Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Together, Beyond the Labyrinth


After Nadia and I confirmed our feelings for each other, all we wanted was each other.

Over and over, with all of our feelings for one another.

She’s now sleeping in my arms.

“My love… My Nadia, whom I love above all others.”

“Soo… Sooo…”

Hahaha… Truly, she’s the loveliest of all.

Even now, she shows me her sleeping face, which is so vulnerable.

When I gently touch her cheek…

“Mmm… Ah…”

…It appears I woke her.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“Fufu… It’s wonderful to open your eyes and see the person you care about most there…”

Nadia smiles as she moves her face closer to mine.

“Mmmm… Mmmmm…”

Then she kissed me good morning kisses.

We kissed so many times yesterday, but the feeling of her lips on mine still fills my heart with feelings for her.


“Nn… ‘Suck,’ ‘Suck,’ Puhhh…”

For a while, I enjoyed Nadia’s lips.

“Nadia… What will transpire… I’m going to tell you about what happened in my dream.”


I told her everything about how I had cleared the labyrinth in my dream.

Of course, I don’t think she’d understand if I told her everything, so I just summarized the main points.


“Yes… In my dream, I successfully navigated this labyrinth, and “Nadia” escaped safely.”

Nadia gave me a hopeful smile after hearing my explanation.

“Fufu! Ivan!”


Nadia jumps into my chest and happily rubs her cheek.

I clutch Nadia in my arms, vowing to remember her warmth until the end of my days.

“So, let’s move on to the next level! We can’t afford to let those people “she” mentioned catch up with us!”


I take Nadia’s hand in mine and hold a suitcase containing enough food for both of us to last a month.

“Let’s go!”

“Fufu! Yes!”

We took our first step onto the stairs leading to the next level.


From then on, we steadily cleared the labyrinth.

No one can stop me and Nadia with Emilio and his cronies, the lousy woman and the others (ladies) now gone.

Furthermore, the fact that we are traveling the shortest distance possible to avoid being apprehended by the criminals whom the emperor must have released is working well.

As a result, we’ve already progressed to the fifth level and haven’t encountered any of the later criminals.

That is the reason.

“Fufu! Ivan, look! There is a spring!”

Nadia is delighted to see the fountain in the fifth level’s center.

It’s been three days since we replenished our supplies at the spring on the second level, so we’re really grateful.

“Why don’t you take a bath, Nadia? There’s plenty of water here. Meanwhile, I’ll be in the next room.”

“Ah, then, u-um… Why don’t you take a bath with me…?”

With a red face, Nadia suggests this.

Of course, I have no reservations.

“Is that… all right?”

However, it is preferable to be certain.


Nadia gives a shy nod.

on the grounds that

“Fufu… I’m a little embarrassed, as expected…”


In the spring, Nadia and I bathed together, leaning against each other.

Nadia’s indigo hair and clear white skin shone with drops of water, like a goddess of water purified by the spring water glistened in my eyes,

“If… If you stare at me too long, I…”

“I’m sorry… but Nadia is so beautiful…”

“I-I see…”

Nadia was so shy that she nuzzled her face against my chest, and I loved every movement and expression she made…

“Mmm… Mmm… fufu, seriously…”


For a brief moment, Nadia and I devoured each other.


“This is the final level. 【Harpoon】.”

I ejected four long cylinders created with earth magic at “Gabriel,” the guardian of the thirteenth level of Eterna’s labyrinth.

The 【Harpoon】sped across the ground, and when it reached the bottom of Gabriel in the air, it pointed its nose upward and rose.

“Kuk?!” BOOM!

Gabriel, unable to deal with the sudden movement, was hit by all of the 【Harpoon】’s bullets, causing his body to explode.

“Ivan! You did it!”


With a big smile on my face, I give Nadia a high-five.

…There are only two more levels to go.

However, once we pass the fourteenth level, we only need to go to the altar dedicated to “Tithona” at the lowest level.

Notably, the path from the stairs to the altar on the lowest level is straight, with no demons or guards in the way.

So we only need to concentrate on the fourteenth level.

The rest is…

“…As long as “they” don’t catch up to us.”

So far, we’ve taken the shortest path through the labyrinth.

Based on that, we should have a three-day advantage over them.

But only if it’s the same as in my dream…

“Ivan… “

Nadia notices my worried expression.

Sigh… I really wish I could do something about this facetiousness of mine…

“It’s all right, Nadia. I assure you that everything is fine.”

“That isn’t what I’m worried about.”

I told her this to reassure her, but she denied it angrily.

“I’m concerned that you’re carrying everything on your own. Am I that untrustworthy?”


I guess I made another mistake.

“I trust you more than anyone else—that is for certain.”

“If that’s the case, you should put more trust in me!”


I pulled Nadia into a hug and kissed her cheek apologetically.

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Saving a Simple and Kind Viscountess Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison

Saving a Simple and Kind Viscountess Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
On the night of his eighth birthday, “Ivan,” the eldest son of Countess “Escobal,” an aristocrat of the great Astoria Empire, had a strange dream. It’s a dream of the empire’s crown prince and his cronies breaking their engagements with their fiancées. The farce, however, comes to an end with the arrival of the emperor. [For causing chaos in the Astoria Empire, the Crown Prince and all others involved in the broken engagement are sentenced to “Labyrinth Prison.”] Although Ivan dreams every day that he is only a bystander to the scene in which the crown princes are thrown into a labyrinth from which no one has yet returned, his curiosity leads him to become a participant in the dream himself. From inside the labyrinth, Ivan sees the ugly fight between the nobles and the terrible demons who live there. When Ivan flees to avoid being attacked by a demon, he is defended by a woman. However, the woman who is protecting Ivan is devoured by a demon. In her final moments, she gives Ivan a friendly smile. Ivan wakes up from a nightmare, and from then on, after thousands of nightmares, tries to traverse the labyrinth to save “Nadia”, the daughter of Viscount Jest. Time passes. Ivan enrolls in the Imperial Academy and meets the real Nadia. Ivan makes a promise. “I will save Nadia in reality.” This is the story of a man who fights to save the woman he loves through thousands of nightmares and real-life situations, until he finally finds happiness.


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