Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A Repeated Nightmare│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

I’ve had thousands of these dreams in the last ten years.

I was born as the oldest son of Count Escobal, a noble family in the Astoria Empire, and had a normal childhood.

My parents are wonderful to me, and my younger sister, Noemi, is as beautiful as an angel.

Our servants are always keeping an eye on us.

A type of noble family can be found anywhere.

But… I had a dream on the night of my eighth birthday.

It was the Imperial Academy’s graduation party, which I attended as an 18-year-old.

On such an important day, Emilio de Astoria, the Crown Prince of the Empire, broke off his engagement to the Duke’s daughter, Lady Carina Oliveira.

Furthermore, the Crown Prince and his cronies, one by one, denounce their engagement to the Duchess and the other ladies, who appear around her.

The Baroness, held in the Crown Prince’s arms, watched the scene… “Aria Moreno,” who is being held by the Crown Prince, watches with a worried look and a giggle now and then.

As for me? I was only a bystander.

Just another bystander watching the scene as if it were a scene from a well-known novel.

The Emperor then appeared, this time to bring to despair all those involved in breaking off the Duke’s daughter’s engagement.

The Emperor declares

[Everyone who broke the engagement, including the Crown Prince, are to be sent to the Labyrinth Prison because it caused chaos in the Astoria Empire.]

“Labyrinth Prison”—the Astoria Empire’s harshest alternative to the death penalty.

The penalty is deportation to the deep, dark labyrinth that has existed beneath the empire since its inception.

The only way to be forgiven is to bring back the Tithona sword, which seals the legendary dragon Elensge, who is sealed in the labyrinth’s lowest level.

Despite the fact that there has been no one who has returned alive,

The Crown Prince and the other people who were sent to Labyrinth Prison were understandably upset. Some cried and begged, others screamed in confusion, and others just stood around in a daze.

Furthermore, there was only one “Tithona,” which was a requirement for pardon.

The Crown Prince and his men, on the other hand, have no choice but to accept the challenge.

—Into the labyrinth, with a 0% chance of survival.

As a result, no one has ever returned from the labyrinth.

And then I wake up.

After witnessing their demise. At first, I dismissed it as a nightmare and prayed childishly to the goddess Cebeles.

But then I started having the same dream on a daily basis.

Today, yesterday, and tomorrow

I became terrified and tried not to sleep at all in order to stop dreaming.

But I’m exhausted after two all-nighters and can’t stop sleeping.

Then I have the same dream over and over again.

I became accustomed to such a daily routine and simply watched it in vain.

But my curiosity got the best of me.

After all, this is a dream, and I’m curious what will happen if I defy the Emperor’s order.

That night, I immediately interrupted the breakup of an engagement in my dream.

And in a way that shows it.

And guess what?

The knights seized me and also threw me into the Labyrinth Prison with the Crown Prince and others.

And now I’m stuck in the labyrinth with everyone else.

…I deeply regretted having done this for the sake of idle curiosity.


“You! Please give me that food!”

“No! This is mine!”

“Shut up! Then die right here!”

“Only I can get the Tithona sword and leave the labyrinth!”

The struggle for food was taking place in the labyrinth… The struggle for survival was going on.

The Crown Prince, Duchess, and other sons and daughters fought and killed each other while wearing hideous distorted faces.

So I ran away desperately, hoping that the others would not take away my food… or kill me.

But it wasn’t just the crown prince and his men who attacked me.

There were demons and traps everywhere in this labyrinth.

“Help… help me…!”

Even though I’m dreaming, I back away in fear in front of a Hellhound, forgetting about the sword I was given before entering the labyrinth and fleeing.

I-I am eighteen years old in my dream, but only eight years old in reality!

But the Hellhound in front of me does not pause.

It has bared its fangs and is about to bite me…What?!


A woman wrapped her arms around me as if to protect me, and the Hellhound bit her thin neck.

And I know who she is.

She is the fiancée of Donato Hymes, the eldest son of the “Hymes” frontier count and one of the noblemen who had denounced their engagement with the ladies.

“Nadia Jest.”

“W-Why did you do that?”

I’m not sure why she shielded me, so I just asked, perplexed.

But she only smiles and wraps her arms around me.

The Hellhound bites her, rips her flesh apart, and even splatters blood on my body.

And then… Before I knew it, Hellhounds surrounded and attacked me in mass.

And, of course, I was shielded.

Huh… She tried to save me, but I’m going to perish as well.

That’s what I thought. But when I felt the sliver of warmth that remained in her, my eyes went black.

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  2. Gitami says:

    There’s a sword that seals a dragon underneath the empire and they are to bring back the sword, thereby releasing a dragon that was sealed for some reason.

    I am going to bet the reason the dragon got sealed was it was abusive to humans and got its ass sealed, and this Empire that is prospering on top of its lair wants to break that seal.


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