Rockwall Lou – V7 Chapter 9

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗


“Wha. . . . . .what is this creature?!”

“It’s expanding rapidly.”

“Hey, isn’t this our chance?”

“Don’t jump in recklessly.”

The senior knights of “Star Guardian” received instructions from Gangi to stand by in combat readiness.

Meanwhile, the actions of the Hero Squad lacked unity.

Paulun, trying to discern the opponent’s change, Fuuri looking for a chance to attack, and Tenku checking escape routes for emergencies.

“I don’t get it at all.”

And Battsu was trembling with rage.

His pride was shattered by his defeat to Luo in the city of Arche. For him, being “the strongest” was also a justification for his past self. Therefore, he could only bluff and rage like a wounded beast.

“I’ll kill you!”

Lifting one leg high, he stomped down forcefully.

“Earth Spike!”

Several sharp rocks jutted out from the ground, impaling what was once Ozma. However, it seemed to have no effect on their constitution, which didn’t succumb even when separated.

It had swollen to about twenty times its original size, a murky gray oblong shape. On its surface, something resembling Ozma’s face floated. It was as if it were an empty shell with no bones or flesh, flat and only punctuated by several holes. Its hair swayed like underwater weeds. Only one of its original features remained.

Only its mouth bore a faint smile.


Perhaps stimulated by being skewered by the rock spikes, what used to be Ozma began to tremble. From its surface, multiple tentacles grew, each with organs resembling eyes, ears, and mouths at their tips.

[Yo. . . . . .come…]

The tentacle mouth spoke. Its voice was thin, high-pitched, and echoed eerily like a ghost’s.

[All. . . . . .of. . . . . .you. . . . . .]

Paulun frowned. To him, who values beauty beyond the boundaries of species and gender, the most grotesque being was right in front of him.

[You. . . . . .come. . . . . .]

The words lost their clarity, becoming like murmurs.

Countless thick tentacles emerged from what used to be Ozma and attacked both the “Star Guardian” and the Hero Squad. Although their movement was slow, their sheer number made it impossible to avoid them all.

“Damn, don’t hold back!”

A tentacle wrapped around Chara’s sword and torso.

Just as it seemed Chara would be lifted or squeezed, the armor and sword began to melt, emitting thick white smoke.

“Chara, don’t move!”

Bekios slashed with his two crossed swords. Although he successfully severed the tentacle, his swords melted upon contact with the gray bodily fluid. Chara hastily discarded the armor drenched in the fluid.

“Don’t cut that thing. The metal becomes useless!”

It was an unreasonable demand.

If they couldn’t fight, they had to flee, but tentacles blocked the exits. Moreover, eye-tipped tentacles thoroughly monitored the temple.

“Damn, we’re in a bind!”

“Is this the end for us?”

Bon and Totom, back to back, fended off the approaching tentacles with the flat of their swords. There was no chance to counterattack.

Amidst everyone’s struggle, only Tenku was actively combating. Using blades of wind, he sliced through the tentacles and flew without getting any fluid on him. However, the tentacles expanded like a net and caught him.

“Hey, I didn’t think I’d die like this!”

The nearest Gangi leapt up and severed the base of the tentacles.


Gangi, having lost his sword, targeted the “earth needle” spell originally cast by Battsu, which was still piercing the enemy’s main body.

“Luo, make me a large stone sword!”

Luo had created a shell of rock around himself and Tweney, providing a solid defense. The rock shell had peepholes through which the two observed the battle.

“A big sword?”

There was no problem as the transport team’s sword was seen every morning during training, but the instruction was not specific.

“How big should it be?”

“Maybe ten times the usual size?”

They discussed inside the rock shell.

The stone-paved floor rose, revealing a massive sword. The handle alone was a massive rock, and Gangi, with supernatural strength granted by the goddess, lifted it with all his might.

The sword was thick like a pillar, sturdy, yet sharp at the tip.

Gangi thrust the giant stone sword into what used to be Ozma.

“We need another one!”

“Make one for us too!”

One after another, large stone swords were produced. These swords were not just sharp but also intricately decorated. Witnessing such overwhelming creativity and constructive power, Battsu was stunned.

