Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 9

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“Please excuse me—does anyone here go by the name Aria-san?”

The classroom door opens, and a woman walks in, Carina Oliveira, daughter of the Dukes of Oliveira, and the Crown Prince’s fiancée.

“Yes, I’m the one…”

Aria, a woman, slowly raised her hand, as if she didn’t understand what was going on.

I held my laughter.

She’s always like this in my dreams.

She pretends she knows nothing, that she doesn’t understand, that she is a weak woman, and that the stupid men around her are protecting her.

I’ve seen her like that over 2,000 times now, and I’m sick of it.

“Arara, it’s you—you’re just an illegitimate daughter of a baron, and yet you’re staring at His Highness Emilio without regard for your position.”

Lady Carina laughs as she covers her mouth with a feather fan.

However, her eyes were not smiling at all, and she looked at the woman as if she was going to shoot her dead.

“I’m not flirting with him at all! I’m just making friends with Emilio-sama! “

“Friend? With Emilio, the man I’m engaged to?!”

Lady Carina pointed out that a woman called Aria… But my heart went out to her.

Y-Yes, I’ve also been speaking with Nadia, who has a fiancée… maybe it’s all right? Because it’s all Donato’s fault in the first place.

So Nadia and I are keeping an eye on the situation.

“Hmph… In any case, if you want to graduate successfully, you should be careful for the next three years—you thieving cat.”

Lady Carina exited the classroom with these words.

But, well, Lady Carina is correct.

For starters, she’s too unprincipled, staring not only at the Crown Prince but also at Donato and the other men, all of whom are high-ranking nobles.

…I’ve been so excited to finally meet Nadia in person for the past three days that I may have underestimated the status between us.

Yes, let us exercise caution from now on.


Two years have passed, and Nadia and I have continued to enjoy our school lives as friends while maintaining moderation.

Of course, Nadia’s summoning abilities have improved, and now that she is in her third year, she is so skilled that the academy’s teachers are astounded.

She can already summon three of the most powerful magical beasts at this time.

As a result, we have arrived at the end of the labyrinth in my dreams.

If things continue as they are, I am confident that we will complete the labyrinth before the graduation party.

Meanwhile, the crown prince and his four cronies, including Donato, have all fallen in love with Aria.

They are now constantly surrounding her.

Naturally, no one in the academy was pleased with the situation.

Lady Carina and the ladies with their fiance circling around Aria have become so angry that they have begun to blatantly bully her.

When the Crown Prince learns of it, the relationship between the cronies and their fiancé becomes even more strained, and the situation deteriorates dramatically.

Nadia’s relationship with that Donato person has come to an end. Rather, they no longer converse or even look at each other.

This was extremely convenient for me, but I was worried that Nadia would have to go through a lot because of it.

So I asked her once about it.

“Fufu, I guess that guy knows he can’t discuss this with his parents, and I haven’t heard anything from Oto-sama.”

Nadia did nothing but grin and smile.

She did, however, appear to express her dislike for Donato in her words, which made me happy.

My first goal was to keep Nadia from being involved in the Emperor’s sentence at the graduation party, and I even used my family name to help her in various ways, but she is still trapped in the labyrinth in my dreams—It appears that Nadia can’t avoid being trapped in the labyrinth.

Of course, we have another year until that day arrives.

So I’m just going to keep trying my best not to get Nadia involved.

“Ivan, because we’re having a leisurely cup of tea today, please focus on your conversation with me rather than your thoughts.”

Nadia, sitting across from me on the academy’s terrace, speaks up.

“Ah, haha… My apologies.”

I can’t stop laughing and apologizing to her.

Thanks to those two years, Nadia now only shows me her cute real face, just like she did in my dreams.

I can’t help but be grateful that she has so generously opened her heart to me.

“Fufu… Then tell me a funny story in exchange for my forgiveness… Eh?!”

Nadia’s face darkened just as she was about to tell me with a smile.

This expression had only one meaning.

“Hmph! Look who’s here! A woman with a fiancée named me engaging in an unprofessional love affair with such a weak man! You should be ashamed!”

Donato approaches us without our permission and yells at us, putting himself on the back burner.

He is still the same man who never matured.

“…Let’s go, Nadia.”

There’s no point in dealing with this piece of shit.

“Hmph, you’re still the same boring guy. Are you scared of me? coward! I guess it can’t be helped that I gave you a good beating when we first entered the school.”

Donato sneered at me, as if he was pleased with his victory.


“…Take that back.”

“Huh? What did you say?!”

“Ivan is not a coward! He’s a good man, kinder than anyone else, stronger than anyone else, and never arrogant like you!”

Nadia screams angrily at Donato, her shoulders shaking with rage.

She was always trying to keep her emotions in check, but to think she could be so upset for my sake!


Donato is about to extend his hand to Nadia without hesitation.

Of course, that is not going to happen.



I grab Donato’s raised arm and tell him in a low voice.

“You! Let go of me… what?!”

Donato desperately tries to shake my hand off, but his face shows his surprise when he can’t.

I used my body enhancement magic and gripped Donato’s arm tightly.



When I squeezed, Donato’s face contorted in pain.

This guy should now understand a little better.

From the beginning, he has never been my equal.

“We should get going, Nadia.”

I turn to her and smile.

“Ah… yes, fufu!”

Nadia responded with a bright smile, and we walked away from the terrace, leaving Donato behind.

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