Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 9

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Ninya was thinking hazily as she was attacked by the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat.

When she was in pain, what did she always do?

Ninya had little recollection of her time in the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

The only thing she remembers is that she was beaten up a lot.

Being told you’re “incompetent”

The rest is… she was suffering from a severe headache.

The headaches made it difficult to think, and Ninya was like a corpse even though she was alive.

What, after all, was the source of the headache?

It was because she was forced to use 【buff】beyond her limit.

And now that she’s been kicked out of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】, Ninya doesn’t have to worry about headaches.

That means Ninya was subconsciously preserving the 【buff/modified】.

Ninya hasn’t given her all yet.


The Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat has stopped its attack.

because it had already determined that the girl in front of it was dead.

A pool of blood has formed around her, and she is motionless.


Without warning, the girl stands up.

Why is she still alive? The demon wonders.

But if she’s alive, the demon will do what it’s supposed to do.

It strikes Ninya with its tentacles.


The unthinkable occurs right in front of the demon’s eyes.

The girl held the tentacle in one hand.

Its gaze meets hers at that precise moment.

That’s when Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat feels fear for the first time.


That was the look on her face.

Her mouth was half open, her eyes unfocused.

Except for the hand holding the tentacle, her other hands were limp and weak.

Then she said,


The next moment, the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat falls flat on its side on the ground.

The demon still couldn’t figure out why this had happened.

Then it realized.

A girl pulled its tentacles with her hands.

That was all it took to turn the 20-meter-tall body and fall flat on its side.

Ripp, Ripp, Ripp, Ripp, Ripp! A ripping sound was heard.

The demon noticed the girl pulling another tentacle with her bare hand.

The Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat rushes to pull the tentacles out of the girl and moves them.



The girl grabs the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat’s tentacles again.

Ripp, Ripp, Ripp, Ripp, Ripp!

And then another tentacle is pulled out again.

It was a one-sided slaughter from then on. Ninya pulls out the demon’s tentacles one by one, each time releasing a gush of black bodily fluids.

Nonetheless, Ninya continues to pull out the next tentacles.

The Writing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat makes a desperate resistance by moving its tentacles, but is always stopped by Ninya’s one hand.

The demon is being dismembered while still alive.


( My head hurts…)

This was the only emotion that Ninya felt as she slaughtered the Writing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat one-sidedly.

Her head hurt.

Her body is moving independently.

The Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat had died before she knew it.

Ninya, on the other hand, kept pulling out tentacles.

Just as she finishes pulling them all out, Ninya falls to the ground.

(My head hurts…)

Ninya needed to rest for a while.


(Huh? I fell asleep before I knew it.

Ninya rose slowly.

(What was I doing sleeping?)

“I can’t remember…” Ninya thinks as she looks around.

“Geez, this is gross!”

A swarm of tentacles has scattered around her.

“Someone” must have extracted the tentacles because their cross-sections are strangely grotesque!

“Where is it?”

Ninya looks around the room.

The tentacled creature appears to be dead and motionless.

(This is a dungeon. But what was I doing again?)


She thinks as she crosses her arms.

She couldn’t figure it out, though.

(Oh, well, never mind!)

Ninya had a positive attitude as ever.

(Is there anything else?)

Ninya’s thoughts began to wander.

“Oh, it’s a treasure chest…”

At the far end of the room, she noticed a treasure chest.

Treasure chests are common in dungeons, and this is most likely one of them.

Ninya approaches.

“I wonder what’s inside?”

Ninya gets excited.

The most exciting aspect of a treasure chest is when you are about to open it.

“Wow! A ring!”

Inside was a ring.

At first glance, it appears simple, but closer inspection reveals the intricate decoration.

“Hm, hmm♪.”

Ninya hums a tune and places it on her index finger.

The ring automatically adjusts its size to fit Ninya’s little finger.

“Heh heh heh, it’s so cute!”

Ninya was very happy to receive the ring.

She’d never received a genuine gift before, so her delight was even greater.

Maybe that’s why she didn’t consider the ring’s effect.

“Ah, there it is! The exit!”

A transfer station was located behind the treasure chest.

She should be able to get out of this room once she’s inside.

So she went inside right away.

” Oh, I can get out!”

Ninya finds herself outside the dungeon.

Ninya has conquered the dungeon by herself.

But she is completely unaware of it.

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