Rockwall Lou – V8 Chapter 10

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎


In the “miniature garden” living room, Sorcier continued to give explanations that seemed like futile efforts.

“Do you understand? Holy power and magical power repel each other. Even if a clergyman blesses a wizard, one of the powers will simply be repelled. This has been proven by experiments in the Aroma Kingdom.”

Regrettably, it seemed that Aroma agreed.

“It appears that the blessing had no effect on most wizards. A few weaker wizards seemed to lose their magical power, though.”

Sorcier nodded with satisfaction.

“One can gain magical power by consuming a demon beast’s egg. No matter how powerful the holy power is, it must be hard to overcome the magical power integrated into one’s body. Well, it also depends on the user.”

“Then, what about that person?”

Ophelia’s question was only natural.

“To coexist with both powers, one needs to pour an overwhelming amount of holy power momentarily. Ophelia, in your case, it probably happened by chance.”

“By chance?”

“There are two conditions.”

The first condition is that the user of the blessing must be the Star Princess.

“The power of clergymen, who borrow the goddess’s power through faith, is nothing compared to that of the Star Princess.”

“Then. . . . . .”

As Mildy was getting enthusiastic, Sorcier stopped her with an outstretched hand.

“The problem lies in the next condition.”

With a sly smile, he posed a question to Ophelia.

“You were happy, weren’t you?”

Confused, Ophelia looked baffled.

“Your childhood friend, Prince Maltheus, risked his life to become a wizard and joined you on the ‘journey of trials’. You must have been thrilled.”

“N, No! I was angry at him!”

No matter how much she denied it, she wasn’t convincing at all.

“The power of the blessing depends on mutual trust. That’s actually a misconception. It precisely depends on how the Star Princess feels about the other person. Normally, the feelings a Star Princess has for her Star Guardian knights might be respect or gratitude, right? But what about a euphoric Star Princess towards her brave childhood friend?”

“I, I wasn’t euphoric!”

Ignoring Ophelia’s words, everyone else pondered.

“Does that mean. . . . . .”

Mildy sought confirmation. 

After a brief pause, she whispered with a solemn expression.

“The power of love?”

Intense focus gathered as heated breaths were heard. At the center of it all, Ophelia was frozen, blushing deeply.

“My opinion is a bit different.”

With a serious face, Sorcier gave his perspective.

“Love means to care for someone else. It could also be described as a spirit of self-sacrifice. While it’s a noble sentiment, as a source of the Star Princess’s power, it’s weak. It requires a more intense and passionate state of mind.”

Vengeous inquired.


“So, is it something like jealousy?”

“No. With such negative emotions, one cannot exhibit the holy power. It’s more pure, yet selfish—I know it sounds contradictory. But that’s the subtle and mysterious feeling I’m talking about.”

Mildy frowned.

“You mean—?”

Sorcier wasn’t listening.

“If Luo, the boy, is a combination of spirit power and magical power, the conditions to bestow the ‘blessing’ become even more stringent. Tweney already knows she can be reborn. Naturally, she’ll want to return Luo to the surface. Not for someone else’s sake—it won’t work. If you bestow the ‘blessing’, he might protect her. He might even defeat the malevolent god. Such impure motives are unacceptable. What do you think, perfect, right? This is the impossibility I argue for. To transcend all logic and conditions and attain supreme joy, it sounds like a child’s play.”

Having said that, Sorcier suddenly closed her mouth.

Suddenly, the living room trembled.

It was a brief and fine, electric-like vibration.

It wasn’t a misunderstanding.

The vibration occurred again.

Aroma, held by Mildy, became alert.

“Is it an attack by the demon beast?!”

“Lord Horned Lion?”

Funyapippi, who was being petted by Seto, stood on all fours. Looking slightly upwards, he muttered to himself while gazing into the void.

“The Divine Tree is tense.”


In that moment, the silver tree rustled its leaves again.

But Tweney didn’t notice.

Because Luo’s words had taken all her attention.

“Why, did you?”

A hoarse voice leaked out.

“I want to be with you.”

Luo’s eyes were looking straight ahead.

“Because I want to be with you.”

Her mind went blank.

A warm feeling surged from within her chest.

Her body stiffened and heated up.

“So, let’s get married.”

With every word Luo uttered, her heart trembled.


“Ah. . . . . .”

Overwhelmed by emotions, tears spilled.


It was dazzling.

It wasn’t an illusion.

The transparent leaves of the silver tree shone, absorbing the light of twilight, sprinkling countless golden particles.

Large tears flowed without stopping.

Tweney turned around.

She was at her limit.

Her heart felt like it was about to burst.

Tweney thought there was no doubt about it.

She couldn’t think of any other feeling.

This must be love.

She touched her chest and tried to calm her breathing.

Suddenly, she realized she was holding a small glass bottle.

She didn’t need it anymore.

Without understanding why she did it, Tweney threw the “Tears of Lament” into the spring.


Wiping her tears with her sleeve, she murmured.




When she turned around again, Luo was staring at her in astonishment.


Amidst the golden light pouring down like snow, shining brightly herself, Tweney said with a clear smile.

“My real name. When telling an important story, call me properly.”

“O, Okay.”

Luo, now blushing more than ever, uttered as if savoring every word.

“Tweney, T-E.”

“Luo. To you, everything━━”

Tweney held Luo’s cheeks with both hands.

She gently brought her face closer.

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