The knights of the “Star Guardian” lifted and thrust the stone swords into the body of what used to be Ozma.


With the signal, another large sword was promptly produced. This weapon was also effective in shaking off the tentacles.

“Hey, are you Luo-kun? Can you make one for me too?”

Paulun brazenly made the request. To Luo, Paulun was an unknown adult. Unable to decide immediately, Luo consulted Tweney.

“What should we do?”

“He seems harmless. Make one for him.”

At that moment, a minor disturbance occurred inside the temple. It was a horn sent flying by the blue lion just before being “devoured” by Ozma. The horn that had been rolling in a corner of the temple changed shape into a spherical object resembling an egg. Soon, cracks appeared on its surface, and from within━━

“Do you think it’s weakened?”

Gangi didn’t respond to Paulun’s question. While he didn’t want to be friendly, the real reason was he was entirely focused on catching his breath.

The situation in the battle improved temporarily with the stone swords created by Luo, but it was still unfavorable. No matter how many stone swords they thrust, there was no change in what used to be Ozma. The severed tentacles were immediately absorbed back. Allies were exhausted, and one by one were captured by tentacles.

“Darn it.”

Fuuri collapsed, emitting smoke all over. He had used a spell to vibrate the tentacles after being captured, but was splashed with fluid from an exploded tentacle.

Tenku was knocked down by the tentacles, injuring his wings.

The senior knights could barely stand.

They were on the verge of total defeat.


Inside the stone shell, Luo pondered.

“What’s wrong, Luo?”

“The chief told me to protect Peppoko.”


Luo grumbled again.

“I don’t think that’s enough.”

Just then, something resembling a small furball jumped into the peephole of the stone shell.



Bouncing many times inside the shell, it collided with Luo. Despite the confusion, the fur ball felt soft and warm.

“Hurry, defeat that guy, nya!”

A slightly lisping, adorable voice could be heard.

“If you don’t, it’s the end for you guys, nya!”

Seated on the belly of Luo, who had fallen, was a creature resembling a kitten, with fluffy blue fur. Its eyes were amber-colored, with a protrusion on its forehead and small wings on its back, almost apologetically small.

“I too, will get angry, nya!”

“You are.”

Tweney was surprised. The divine aura emanating from the kitten-like creature was the same as what he felt earlier.

“Could you possibly be Lord Horned Lion?”

“That’s right, nya. Before being absorbed by Aichu, I separated, nya.”

What a cute transformation indeed.

Tweney, who adores small and cute things, instinctively reached out to the fluffy fur ball.

“What are you doing, nya!”

“S, Sorry.”

“Never mind. Quickly, defeat Aichu. If not. . . . . .”

“Yes, I understand.”

Luo, sitting cross-legged and lifting his upper body, closed his eyes.

“Phew, alright ‘Star Princess’, nya. I’ll explain the strategy. You have the power of a goddess that nullifies the magic power, nya. Gyaanya! Talking with my mouth is so troublesome, nya, ha, ha. Anyway, you, nya, touch that squishy thing, stop Aichu’s movements, nya. Command the knights to target the core of the squishy━━”

The tiny Horned Lion sensed something amiss.

Luo’s hair began to stand on end, with a rainbow-colored light emanating from his entire body.

“Hey, what are you doing, nya?”

The rainbow-colored light surpassed the rocky shell, spreading throughout the temple. Every floor and pillar gleamed brightly, disintegrating.

They turned into orbs of rainbow light, rising like bubbles in water.

Luo’s magic had the ability to deconstruct stones, rocks, minerals, and then reconstruct them into anything he imagined.

Luo understood this characteristic well.

When materials are broken down, they become weightless orbs of rainbow light. While these orbs can be moved freely, when the matter is reconstructed, the weight returns, so caution is required.

The vast amount of matter in the temple turned into orbs of rainbow light and gathered high up in the sky.

From experience, Luo knew.

It was just like that time with Rock King Eagle.

Dropping rocks from above could defeat the demon beast.


A rock mass of enormous weight descended, obliterating everything in its path.

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