Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: More important than status

Billy woke up from his dream.

The warm and gentle moment quickly came to an end.

It’s just a dream.

It was nothing but the lingering scent of memories shown in emptiness.

But he would never forget it, even after waking up.


“. . .Flare.”

Billy realized that he was lying on the ground.

After looking up at the ceiling for a few seconds, he slowly got up.

“Was I sleeping?”

“It seems so. I woke up a little while ago, and then Billy-kun did too.”

“. . .Did you see it too?”

“What do you mean?”

Flare looked puzzled.

Her expression showed no deceit, only genuine curiosity.

Yes, she didn’t see it.

She couldn’t see him or the memories of the two within his soul.

Only he and the fortune-teller could see them.

“. . .I see.”

He closed his eyes and remembered the scene from the dream.

Then he slowly stood up and looked around.

she wasn’t there..

“What about the fortune teller?”

“She was gone when I woke up.”

“I see. . .too bad. I just wanted to say one thing to her.”

“That’s right! She was a fraud after all!”

Flare got angry.

But when she saw Billy’s face, she realized that he wasn’t angry but rather looked happy.


“No. . .I forgot to thank her.”

Flare looked at his face clearly, and he looked very refreshed, facing straight ahead.

As if he were protected by something.

The chains that had bound him turned into a warm embrace.

And with that, the problems Billy carried were resolved.


Billy and Flare left the ruins behind.

Belfist and I hid ourselves inside a barrier that blocked our presence and watched them go.

“They’re gone now.”


Belfist released the barrier.

Originally, no one lived in this abandoned ruin.

It wasn’t just the appearance of the fortune teller. 

But everything inside and outside the room was just an illusion created by magic.

It was all just another dream.

When the dream ended, only reality remained.

We remained in the dusty and dirty room.

“What about the recovery?”

“It’s all done perfectly. It’s a relief that you’re so good at your job.”

“Well, things are going smoothly for now.”

Honestly, I was really relieved.

Although we were just checking the answers, it was a challenge to solve their problems within such a short time.

And we had to do it without involving any romance, just solving the problems they had. . .

In a way, it might be more difficult than falling in love.

Tired and relieved, I sighed.

“Are you disappointed? You’re doing well enough. There are only two left, right?”

“. . .Those remaining two are troublesome. You know that, yet you still make light of it.”

“After all, it’s someone else’s problem.”

“It’s our problem, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s more like someone else’s problem. If you fail and get into serious trouble, it won’t be me but you who’ll suffer, right?”

“. . .”

That’s true.

If the recovery fails, my safety would not be guaranteed.

I didn’t know what the Demon King inside him would do.

If the Demon King were to go berserk, the story wouldn’t progress as smoothly as it should.

I had already distorted the story.

The protagonist became friends with them, solved the problems of the heroes, and cooperated with the Demon King’s vessel.

From here, there was no way to return to the original flow.

I had already started running.

I had come to a place where there was no turning back.

“So, who would be the next target?”

“Haven’t you decided yet? That’s unusual.”

“I’ve been putting it off because both are troublesome.”

“I see. . .then I recommend going to your ex-fiancé.”

When Belfist made his suggestion, I asked for the reason.

He then answered with a low voice and a difficult expression.

“I can’t understand what that guy, Seika, is thinking. Even though I’ve been with him for quite a while… And besides, the problems he’s dealing with…”

“I see. Then it will be Alma.”

I agreed with belfist’s suggestion and designated Alma as the next target.

His problem was somewhat similar to Leone’s.

Well, saying it was similar might be misleading.

Unlike Leone, it wasn’t caused by his father’s excessive upbringing.

In his case, it was largely due to his own personality and stance.

Honestly, I didn’t want to call this a problem.

At first glance, it didn’t seem like the kind of problem that would create a gap in one’s heart.

The problem he was facing.

Was that there was nothing more important to him than his noble status.

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