Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Why We Need Strength

“Ugh, I’m still. . .”

“You’ve lost. If we continue, it could cost you your life.”

“I know. . .that.”

Despite being beaten up, he stands up.

He pulls himself up to his feet with all his strength, as if something is pulling him back.

“I can’t afford to lose. Not to anyone… Not to anything…”

“I’m amazed. I’ll give you credit for that spirit. But. . .”

I lightly pushed his forehead as he stood up.

“It’s over.”

“Ugh. . .”

He fell backwards, powerless.

“Flare! Can I heal him?”


Flare rushed over to heal Leone’s wounds.

“Don’t bother. It’s unnecessary.”

He denied her help.

But Flare remained unfazed.

“No, you must. You’re covered in wounds, so please stay still.”

“You. . .”

“I’m not afraid even if you threaten me.”

“. . .damn it, you’re just a commoner.”

“Yes, I’m a commoner. But… right now, we’re comrades in the same academy.”


Leone opened his eyes wide in surprise.

He must have been surprised that Flare considered him a comrade.

He knows that he said something cruel to her.

So he must have thought that she hated him.

Would he understand, that too can be a form of strength?

Well, while she is healing his wounds,I’ll attend to my own business.

“Leone, why do you seek strength?”


“A question. You stood up without fear of being hurt. . .why?”

“It’s obvious. Because I… am a proud member of the Grates family.”

He declared it firmly.

I knew that from the beginning.

I snorted.

“How pathethic.”

“What did you say?”

“Strength gained through pride and honor is nothing special. With that mindset, you’ll never truly become strong.”


“You can’t become strong? Like your father.”


Leone was so surprised that he involuntarily sat up.

Flare, who was treating him, was surprised and stepped back.

“…Why bring up my father’s name?”

“If you want to know, then guide us to your father’s place.”

“What do you mean? Why do I need to do that?”

“So you can realize true strength.”

I know I’m being indirect.

But I can’t say any more than this.

It’s not my place to speak.

Leone and I continue to stare at each other.

“You don’t have the right to refuse. The loser follows the winner. That’s the promise, right? Don’t make excuses, guide us to your father’s place.”

“…Fine. I’ll go along with your plan. But… don’t regret it.”

He says the same thing he said before the fight.

However, I understand that the meaning is different and that the words are not directed at me.


After school.

We were invited to Leone’s mansion.

It was a bit forceful, but we achieved our goal.

Things were going smoothly for now.

“Here it is.”

“Woah, it’s huge…”

Flare’s mouth hung open in astonishment as she looked at the Grates family mansion.

It was a familiar sight to us, who were born into nobility, but for her, a commoner, it might feel like a different world.

“Does Leone-kun live here?”

“That’s right. By the way…who’s that guy over there?”

“Is this a common occurrence?”

“You just don’t leave a strong impression.”

Flare is as sharp-tongued as ever with Belfist.

He is also accompanying us to Leone’s mansion.

The reason, of course, is to recover a part of his power.

According to him, he had to be as close as possible when it gets released.

“Nice to meet you, Leone-kun. I’m Belfist Krone. Her fianc――.”

” just an acquaintance.”

Flare interrupted him.

The two of them leaned in closer, glaring at each other.

It was strange how they seemed to get along well when seen like this.

“Well, that’s fine. It shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a noble.”

“That’s good to hear. By the way, do we have to be nobles?”

“Of course. Even one person is enough, but bringing two commoners will anger my father.”

Leone showed a dark expression.

The reason was clear without being said.

His father, Inga Grates, was famous for disliking commoners.

We were guided inside the mansion and arrived at the room where the head of the family was.

It was a little refreshing to see him, who was arrogant at school, trying to behave politely and be mindful of his appearance.

Knock, knock, knock. We knocked on the door.

“Father, it’s Leone.”

“――Come in.”

With permission, we entered the room.

“Excuse me, Father.”

“What do you want? Leone――!”

Inga noticed our presence.

He was a little surprised, but he smiled quietly.

“How unusual. You brought a friend other than Meigen. . .”

“I’m sorry to bother you when you’re busy.”

“It’s fine. So, what do you want?”

“Well, you see. . .”

Leone looked troubled.

He didn’t know the reason.

So, it was my turn from here on.

“I’m the one who has business with you, Duke Inga.”

“And you are. . .”

“I am Slayer Raeburn.”

“The daughter of the Raeburn family. It’s my first time meeting you. What is your business with me?”

“I have something I would like to ask you. But before that. . .”

I deliberately turned my gaze to the two of them.

“Let me introduce my other friends.”

“Shall I go first? Nice to meet you. I’m Belfist Krone.”

He introduced himself with a practiced attitude and tone.

As expected of a noble, he was used to it.

And the other one.

“Um, I’m Flare! Nice to meet you!”

When he heard her self-introduction, Duke Inga frowned.

“What is your family name?”

“Um, I don’t have one.”

She didn’t have a family name.

In other words, it was proof that she was a commoner.

Duke Inga’s expression visibly changes.

They became sharp and cold.

“Leone, what are you trying to do? Why did you bring a commoner?”

“I’m sorry.”

Leone looked timid and intimidated.

His father’s presence was clearly important to him.

The person he is now was undenaibly shaped by his father.

“That’s where I come in. What I want to know is…”

“What is it?”

“I apologize for being rude. Duke Inga, why do you. . . hate commoners so much?”


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