients on it.

Then, I will cover it with another slice of bread and press it firmly. After that, I just need to cook it on both sides while adjusting the heat and checking the inside.

Once the hot sandwich is done, I take it out and cut it diagonally.

The combination of eggs and bacon is indeed strong. It feels like victory is guaranteed.

As the delicious aroma rises from the cross-section, the two of them twitch their noses in excitement. Suppressing the urge to strike a triumphant pose, they move on to the second dish.

The second dish is a hot sandwich with ham and cheese on a griddle. They also add sun-dried tomatoes they found in the pantry.

There is no special preparation for this one, just layering and grilling.

Both of them seem disappointed, asking, “Is that it?” However, since ham and cheese is a common combination in sandwiches, they are not worried.

On the contrary, they seem eager for it to be ready quickly.

While checking the cooking progress, I call out to the two of them.

“It will be ready soon.”

“This one looks delicious too.”

“I can’t wait to eat it.”

“I will be the first to eat it!”

Following the voices of Migi-san and Hidari-san, I hear a voice that shouldn’t be here.

Strange, I turn around and see Demon King-sama, who is gazing at my hands with sparkling eyes.

“Demon King-sama! Why are you here?!”

“It’s terrible for you to try to eat something delicious without hiding from me, Dairy.”

Thank goodness he noticed! He seems terribly angry. However, he doesn’t even look at my face. 

He is already sending an intense gaze towards the bacon and egg hot sandwich that is already done.

“I’m sorry. I thought you wouldn’t want anything other than snacks. . .”

“Doesn’t this clearly look like a snack?! If you’re unsure, ask. Humans often say that communication is important. To neglect consultation when you’re nearby. . .really. . .”

Since it contains sandwiches in the afternoon tea, it’s not entirely wrong to call it a snack. . .maybe?

But in a broader sense, hot sandwiches are considered a meal. It’s not like I intentionally excluded Demon King-sama.

Even if I don’t have that intention, Demon King-sama is puffing up his cheeks and doesn’t seem to doubt that it’s a snack. 

Honestly, the definition of a snack doesn’t really matter.

Do you want to eat it or not?

The most important thing is that Demon King-sama is already in the mood to eat. So I decided to bow my head slightly.

“I’m sorry. I will be more careful from now on.”

“If you give me that, I will forgive you.”

“Please, go ahead.”

After bowing my head slightly to the two of them who have been waiting eagerly, I prepare a set for Demon King-sama.

He, who couldn’t wait and started eating in the kitchen, keeps glancing at me with a sparkling gaze, saying, “It’s delicious~. I want more~.”

Not only is he cute, but he also seems to be good at begging. 

“This was originally intended for Tyran-san’s breakfast, so I shouldn’t serve too much. . .”

“Does Tyran eat such delicious things every day?! That’s unfair!”

“No, it’s the result of coming up with ideas because he doesn’t eat regular meals.”

“So, if Tyran likes this, he can have it every morning?”


“Dairy, prepare Tyran’s portion right away. Let’s convey this deliciousness to him!”

Hurriedly, I make the same thing with the remaining ingredients. I place the halves on separate plates.

Demon King-sama takes them in both hands and rushes towards Tyran-san.

“If Tyran likes this, I can have it tomorrow too.”

From the words he murmurs softly as he leaves, I can sense his strong appetite. I can imagine Tyran-san being pushed to eat it eagerly, just like with the steamed sweet potato bread.

Everything is to fulfill Demon King-sama’s desire to have hot sandwiches tomorrow as well.

However, there is a high possibility that Tyran-san has already eaten meat buns.

I hope he doesn’t have to force it into his already full mouth. . .

With a hint of unease, I bid farewell to Demon King-sama.

When he returned, he said, “He was delighted when I told him he could have it for breakfast tomorrow!” Migi-san and Hidari-san seemed very happy, but the truth is uncertain.

I can only hope that the plan is not going backwards. 

For now, I promised Demon King-sama the portion for tomorrow, as he seemed to want praise. 

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