Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Next Target

The next day.

Flare, Belfist, and I gathered in the courtyard at lunchtime.

We discussed while eating the lunch we had prepared.

“So, how did it go in the end?”

“Did you manage to recover everything?”

“Of course. Part of the power has returned here.”

Belfist patted his chest.

With yesterday’s incident, Leone’s problem was resolved, and the power of the Demon King that was residing in him was recovered.

Flare and I couldn’t see the transfer of power.

We couldn’t be sure if the problem was truly resolved or if the void in his heart had been filled.

Only he, the Demon King himself, can confirm the truth.

For now, let’s be relieved that we succeeded.

“But I was surprised. It was so easy to recover it.”

“It looked easy because I knew the answer.”

I replied, knowing what they were struggling with and what burdens they carried.

I was well acquainted with the story, having touched upon it many times and reread it.

I also know how they resolved it.

If you know the answer to the problem and the path that leads you there, you can simply emulate it.

“In reality, it’s usually much more difficult. People don’t easily share their troubles with others. They have to earn trust and credibility before someone opens up. Then, they must think about how to solve the problem.”

If I didn’t know anything, we wouldn’t have been able to resolve it so easily.

What I’m doing is cheating.

I’m just solving the problem while looking at the answer.

There is no struggle to find the problem or to think about it.

They faced the problem and solved it with the proper struggle…

“Flare you’re amazing.”

“Huh? I didn’t do anything, though?”

Flare, who had been stuffing her face with food, turned around with a puzzled expression.

Her dumbfounded expression was cute, befitting of a protagonist.

“The one who worked hard was the me in the story, right?”


From my perspective, both of them are the same Flare.

If I didn’t do anything, she would have solved the problem in this world too, I’m sure of it.

She had the ability to make me think that way.

Even the words she conveyed to Inga were not something I asked for.

All I asked of her was to be there in that moment.

What came out of my mouth was an improvisation.

At that moment, I was reminded that she was the protagonist.

I’m glad I’m on her side.

“By the way, who makes Slayer-san’s bento?”

“The servants. I can make it myself, but for now I’m a young lady.”

In the past, I used to sneak into the kitchen during my training and make light snacks.

My experience as a village girl is still useful.

I can make simple dishes too.

“Oh, then can you make one for me next time?”

“No way.”

“Instant rejection! Well, I expected that.”

Bellfist puts a piece of bread in his mouth.

The three of us brought our own bentos.

We’ll be having strategy meetings during lunch breaks.

Scenes like this will continue to happen

“Flare, do you make your own bento?”

“Yes! I may not look like it, but I’m good at cooking!”

“I know.”

It’s one of Flare’s special skills.

Being able to cook dishes that rival those of the mansion’s chef is also part of her charm.

“If you’d like, shall I make a bento for Slayer-san too?”

“Yes, that would be nice. I’ll ask for it next time.”

“Yay! I’ll do my best!”

“Hehe, you’re so happy about it.”

Even though it’s me who will be receiving the bento.

“Oh, there’s no bento for Bell-san.”

“I haven’t said anything yet.”

Flare teased him playfully.

Somehow, she started calling him by a nickname without realizing it. Are we managing to get along well… maybe?

“Bell, huh?”

“Is it okay for you to call me that too?”

“. . .Sure. Belfist is hard to say.”

“I wish you wouldn’t complain about people’s names. . .”

We had a trivial conversation and finished lunch.

The remaining time was for discussion.

“What are we going to do next, Slayer?”

“I’ve already decided. Our next target is. . .Meigen.”

Meigen Tolomir.

He was Leone’s best friend and also one of the heroes.

I had my sights set on him as the next target.

“Should I ask for the reason?”

“It’s simple. He’s Leone’s best friend.”

I continued to explain.

With Leone’s problem solved, he would inevitably undergo some changes.

Those changes would also affect his closest friends.

Especially in Meigen’s case, it would be particularly noticeable.

If we put it off, Meigen would surely notice Leone’s changes and he himself might change as well.

“I want to resolve it before those changes occur. I don’t want unnecessary complications.”

“I see, I understand!”

“What kind of troubles does Meigen-san have?”

Flare asked me.

She is the only one here who doesn’t know.

“That’s also related to Leone.”

“To Leone-san?”

I told her about the problem that Meigen was facing.

It was simpler and easier to understand than Leone’s problem.

This time, I believe we can proceed more smoothly.

Because we have obtained Leone’s cooperation.

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