Story of a Country Girl Reincarnated as a Villainess Trying To Avoid a Bad End ~I Tried To Become Stronger Than the Last Boss Because I Don’t Want to Die~ – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Open up

In the past few days, I have experienced many actions that I cannot understand.

There have been many sudden lines and actions that have surprised me.

But all of them were so unexpected and adorable that I forgot to breathe.

“W-What. . .”

“I like you! A woman like you would be suitable to be my partner.”

“W-Wait. . .”

What is this guy doing. . .?

Shock and confusion raced through my mind.

He didn’t loosen his tight grip on my hand

There was no hostility.

What I felt from his gaze as he looked at me was pure expectation.

I don’t understand.

My head is a mess, and I’m losing my thoughts.

Seeing me flustered, Satan tilted his head.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy?”

“Well, of course not?”

“Why not? You’re my partner. Is there anything more honorable than that?”

“But you’re the Demon King, right? Being the wife of humanity’s enemy is nothing but dishonor!”

In a state of panic, it’s difficult to have a proper thought process.

I respond based on my emotions.

“Humanity’s enemy? Your way of thinking is outdated. That’s a thing of the past. I don’t think of you guys as enemies. You’re the ones who are treating me as an enemy.”

“Don’t joke around! If you’re not hostile, then why did you kill her? Why did you oppose Flare and the others. . .”

“What are you talking about? I haven’t killed anyone since I was resurrected.”

“You’re lying――!”

I spoke too much based on my emotions.

Realizing what I said, I finally calmed down.

His confusion is natural.

The criticism I made was just a story that I know.

He still hasn’t killed Slayer.

He’s not hostile toward Flare and the heroes.

“. . .It’s nothing.”

I talked too much about unnecessary things.

How can I cover this up?

Or rather, how can I sort out this situation along with the Demon King’s proposal. . .?

“What do you know. . .?”

“. . .”

“You were sure about what you said earlier. That I killed someone. . .there’s no such fact. I know that better than anyone.”

“I mistook you for someone else. I know someone who looks a lot like you.”

I’m aware that it’s a painful excuse.

Someone who looks like the Demon King?

There’s no way such a person exists.

Satan smiles wryly.

“How intriguing. You seem to know something, don’t you? Something that I don’t. . .Would you care to enlighten me?”

“You’re mistaken.”

“You don’t want to answer. Then I’ll just ask on my own.”

“What. . .?”

There was a thud sound.

Before I knew it, his forehead was touching mine.

Our eyes, noses, and mouths were close.

I could clearly hear his breathing.

I had never experienced a man’s face being this close, and I couldn’t help but feel a flutter in my heart.

But I realized it in an instant.

He was peeking into my mind.

“Get away from me!”

“You’re a rough one.”

As he pulled away his forehead, one of the hands that he used to hold me also let go.

My right hand was still being held.

Psychometry, the magic that reads information from a touched object or person.

It’s difficult to read the memories and information of living beings.

But for the Demon King, it’s a piece of cake.

How much did he see in that moment?

I swallowed hard.

“. . .I see. You’re also a reincarnated person.”

I’ve been found out.

Satan peered into my head and understood that I was a different person who was reborn as a Slayer.

And probably, everything up until today. . .

“Don’t lump me in with you.”

“Indeed, we are not the same. I am from the past, but you are from a different world. It’s interesting. . .the memories of the book you possess as well.”

“. . .”

Of course, the contents of the book were also conveyed to him.

Why I had realized his true identity.

Including the outcome.

This is the worst.

I had given the last boss detailed information.

Now, my chances of survival have plummeted.

“Truly interesting. What will become of me. . .destruction? Like you.”

“. . .?”

What should I do?

Give up and be at ease?

Even if I resist, the result was already clear.

I have failed.

Then, should I just stay here like this. . .

“But I don’t like it. If I don’t find a partner, I will perish!”

“. . .Of course. You picked a fight with the world.”

“That’s where you’re wrong! The me in the story you know is different! My desire is not world domination or revenge against humanity! I was resurrected to find an eternal companion!”

“. . .Huh?”

What is this Demon King talking about. . .?

With all my strength drained from giving up, I ask with a sigh.

“The Demon King was resurrected to find a wife? That’s ridiculous.”

“What’s ridiculous about it? Even you humans live to find someone to be with. It’s only natural for me, who is tired of fighting, to wish for the continuation of my species, isn’t it?”

“So you really did resurrect just to find a wife?”

“Of course! And possessing this man named Belfist is part of my plan to find a suitable partner in the academy!”

Satan proudly puffs out his chest.

It’s ridiculous how serious he looks.

“Which one are you. . .?”

“Which one what?”

“Are you Satan? Or. . .Belfist?”

“Both answers are correct. I am currently a mix of two consciousnesses. As I speak now, I am Satan and also Belfist.”

It was a line that was also mentioned in the original work.

He must have said it following my memories.

As proof, he looked pleased.

“. . .sigh. And I’m the bride candidate for that?”

“That’s right. I like you. Your courage that doesn’t break even in front of me, and your supernatural magical power. . .they are exactly suitable for me.”

“But in the original work, you used and killed me.”

“That seems to be the case in the book. But you’re different, aren’t you? You are Slayer, but not Slayer.”

That’s right.

I’m not a Slayer.

I’m another soul that resides within the Slayer. . .I am myself.

“That’s why I like you. Not as Slayer, but as yourself.”

“For me. . .?”

The contents of Slayer, I was just an ordinary villager.

In my first life, I was bored, left nothing in the world, didn’t leave a strong impression on anyone’s memory, and died while burning.

What is there for someone like me?

Is there anything attractive about me?

If he’s serious. . .

“. . .Fine. I’ll become your bride.”

“Oh? That’s unexpected――”

“But there are conditions.”

My heart had been completely broken.

I had reached the limit of giving up and found a path to take.

Things were no longer going according to plan.

I couldn’t just follow the story in a book and watch from afar.

I had become involved.

Deeply, to the point of no return.

If that’s the case, then. . .

“Protect me! Until the end of my life, until I die of old age!”

I’ll use this Demon King as much as I can.

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