Rockwall Lou – V9 Chapter 5

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[It’s been 709 years, King of Men.]

The embodiment of the malevolent god they must defeat, which they called the Blue Demon Beast, has reappeared. The Sacred Beast they once knew.

The royal palace engulfed in flames and the king’s shocked expression were similar to the past, but the circumstances were different.

The people finally understood.

Everything had been misunderstood.

They thought it was impossible.

How could a young princess who had been thrust into such a situation save this kingdom, save them?

She must resent, hate them.

The scene changes.

A small boy sat cross-legged by the window. He wore a coat, goggles, and a green collar. In front of the window, on a chair, sat a princess with a mask. She had a book on her lap, and she was chatting animatedly.

The people just watched in astonishment.

The encounter between the princess and the boy came to an end.

The princess, in a carriage, leaned out the window, calling out the boy’s name. From the castle walls behind, the boy sat cross-legged, watching the carriage depart with a hint of loneliness.

The scene changes.

In what seemed like an office, an old man was present.

[This is what the oldman left.]

He extended a trembling hand.

It was King Ramon.

Compared to his appearance ten years ago, the change was drastic. His hair had turned white, wrinkles increased, and he looked emaciated. More than anything, the expression filled with confidence and ambition was gone.

He looked like a mere frightened old man.

[Yes, this is the plan left by Master Hou.]

Handing the bundle of papers to the king was a middle-aged man with an unrestrained smile, wearing a black collar.

Those in the capital recognized his face.

He led the Hero Squad formed to save the country. His name was Ozma.

[If we proceed as outlined, will the kingdom be saved? Will I be forgiven?]

[Of course, Your Majesty.]

[Ah, I see. As expected of him. He always helps me. In even the direst of circumstances, he provides a winning strategy.]

[Indeed, that is correct.]

Ozma explained with a smile.

The Black Neck Squad would serve as the princess’s guards. However, until they reach Caron City, where demon beast attacks are minimal, the Royal Guards would accompany.

[To head to the “Altar of Endings” while avoiding battles with the demon beasts, Master deemed the stealthy Black Neck Squad most suitable.]

Ramon nodded enthusiastically.

Keep explanations to the princess to a minimum. If the young princess knew that she would be sacrificed to save this country, she might refuse to accompany.

Therefore, force her to accept without any objections.

[In the audience chamber, you will give the royal decree, Your Majesty. The head lady-in-waiting will persuade the Princess beforehand, so there’s no need for concern.]

[Mm, understood.]

In conclusion, since this journey decides the fate of the nation, the cooperation of all cities and subjects is required, Ozma insisted.

However, the name Black Neck Squad lacks appeal.

[Hence, we’ll call ourselves the Hero Squad. Holding a grand unveiling ceremony with the princess before departure will ensure everyone’s understanding and cheering support. Ah, the name Hero Squad is my idea.]

[Do as you wish.]


Without reading it thoroughly, King Ramon signed the plan.

“Oh my?”

The one who was dumbfounded by this scene was Paulun, who was on the outer wall of Arche city.

“With this, aren’t we just foolish subordinates of the evil mastermind?”


Battsu, who was sitting next to him, turned away.

“It’s inevitable.”

Looking up at the sky, Fuuri murmured.

The disturbance in Tenku’s movement, who was scouting around the city, was probably because he saw the same scene.

After that, the glowing window displayed the scene of the princess being led by the head court lady to the audience chamber.

[All you need to do is reply with “yes”. Even if you doubt, do not question. Let alone refusing His Majesty’s command, it’s out of the question. Understand?]

It was coercion, merely under the name of persuasion.

When she entered the audience chamber, many adults murmured while looking at the masked girl. It was as if they were observing a rare beast that had appeared in a show tent.

The king ordered the mask to be removed, revealing the girl’s face.

Perhaps due to nervousness and anxiety, she was pale and trembling.

[From here, head to the “Altar of Endings” said to be in the deepest part of the “wilderness” far to the north and subdue the Blue Demon Beast.]

Impatience and anxiety could be seen on the old king’s face.

[Once you accomplish this trial, we will allow you to use the true name and recognize you as a member of the royal family. Is that okay?]

Just as the head court lady had told her, the girl replied in a feeble voice, “Yes,” and bowed her head.

The numbers disappeared.

The glowing window showed a luxurious bedroom. On the bed, an old man was on all fours, staring intently at this direction.

It was the further emaciated King Ramon.

[I didn’t know! If I had known from the start, this situation wouldn’t have――]

[Don’t misunderstand, King of Humans.]

The goddess’s voice interrupted the king’s words.

[The fact that humans forgot the “covenant” has nothing to do with me. I’m not particularly angry.]

Only the king’s figure was reflected in the glowing window.

[Is that truly the case, Goddess?]

[Of course.]


The king prostrated himself in this direction.

No, that’s not it. Probably, the goddess’s figure was reflected in the glowing window right in front of the king.

This scene is not from the past.

It’s the current state of the king.

[To begin with, I gave my blood to your royal family on a mere whim. Whether humans perish or survive, that’s their fate, isn’t it?]

[As you say.]


The goddess’s voice became slightly sharper.

