Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: A friend’s cry

As the two clashed, I deployed an isolation barrier.

“Slayer-san! Are you not going to stop them?”

“. . .this is fine.”

I answered quietly to Flare, who anxiously asked the question.

“These two. . .have to fight.”

Seika Renoir.

An upperclassman, one year ahead of us, and the top student in the second year.

He was a top performer in both theoretical and practical studies at the academy.

In the original work, his abilities were outstanding even among the five heroes.

As a mage, his senses were inferior to Billy’s, but he was depicted as a mage who surpassed even him with his cultivated experience and skills.

The problem and secret he carried were deeply related to this academy.

A simple solution was difficult.

At least, it is impossible for me and Flare.

“It’s the first time for me to fight you like this.”

“Yeah. We’ve been getting along without fighting, after all!”

“. . .yeah, we were getting along.”

Seika deployed a magic circle that controls water and transformed the generated water into the shape of living creatures.

Birds, wolves, elephants, dolphins.

He manipulated the water transformed into various animal shapes to attack Belfist.

On the other hand, Belfist applied body strengthening through magic and wrapped his fists in cold air.

When his fist collided, the aquatic creatures froze and shattered into pieces in an instant.

“You’re good. But, that method won’t handle this number”

Dozens of water statues surrounded Belfist.

There was no escape.

Completely surrounded, Belfist raised both hands with a smirk.


No way, that’s not going to happen.

He is the vessel of the Demon King, and he could easily break through this level of siege.

“Don’t underestimate me.”

Belfist swung his raised fist down with force.

He didn’t hit the ground or the enemies, but the air.

He struck the air, and the impact spread around him.

The statue of water, which had stopped moving in unison due to the vibration of the air and shock waves, disappeared in the next moment.

“That was. . .magic release?”


It was a feat that only he, the Demon King, could accomplish.

By manipulating and releasing magic itself, he could interfere with the opponent’s magic.

The statue of water, which was controlled by Seika’s magic, lost control due to the mixture of Belfist’s magic.

“I’ve never seen anyone who can do something like that. Impressive.”

“Is that so? You don’t seem all that impressed.”

“Well, I am impressed. I never expected you to be someone capable of fighting like this.”

“. . .Ha! That’s not true! You were suspicious from the beginning! That’s why you approached me. To monitor me as the guardian of the school.”

The two faced each other and locked eyes.

It was the same in the original story.

Seika was the only one who realized the possibility of Bellfist being the vessel of the Demon King.

Strictly speaking, he had doubts.

“I was surprised when you talked to me at the entrance ceremony. I had heard rumors about the school’s head grandson with high expectations, so I wondered why someone like you would talk to me.”

“It was just a coincidence. We happened to be sitting next to each other at the entrance ceremony. That’s all.”

“That’s probably true. It was a coincidence at that time. You started to suspect me around the end of the first year, right?”

“Bellfist… It sounds like you’re affirming that I was right to suspect you all along,” 

Seika asked.

Belfist. . .no, Satan, smiles.

“That’s what I’m saying.”

“. . .”

“It’s just as you suspected. The soul of Demon King Satan resides within me.”


For a moment, Seika’s expression was one of shock, but then it quickly returned to a calm one.

He must have understood.

The uneasiness in his chest had taken shape before his eyes as the truth.

“Wait, wait, is this okay? You just revealed his secret!”

“It doesn’t matter. He’s going to be the last one anyway.”

I watched over them.

Belfist had said before that he wanted seika to be the last.

Perhaps he had intended to do this from the beginning.

He already knew.

How the story unfolds for himself and Seika.

That it was something he, as the personality of Belfist, was reluctant about.

“You’re making a face like you believe me.”

“. . .Normally, I wouldn’t believe it. But that attack earlier was not normal. It’s impossible for a human to manipulate magic like that.”

“Oh, that’s why I showed it to you. It’s an easy proof, right?”

“. . .Aren’t you Belfist?”

For the first time, he glared at Belfist.

“I am who I am. In this mixed state, there is no such thing as a main personality.”

“. . .I see.”

Seika showed a relieved expression somewhere.

But he immediately switched to a serious expression and asked Belfist.

“If you are harboring Satan’s soul, then I cannot overlook it due to my position. If you don’t resist. . .I will guarantee your safety.”

“That’s impossible. Didn’t I tell you? We’re mixed together. I can easily understand what you’re thinking.”

“Belfist. . .”

“I am also Satan. But don’t worry. I’m not thinking what you’re thinking. I have no intention of harming humans. I’ll just continue attending the academy as usual.”

Seika showed a slight disturbance.

he couldn’t judge whether it was the words of the Demon King or Belfist.

Even if it was true, his position couldn’t be overlooked.

“That’s not possible. From now on, the school will manage you.”

“Manage? More like imprison, right? The academy would be delighted to have a fine specimen like the Demon King.”

“. . .”

“Don’t make a scary face. I don’t intend to go that far.”

He already knew, what the school was doing behind the scenes.

Not because I told him, but because he sensed it as the Demon King.

That this school is not just a place to nurture students.

What Seika was really protecting.

“I will live freely. If you want to stop me, come at me.”

“. . .I have no choice but to do that.”

The two clashed again.

The Demon King who no longer hides his power and the academy’s strongest student who acknowledged his opponent’s strength.

Once they clash with their full power, it cannot be stopped until a conclusion is reached.

No, I could intervene.

But. . .

“It would be tasteless”

From here on, it’s time for friends.

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