Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 31

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Nell was thinking as she tucked Ninya into his bed.

(How will I proceed?)

“I’ll figure something out,” she said, but she didn’t have a specific plan in mind.

She just blurted something out in the heat of the moment.

But once she says she’s going to do something, she has to own up to it.

Ninya had two requests.

to kill her.

and to prevent her from killing other adventurers.

(What should I do to fulfill these two wishes?) She racked her brains until she reached a conclusion, just as the sun was about to rise.

“G-Good morning, Nell-chan.”

Suddenly, she noticed Ninya getting out of bed.

Her concentration was off, and her steps were shaky.

Ninya’s ambiguous state of dream or reality is most likely happening right now.

” …Good morning, Ninya.”

Nell responded.

Ninya then tries to leave the room.

“Ninya, from today you are going to live with me. You must come back to this room at night.”


Ninya responded vaguely and exited the room.

She was a little worried, but all she had to do was wait and trust that everything would be fine at the end of the day.

Then Nell spent the entire day preparing.

“I’m back…”

Ninya returned to Nell’s room at night, as promised.

She could see that Ninya’s eyes were vacant and that she must have been in a state of unconsciousness.

“Ninya, please take a seat.”

Ninya was seated on the bed.

“Drink it.”

She presses a small bottle of liquid against Ninya’s lips.

Ninya downs the entire bottle without hesitation.

“What I just gave you is a hypnotic drug.”


Ninya replies shortly.

Perhaps she didn’t understand everything Nell said.

All Nell has done today is figure out how to get this drug and make it suggestible.

Ninya is obviously easy to influence, but she thought that giving Ninya the drug would work better.

Now for the specifics of the suggestion…

Nell placed her hand to her lips and considered it before saying,

“You are an incompetent person who is incapable of doing anything.”

“I’m an incompetent person who can’t do anything…”

Ninya, who appeared to be in a trance, recited the same words.

“Every result was caused by someone other than you.”

“Every result is the cause of someone other than me…”

“Because you are incompetent, you have nothing to do with whatever happens.”

“Because I’m incompetent, I have nothing to do with whatever happens…”

Ninya repeats Nell’s words over and over.

(That’s all for today.)

For several days, Nell worked on suggestions.

And then, after a few days,


Age: 14

Skill: Buff Lv68, Cognitive Disability

Talent: None


There was an extra skill.

Nell wasn’t sure if [cognitive disability] was a skill, but she had accomplished her goal.

Ninya believes that she is incompetent.

Ninya would not be able to come up with the idea of killing someone in this state.

And if she accidentally kills someone, she will not realize she is to blame.

(The first wish has been granted.)

Nell gives Ninya one more suggestion: [buff] all clan members.

A skill has a distance limit by definition.

A priest, for example, can heal within a 10 meter radius.

Nell, on the other hand, expected Ninya’s leveling skill to have a much wider range of distance.

In fact, when she tried it, she was able to [buff] someone who was over a kilometer away.

So she told Ninya to [buff] as many clan members as she could.

Ninya, who was being influenced, unconsciously listened to what Nell said.

Nell forced Ninya to do this for two reasons.

The first reason was to bridge the gap between reality and Ninya’s belief that she is incompetent.

If she realized that something other than reality was going on, she had the option of removing the suggestion.

Ninya’s [buff] skill would be like slicing pound cake, and the more subjects she [buffed], the less effective it would be.

It was Nell’s [appraisal/modified] skill that made her realize this.

Since Ninya takes on the burden of secretly buffing everyone in the clan, she can only [buff] a few people when she receives the order to do so.

Then Ninya would be further implicated as being incompetent.

Another reason is the faint hope that everything will go well.

Ninya’s wish was to kill herself.

(There was no need to force a solution to this problem anymore.)

The reason Ninya wanted Nell to kill her was that she might unknowingly kill someone, and even if Nell does not take direct action, Ninya will die sooner or later.

That’s how weak Ninya was.

That’s how Nell managed to gain complete control over Ninya.

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