Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Food Sharing Intentions│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“…Can I help you?”

I said casually to Lady Liliana, who appeared in front of us.

“…Could you please add me to your group?”

Lady Liliana bowed deeply, her face filled with tears.

She is normally intelligent, calm, and self-disciplined, never revealing her emotions.

“What’s the matter with those two? They were just together a moment ago.”

“…We had a disagreement and then parted ways. Please! If I’m alone in a place like this, I’ll be killed by demons soon! No!Not only that, but if things continue as they are, the other might…”

Lady Liliana desperately clutches at my legs.

So, what should I do now?

To put it bluntly, there is no reason to include her.

No, in fact, it would be detrimental.


“…All right.”

“Eh? Really?!”

“Yes. However, in order to clear the labyrinth, you must follow my instructions. That is my condition. “

“I understand! Thank you very much!”

When Lady Liliana bows her head repeatedly as she expresses her gratitude, her face lights up with a smile I’ve never seen before.

On the other hand,


Nadia raised an eyebrow at me and Lady Liliana alternately, as if she was dissatisfied with my decision.

“N-Now that I’ve joined the two of you, why don’t we centrally manage all of our future needs?”

“? What exactly do you mean?”

I ask back involuntarily, pretending not to understand Lady Liliana’s words.

“Yes. Food and water, for example, are consumed in different amounts by different people, so there are variations. But if we manage them all together, we can keep track of how much water and food we have left for the three of us.

“I see what you mean now!”

I “fully” understood what she meant and clapped my hands.

“Then I’ll handle it myself, so could you please give me your water and food?”

“Yes, it’s right here.”

When I told her that, she quickly offered it to me.

“…I’m surprised. I didn’t expect you to hand over your food so quickly. “

“Fufu… To gain Ivan-sama’s trust, I have to show him everything.”

Lady Liliana smiled at me and reached out her hand to gently touch my chest.

“Please, Liliana-sama, don’t do that…”

“Fufu, I understand…”

Lady Liliana withdrew her hand as Nadia chastised her.

But her expression appears to mock Nadia.


“…In the labyrinth, one could only guess whether it was day or night.”

Perhaps five hours have passed since Lady Liliana joined us, but I don’t know what time it is.

Because of that, I had trouble deciding when to take a break, even in my dreams, because I didn’t know the exact time.

“Ivan-sama, I think it’s time for a break and something to eat.”

“Yes, I think so. It’s going to take a while, so let’s do it.”

We take a seat on the floor and pull food and water bottles from our luggage.

So far, Lady Liliana has been surprisingly helpful in our exploration.

According to what I’ve heard, she was once kidnapped by her father’s political enemies, the Marquise of Torres, and had to learn self-defense and magic to protect herself.

As a result, she is now a formidable master of ice magic and has played an important role in the demon battles thus far.

She’s probably strong enough to make it to the middle level of the labyrinth.

And I believe she is stronger than Donato, one of the academy’s best swordsmen.



I spoke timidly to Nadia, who was clutching my arm, but she asked coldly and sullenly.

“W-Well, I mean… In this situation, I can’t distribute food well…”

“How about distributing the food with your left hand?” …

… Nadia appears to have no plans to break.

And she occasionally irritates Lady Liliana by sticking her tongue out.

Well, I adore the fact that she is envious.

I was right to include Lady Liliana in the group, even though I won’t see her again after today.

“I’ll then share the food with you—wait, that’s right. Yes, I understand that you prefer to eat your own food first. Don’t worry.”


Lady Liliana’s previously dull expression became grim as soon as I said that.

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    do you do a request? if not thats completely fine. i just wanted to let everyone knows about this gold i stumbled into.
    今の所、世界の命運は俺にかかっている / For now the fate of the world depends on me (mtl) (completed novel)
    i binge read it all the way to chapter 105, the series is soooo gooooddd especially パラレル時空ラブコメ編 arc, it set in the parallel universe, it kinds of like what-if. this arc is particularly wholesome, i was super giddy the entire time reading it.
    im not good at doing synopsis, so bear with me.
    it told the story of highschool student, a first year. just call him izayoi. some past memories of someone in another world got passed onto him. that past memories told him that this world is actually a magical kinda world for the magical girls, you know mahou shoujo? yeh that one. however, the world based on the series, the novel in that past memories has two kind, the good and the bad. this world izayoi is living in is the bad one. all heroines have a tragic past and each of them meet a veeeeryyyy bad ending, like r*pe and … yknow. uhhhh…. its genre might be closer to a tragedy if we had to be literal about it but this is something that happened in that past memories world, in the novel world. and the MC vows to not let those bad endings from happening. the MC works like a mob, a shadow, hes also not dense, a freaking chad i would call it. sometimes a madlad with how ready he is during the saving of those heroines. im so glad i read this novel. its definitely a good one.

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