Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Be strong

Slayer Raeburn.

Her role is clear.

She is the other heroine who opposes the protagonist and causes her trouble with numerous harassments.

She plotted to steal the men around her and used all her power to trap the protagonist.

She was in a position of authority and was initially in a superior position as Slayer.

However, as her failures accumulate, she gradually loses her status in the school and ends up siding with the Demon King.

Having become a complete enemy, she relentlessly pursues the protagonist and her companions under the orders of the Demon King.

All to seek revenge against the protagonist who stripped her of her position.

But in the end, she was betrayed by the Demon King and killed.

Despite saving many others, she was one person the protagonist couldn’t save.

She lived until the very end as a villain.

I was reborn as such a character.


After finishing my meal, I returned to my room and collapsed weakly onto my bed.

I wanted to think it was different, but all the information I came across suggested my fate.

I will soon turn fifteen.

I will meet them next year when I enroll in the Royal Renoir Academy.

The protagonist of this story, no, the protagonist of the world.

And the five heroes who will save the world alongside the protagonist.


What should I do?

Should I spend this year peacefully and then enroll in the school?

If I meet them like that, won’t I be unable to escape?

No, but that’s just a story in a book.

I’m not Slayer.

If I don’t make choices like Slayer’s, the destruction in the future won’t come.

. . .Or so I thought.

I swallowed hard.

And felt a chill that seemed to reject my thoughts.

The story was composed of seven parts.

There was a common prologue and different outcomes depending on which heroes were chosen.

And the final chapter was the endpoint reached when all the heroes were chosen.

No matter which choice is made, Slayer’s fate remains unchanged.

No matter who the protagonist chooses to go with

Slayer will always oppose and push the protagonists into a corner, side with the Demon King, and ultimately be betrayed and die.

That fate cannot be changed.

It’s as if I’m being told by fate that I was born to die.

The unease I felt was probably that.

Even if I choose a different path from Slayer, I fear the same future awaits me.

Whether I run away or not, I will be killed by the Demon King.

Used as material to advance the story.

I had a hunch that it would turn out that way.

No, for some reason, I was convinced of it.

At this rate, I would surely meet an unfortunate death.

Like Slayer in the story.

And like my past life that had died once before.

“…I don’t want that.”

I strongly thought so.

Not just once but even twice. I didn’t want to meet an unfortunate death.

I was reborn, after all.

I definitely don’t want to end up in an unhappy future.

What should I do?

Is simply running away not enough?

Then. . .

“I’ll become stronger.”

The answer was simple.

Slayer’s death is concluded by getting involved with the Demon King in some way.

In whatever form, the Demon king kills her.

That’s her fate.

If that’s the case, it’s easy.

If I become strong enough to defeat the Demon King, everything will be okay.

If the cause of death is the Demon King, then as long as I defeat the Demon King, I won’t die.

If I am strong enough to defeat the Demon King, then I won’t have to worry about being killed by anything else.

Yes, I just need to become strong.

Stronger than the protagonist, the heroes, and the Demon King.

I will show them all!

I will definitely survive and find happiness.

This time-——

With my vow in my heart, time passes.

One year later——


“Do you have everything you need?”


“Do your best. Well, I suppose Slayer will be fine.”

“I understand. Well then, I’m off.”

Bidding farewell to my parents, I left the mansion.

Wrapped in my school uniform, I headed to the main part of the capital by carriage.

One year has passed since my rebirth.

As planned, I enrolled in Royal Renoir Academy.


The year went by in a flash.

Through strict and intense days, I felt my growth.

I was determined to become stronger than the Demon King.

So, I trained every day.

Because of my parents’ personalities, they accepted my change in personality without much suspicion.

Being in an environment where I can obtain what I desire has been helpful, and I never had trouble finding places and partners for training.

Swordsmanship, spear techniques, archery, and various other martial arts.

I am confident that I have mastered them all perfectly, including magic.

Originally, Slayer came from a noble background and was born with exceptional talent.

If her personality had been different, she could have become a hero comparable to the story’s protagonist and the other heroes.

There was a description like that in the book.

After a year of training, I am undoubtedly stronger now.


It’s about to begin.

The encounter that will determine my fate.

The prologue.

With determination in my heart, I headed towards the venue where the entrance ceremony was being held.

The venue is located within the school grounds.

You can only go by carriage to the entrance of the school.

Moving within the school grounds is on foot, and only authorized personnel are allowed access.

Even if they are relatives or esteemed nobles, they are treated as outsiders if they have no relevance.

In other words, this place was a sanctuary.

I walked alone towards the venue.

Now then, it’s about time. . .


I was called out just as I thought that.

My name was called out in a gentle and slightly high-pitched voice.

When I turned around, I saw a kind-looking man with beautiful blond hair.

The reason why I am convinced that this world is the same as the one in the book is not just because of the existence of my house and school.

Slayer had a fiancé.

And that person who just called out to me is one of the five heroes.

“Alma Gleipnir.”

“Hmm? What’s wrong? Just call me Alma, as usual.”

He smiled a little.

Alma is my fiancée, Slayer’s fiancée.

At least for now. . .

“You seem different from usual. You haven’t visited my house lately, and have you been sick for a long time?”

“…No, it’s nothing like that.”

“――! You seem cold. What’s going on?”

Alma tilted his head in confusion at my cold attitude.

It was to be expected.

The real Slayer only wore a mask of friendliness towards him.

She acted refined and approachable to make herself look good.

My current behaviour must seem unnatural to him, who knew me welll.

But it’s fine this way.

“Excuse me.”

“Huh? Wait, Slayer?”

I have no intention of getting involved with him.

And that is Because he is one of the heroes who support the protagonist.

How can Slayer’s fiancée become an ally of the protagonist?

It’s simple.

He will have a fateful encounter later on.

“Um, excuse me.”

I was called out to.

This time it was a woman’s voice.

Without even turning around, I knew who it was.

Because this encounter follows the flow of the book.

“Is this the right way to the entrance ceremony? It’s so big that I got lost…”

She asked me with an apologetic expression as I slowly turned around.

With silver hair and clear blue eyes, she exuded an aura that captivated both men and women alike.

She is the protagonist of this world…no, this story.

The Holy Maiden of Light, Flare.

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