Rockwall Lou – V9 Chapter 2

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐


The incredible shock echoed even within the “miniature garden” that was supposed to be protected by a powerful barrier.

After waiting for the storm and the rumbling to subside, the former Star Princesses checked the situation outside the barrier.

The sky was dark, as if covered by a sandstorm.

In the direction of the center of the “big hole”, columns of earth were rising towards the heavens.

Only Sorcier had anticipated such a situation.

When a star fell from the distant sky, an unimaginable impact occurred, the earth split, winds raged, and a vast amount of dirt soared into the sky.

Afterward, an era of dark coldness, where even a slight light wouldn’t penetrate, would probably arrive.

The malicious energy that always filled the bottom of the “big hole” disappeared, along with the overwhelming entity that should have been in its center.

Sorcier laughed. At first, it was cheerful. But it quickly turned into a tearful laugh.

The long, endless chain of sorrow. She understood that the chain of fate binding the Star Princess had been released.

Seeing Vengeous worried about the two who headed to the malevolent god, she finally came to her senses.

Such a massive shock.

At best, it might be a mutual hit.

Passing through the “Gate of Transference”, heading to the center of the “big hole”.

Strangely, the air in this place was clear, and sunlight was filtering in.

The mountain of red crystal where the evil god was said to dwell was still intact.

No, its shape was different.

In the recessed ground, there stood a gigantic hexagonal pillar of crystal, like a mountain, piercing straight up. It probably was a single crystal. It was an almost surreal sight.

In front of it were two children.

Luo and Tweney.

The six princesses surrounded them, emitting emotions close to joy.

Luo was making strange movements on his own.

With a face that looked like he was about to cry, he spread his arms wide, jumping around and spinning.

“What are you doing?”

Funyapippi, who appeared out of nowhere, asked in disbelief.

“I’m trying to calm this commotion.”

The one explaining was Tweney.

Although they defeated the evil god, they hadn’t expected this to happen. In his panic, Luo was using his magical powers to desperately gather the dirt floating in the sky.

Sorcier couldn’t help but chuckle.

Maybe he thought someone would scold him.

Even though no being on this earth could oppose the boy now.

In an atmosphere that was both deeply chaotic and somewhat deflated.

Light descended from the sky.

Everyone present realized it in an instant.

An entity as powerful as the malevolent god, but stern and pure, had descended onto the earthly realm.

She was enveloped in light.

It took the form of a woman.

[My name is Mail. I am a goddess who governs beauty and purity.]

A thought radiating majesty was emitted.

The six Star Princesses knelt, bowing their heads. For them, it was a gesture of utmost respect.

“Fourth-grade wizard, ‘Rockwall’ Lou!”

To not be overshadowed by the goddess, Luo introduced himself energetically.

Vengeous, looking surprised, lifted her head. Wanting to do something about the clueless Luo, but since she had no physical form, she couldn’t force him to bow.


[Was it you who destroyed my brother, mortal?]


[Under the boulder you created, lies the one who was crushed.]

“Yes. I defeated him with Tie.”

Tweney, imbued with the “Blood of the Goddess”, was the most influenced by the Goddess. Her emotions were tumultuous, seemingly on the brink of tears.

[Are you my new daughter?]

Struggling to maintain her composure, Tweney bowed.

“Yes, Goddess. My name is Twenetie.”

[A daughter burdened with a sad fate, a strong one. You need not be formal. You may call me Mother.]

Tweney could do nothing but show reverence.

Suddenly, Luo became flustered.

“Um, Goddess.”

[Hmm? What is it?]

“Are you angry?”

If the entity she crushed with the meteor was the brother of this radiant woman, then mere anger would not suffice.


As if questioning herself, the Goddess slightly lowered her gaze.

Suddenly, she extended her palm forward. From the depths of the hole, a tiny light flew towards it, flickering as if trying to convey something.

[I see. Amon, you’ve suffered. You can rest now.]

The speck of light ascended towards the sky.

[Just now, I checked with my brother. He’s not angry.]


[Yes. Gods are immortal. After his soul is purified, he will be reborn as a pure deity. It will take a very long time, though.]

“I’m relieved.”

Tweney and Luo exchanged glances, with Luo sighing in relief.

“What happened to that person?”


“He was in chaos.”

With sorrow, Luo explained.

That man was crucified deep within the earth, his body burnt and tormented. In pain, he desperately sought something inside Tweney.

The Goddess’s response was unexpected.

[My foolish brother, Amondas, dared to harbor feelings for me, his own sister. Of course, my beauty is to blame in a way.]

“What does ‘harbor feelings’ mean?”

[. . . . . .]

The Goddess looked down at the small human child.

[Young one, there are things you need not know yet. In short, he did something unforgivable within the family.]

“I see.”

The Goddess conversed with the boy.

Quite ordinarily.

For the former six Star Princesses, Goddess Mail was both a mother and a revered supreme being. Vengeous was apprehensive, fearing Luo might make a blunder.

[Of course, I did chastise him, but our father was furious. He cast Amon down to the earthly realm and crucified him with the spear of gods.]

That impact created a vast crater on earth. At its epicenter, Amondas transformed. His divine energy became demonic, and he turned into a demon beast. By devouring those demon beasts, Amondas became a wicked deity.

[Having incarnated and becoming a creature of the earthly realm, there was little I could do. As a means of salvation, I bestowed my blood upon a human king, but. . . . . .]

It’s a grand family dispute, yet no one can blame anyone.

[Luo, the demonic child beloved by spirits. He was grateful to you. And I share the same sentiment.]

Just when they felt relief, the Goddess made a shocking statement.


[Therefore, just one thing. I will grant your wish.]

“A wish?”

[Indeed. Since you’re a god-slayer, you must need power. Do you wish to become the king of humans? Do you desire immortality? Or, do you wish to become my follower?]

The Goddess Mail prefers the pure and despises the greedy and impure. The six Star Princesses watched nervously.


[Fufu, looking at your face, it seems you have a wish.]

“A wedding.”


“I want to have a wedding!”

In human history, only Luo achieved the feat of astonishing a goddess.

[You can’t have a wedding without a partner.]


[Well, you need the partner’s consent too.]

Tweney stood up and bowed.


[Call me mother.]

“Then, Mother. Luo and I got married last night. Just the two of us, we made that promise.”

Perhaps her lack of confidence stemmed from not having sworn their vows in front of a divine representative.

“My Mom said so.”

Luo told a story about his birthplace.

There’s no clergy in the village. Therefore, when getting married, to be recognized as a couple, they need the entire village to celebrate with them.

“So, we need to have a proper ceremony.”

[I see.]

The Goddess seemed convinced.

[My daughter, Twenetie. What do you wish for?]

Faced with an unexpected situation, Tweney’s eyes sparkled.

“I, I too… wish the same as Luo!”

[Fu, is that so?]

The Goddess tried to smile.

However, she couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter.

[How unexpected! Oh my!]

In the end, she laughed heartily, even wiping away tears.

[Alright. In the name of Goddess Mail, I shall conduct the marriage ceremony for human child Luo and my daughter Twenetie, and we shall celebrate grandly.]

The radiant Goddess clasped her hands in front of her chest and whispered something in a complex pronunciation that human ears could never understand.

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