Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Falling Together, (2)│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

• Nadia Jest’s point of view

Graduation Day has finally arrived.

I made my decision and asked Ivan to escort me to the graduation party.

I knew Donato would be there with the baroness, and more importantly, I wouldn’t be able to see Ivan starting tomorrow…

Of course, I considered refusing this unreasonable engagement.

I wrote down as much as I could about Donato’s actions at the academy and used it to try to get the engagement to end.

And I would use the summoning techniques I had learned at the institute to help the cause.

However, the process will take a long time.

I couldn’t bear the thought of being apart from Ivan until that point.

Ivan refused my request several times because he was concerned about my reputation.

But, as I continued to ask him with tears in my eyes, he agreed on the condition that “Ivan” be the one to ask “Nadia.”

I know I shouldn’t have used his kindness against him by crying.

But I still wanted to go to the party with him.

Ivan and I went to the party’s venue, the Imperial Hall.

As soon as we stepped inside, Oto-sama grabbed my arm and yanked me away.

He was probably angry that I was with Ivan rather than Donato.

That’s what I assumed, but…

“Nadia… I’m sorry I got you involved with such a man. When I return to the estate, I will discuss the situation with His Excellency Hymes, and we will immediately terminate the engagement.”

“Eh?! Oto-sama will?!”

“Don’t worry about it. Donato’s actions at the academy are well known to me and His Excellency Hymes. So you simply enjoy the party to the fullest with “him”.”

I thought I was having a dream.

That I no longer have to suppress my emotions. I love Ivan… I don’t have to give up the man I love!

I was running before I knew it.

To him… To Ivan, the man I love the most.


For the first time, I jumped into his chest and rubbed my cheeks.

Oh, Ivan! Ivan, Ivan!

When I explain the situation to him, he picks me up, initially confused, and begins spinning me around in the middle of the hallway.

“Wahahaha! Nadia, Nadia, Nadia!”

“Fufu! Ivan, Ivan, Ivan!”

He was so happy, he had the biggest smile on his face.

Of course, I laughed just as hard as he did.

The party then began, following a few words from the Emperor.

Ivan and I, who no longer had to be shy, spent the entire time cuddling and dancing.

I never expected to have such a wonderful night with him…

I decided after reviewing Ivan’s profile.

I’ll tell him when the party is over.

I’ll tell him my feelings.

But my determination has been crushed in vain.

With the emperor’s condemnation, the crown prince and his cronies, including Donato and that baroness, Lady Carina, and others, unleashed a storm of indignation.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this.

More than anything, I felt terrible guilt for having gotten Ivan into this mess because of me, and I felt like I was going insane with my unforgiveness for being such a fool.

But there was nothing I could do at this point.

I couldn’t hear any voices around me, I couldn’t see anything but Ivan, and I found myself apologizing.

Over and over, over and over again.

Nonetheless, Ivan only consoles me and blames himself for the situation.

I’m really not worth it.

Then we’re all thrown into the dungeon separately.

Until our sentences are carried out at noon the next day.

—Hearing a slew of ugly people who never stop whining

Ivan would not have been sentenced if it hadn’t been for these people.

—I wanted to kill them right now.


We were led to the entrance of the labyrinth at noon.

The sentence is finally carried out.

“Enter the labyrinth, one by one, Emilio de Astoria!”


The ex-prince, looking exhausted, is dragged into the labyrinth.

“Donato Hymes!”

“Damn it…Damn it…Damn it…Damn it!”

As I watched Donato, like Emilio, fall into the labyrinth—hatred swirled in my heart.

—If only this man hadn’t existed.

Then, one by one, they were led into the labyrinth.

They were dragged, whether they cried or screamed, whether they clung to the ground or the walls.

And then it was Ivan’s turn.

“I’ll be waiting for you on the other side, Nadia.”

Ivan, unlike the others, simply smiled.

He didn’t want me to be concerned because he was about to fall into the labyrinth.

“I-Ivan…? Alright!”

In response to him, I try to smile even though I’m crying and send him off.

He then fell into the labyrinth.

“Next! Nadia Jest!”


I wipe away my tears, straighten my back, and proceed to the labyrinth’s entrance.

just like he demonstrated to me.

Ivan… It was in this labyrinth that we ended up.

In this case, however, no one will interfere with us any longer.


“Ivan, I love you…”

After confessing to the darkness, a confession that would never be heard, I followed his lead and voluntarily entered the labyrinth.

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