[Only the girl who bears my blood is different. Just because she was born as a daughter of the royal family, she sacrifices herself to save her kind. Such a noble daughter, I cherish her.]

The king stiffened in surprise.

[How you treat my daughter. This matter won’t be settled by simply saying you didn’t know, King of Humans.]

The king began to tremble. He looked like a sinner waiting for judgment.

[Now, what to do? What do you think?]

The goddess’s voice spoke of something unexpected.


[How about you renounce all rights concerning Twenetie?]

[. . . . . .What?]

[Just as I said. That girl isn’t your daughter, nor is she of the royal bloodline. Just a child of the people. Instead, let me care for her as her mother. If you accept this condition]

The goddess’s voice was filled with compassion.

[I’ll forgive you. And I won’t interfere in your affairs from now on. Live freely in the world of humans.]

The king stopped trembling, his face drained of emotion.

[Hmm, not pleased?]

[N, No!]

The king reacted with shock, once again prostrating himself.

[It’s my honor. I gladly offer my daughter to you.]

[Understood. I’ll forgive you then.]

The king didn’t realize. His selfish decision to trade his daughter for his safety, the relieved look on his face, the remaining people of this country were watching.

[Such a blessing, such happiness.]

[No need for thanks. Of course, I can’t just ignore a parent and proceed with the ceremony.]


[Don’t worry. Brace yourself.]

Later, the scene reflected in the glowing window was that of a journey of trials.

Initially, it was a relatively safe journey, including both the Hero Squad and the Royal Guards. When they arrived in a city near the capital, the residents greeted them with cheers.

Midway, only the Hero Squad remained from the town of Caron.

They avoided or fought demon beasts, heading north. When they saw the odd-looking cat house Battsu created, some chuckled. When a blind snake attacked, overturning their carriage, everyone screamed.

The place they reached after losing the carriage was a white castle.

Everyone was moved by the gestures of a girl, reminiscent of a young boy.

And then, Ozma, holding a lantern emitting a strange light, acted peculiarly.

[This is that, isn’t it? Trying to control someone’s mind using magical power.]

The goddess occasionally provided commentary.

[It’s pointless. My blood won’t allow it.]

The pattern on the girl’s forehead shone brightly, eclipsing the flame of the lantern.

People breathed a sigh of relief.

The group reached the city of Arche, thought to have already fallen, the northernmost city.

A girl desperately searches for a boy during the parade. As night falls, mysterious men in black sneak into the girl’s bedroom. People watched with bated breath, but when the girl found the boy and hugged him, they cheered.

Immediately after.

The conflict with the Hero Squad and the unexpected conclusion.

[Hey, why not just take her away quickly?]

But the boy made sure to confirm the other party’s intentions before fulfilling the girl’s wish.

The men in black were the remnants of the Mail Cult. There were only five of them, and they were mostly older knights. People were anxious, but the group finally reverted to its original composition.

The journey through the “wilderness” was relatively smooth, but there was an incident at their destination, the “Altar of Endings.”

[How could you be so careless!]

The goddess was furious at the Sacred beast’s nonchalant response.

[Is this creature half-asleep?]

Ozma transformed into an amorphous mass and enveloped the Sacred beast.

[How could one of my followers succumb to mere magical power? This calls for punishment.]


It’s uncertain whether Funyapippi at the bottom of the “large hole” let out a cry of “funya!”.

After that, it was a journey just for a boy and a girl, and a sacred beast that took the form of a kitten. People were captivated by unfamiliar sceneries and shockingly large demon beasts (demon beast).

[There’s an evil aura accumulating in this hollow. Without my power, it cannot endure for long.]

As the goddess predicted, the boy collapsed, and the girl carried him towards their destination.

[. . . . . .Ugh.]

Suddenly, the voice of the goddess could not be heard.

They arrived at a beautiful spring where a silver-colored great tree stood.

[Well done. My daughter.]

Clearly, it was a cry.

Emerging from the hollow of the silver-colored tree were six radiant women. Of course, people remembered them.

[Though they lost their physical forms in the mortal realm, I saved their souls. They are my prideful daughters.]

The boy and girl were supposed to face a sorrowful parting, like Princess Ophelia and Hero Maltheus.

Indeed, under the silver-colored tree, the girl tried to say her goodbyes.

Right after, the boy let out a pained cry.

[Hey, what’s wrong? Don’t give up. Hang in there!]

Logically, they should have accepted their farewell and moved on.

However, the boy did not give up.

[. . . . . .Good.]

Along with a deep murmur, the radiant form of the goddess was reflected.

[Well, the story ends here. After this, the two of them faced the entity you call the malevolent god and defeated it. Eventually, the evil aura will disappear, and no more demon beasts will be born. People, rejoice. You have been saved.]

Some people felt the conclusion was a bit forced and couldn’t fully grasp it, but in the next moment, they heard words they couldn’t believe.

[But more importantly. . . . . .]

The goddess was never an entity just for the sake of humans.

[I made a promise. To conduct the marriage ceremony between the human child Luo and my daughter Twenetie. Those who share a good bond with them will be specially invited. Let’s celebrate grandly!]

The goddess placed her hands together in front of her chest and murmured words too complex for human ears to comprehend.

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