Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 7

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Ninya was contemplating something.

When to join the fight against the Man-Eating-Ogre with newbies It is not advisable for one to become overly involved.

First and foremost,

(How powerful am I now?)

This question popped into Nina’s head out of nowhere.

Ninya can at least fight now that she can use 【buff/modified】on herself.

Nonetheless, Ninya remembers to be told.

“Why is your 【buff】getting weaker and weaker? It’s almost ineffective now! You incompetent!”

(My 【buff/modified】  should not be that powerful. Still, it appears to be more powerful than these newbies.)

Ninya assumes she is now rank D or E, then these “newbies” are rank  F.

(What is the rank of the Man-Eating-Ogre again?)

She can’t recall anything specific.

However, it could not have been that high.

That’s why she couldn’t decide if she could defeat the Man-Eating-Ogre alone.

(From what I could tell, they could only win by a slim margin.)

Ninya thought so after witnessing the Man-Eating-Ogre’s battle.

They are indeed powerful.

(Well, I guess I’d better join the fight.)

As she watches, the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre is about to finish off one of the adventurers.


Ninya moves at breakneck speed.

She then steps in to mediate between the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre and the adventurers.



Ninya, who lacks both a shield and armor, is forced to take it with her naked body.

Ninya has been blown away and injured. She was hurt, as expected.


Ninya’s injuries heal in an instant.

Then she takes a step forward.

The Agile-Man-Eating-gaze Ogre’s is now fixed on Ninya.

Apparently, she managed to generate some resentment.



The epic battle between Ninya and the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre ensued.

Both sides reach top speeds and race through the dungeon in all directions.

Their speed is so fast that the ground beneath their feet is gouged out.



Demons on the ground were sometimes reduced to ashes by chance when they were stepped on.

And if there was an opening, they’d throw fists at each other.

“Evasion rate 【buff/modified】!”

When you are attacked, history has shown that the odds are stacked against you.

That’s why Nina prioritized avoiding attacks over receiving them.


And if she managed to evade, she would strike with her fist.

She ensures that the damage is done in this manner.

(As one would expect from a Man-Eating-Ogre, it’s powerful!)

She could still afford to think of something like that.

(But, he did not sustain as much damage as I had anticipated…)

She must have already punched him many times, yet despite this, the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre appears to be in good health.

(Oh, his skin is flaking.)

Suddenly, she noticed.

It’s most likely due to her extensive fist strikes. The area where she was punched was swollen.

(I guess punches are not enough, so…)

Ninya concludes that this is the case and immediately takes action.

Keep a distance from the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre.

“I’ll borrow it for a minute.”

Ninya then takes Randy’s sword.

It is a one-handed sword made of iron.


But Ninya had already left when Randy spoke slurredly.

“Okay, now I can do some damage!”

Ninya is closing in on the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre once more.


At the attack’s range, Ninya dodges the claws of the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre.


She slashes the sword at the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre, and then,  “Sharpness【buff/modified】! “

She 【buff】 the sword .

And once the edge of the sword is aimed at the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre,

“Critical hit rate 【buff/modified】!”

She cast another【buff】 element on the sword as she swung the sword down.


The Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre spits blood and lashes out in rage.

Then it seems to have run out of steam and collapses.

Ninya has triumphed!

“Oh, I’m sorry for borrowing your sword. I’ll give it back to you.”

Randy receives the sword from Ninya.

“T-Thank you…”

Randy accepts the sword. He couldn’t be happy despite the fact that Ninya had saved his life.

“Hey, you. What’s your name?”

“This is Ninya…”

“So the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 has a secret weapon like this…”

Randy murmurs in hushed tones.

“Hey, is Clan Master Garga stronger than you?”

“Y-Yes… I can’t even touch him…”

She’s not sure why he’s asking about Garga.

She’d rather not be reminded of him.

“I sorry; I know I’m asking a lot of you. You’ve been a tremendous help. So, we’re leaving right now.”

With that, Randy and the others left quickly.

(I feel like we’ve become strangers…)

Was Ninya the only one who thought they were getting along better?

Randy, in particular, who had been so hostile to the had been so hostile to the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】, had gone completely polite.

“Hey, aren’t you going to take the Man-Eating-Ogre loot?”

“You can have everything. You are the one who defeated him.”

(Even if you say so…)

Ninya doesn’t have a bag to take with her.

Well, Man-Eating-Ogre ain’t worth much money anyway.

“Well, what are you going to do now?”

“We’re leaving. If we stay here any longer, we’ll die.”

“Oh, If you’re leaving, I’m coming with you.”

“No. Even though we owe you, we’re unable to work with the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

Myktis, the priest standing beside him, also nodded.

And then the adventurers left.


“You were such a jerk back then.”

As the A-class party returned to the surface, they casually mentioned Ninya.

“Really. She could be more than an SS class with that kind of power.”

“I can’t believe she’s a member of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.”

These adventurers had only one goal in mind.

to form a clan.

And to develop that clan into one that can compete with the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

They had a party name.


They were also discussing using the same name once they formed a clan one day.

“Stop being so down! Someday, we’ll be like that!”

Randy corrects the depressed members.

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

“We can’t lose, either.”

The members of the party responded to him.

They were moving forward.

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