Rockwall Lou – V1 Chapter 6

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔


As Saji instructed, Luo visited his parents’ grave, then cleaned the house and did laundry. He also cooked and ate his own meals. With time still left, he practiced using magic.

He took a piece of ground that shined like a rainbow and changed its shape as he wished. If the material is soil, the rainbow mass becomes smaller and harder. If stone is the base material, the size and hardness seem to remain relatively unchanged.

He also realized that while it emits a rainbow glow without a fixed shape, it feels weightless.

Therefore, if he takes too large of a material, when he gives it a shape, he might get crushed. He had to be careful.

It seems that things vividly imagined in his mind can be shaped finely and accurately. Luo got so engrossed that he ended up mass-producing “Ishigami-sama statues.”

The next morning, he faced a dilemma.

He didn’t know what wish to make on the one statue on the shelf and the twenty on the floor.

“One, may I not be struck by a falling rock. Two, may I not be blown by the valley wind. Three━━”

That’s when he realized.

He had already defeated the Rock King Eagle and avenged his father.

“What should I do?”

After much deliberation, he couldn’t think of a wish. Leaving his house with a somewhat melancholic mood, Luo headed to the general store.

“How much, Saji-san?”

Saji made a face as if he had bitten into something bitter.



“There’s no set price.”

After eating the egg of the Rock King Eagle, Luo became a wizard. Therefore, he needs to go to a city called Arche to register at the City Hall.

“That’s the law of the land.”

If it’s the rule, then there’s no helping it.

“Okay, I understand.”

“Also, you’ve been fired from your job as a moss collector.”

Gordu, the head of the moss collectors, had decided. The head is the most important person among the moss collectors, so Luo had to obey.

“Alright, I got it.”

 As Lou readily agreed, his expression became somewhat disappointed.

 If it were before avenging his father, it might have been troublesome, but now he has achieved that goal.

 With this, he can live.

 Therefore, Luo thought he would need to set new goals. He was not good at thinking for himself, so it was like a lifeline for Luo.

 When you register as a wizard at the Arche City Hall, they will provide you with work.

“What kind?”

“Well, it’s up to you.”

Saji hesitated.

“Hunting demon beasts, something like that?”


Could that really be a job?

“Honestly, I don’t know. Your abilities seem versatile. You might get assigned a different job.”

“Is the city of Arche far?”

“It’s far. It takes half a month by carriage.”

Therefore, thorough preparation seems necessary.

“Take all the money you have at home. I might have some clothes from when I was a child. I’ll give those to you. I’ll also prepare the food.”


“What else, let’s see.”

With a stern face, like a lion pushing its child into a deep valley, Saji said.

“It’s a farewell tour.”



Unfamiliar surroundings, unfamiliar scents, and strangers.

Immediately, Luo became uneasy.

The first floor of the Moss Collector Guild was slightly dim with a counter and several tables. Several adults, reeking of alcohol, surrounded Luo.

“Is this the child of Theo and Carla? Oh my!”

The most excited one was a middle-aged woman. For some reason, she seemed to be called “Mama” by everyone. She wore heavy makeup and had a fruity scent.

“Do you know? Your mother, Carla, used to work here. Ah, those worried eyes, they’re just like hers!”

Being embraced with such emotion, Luo almost fainted.

“Mama, Luo is rolling his eyes.”

“Oh dear, I’m so sorry. I get tearful with age.”

Saji stepped in to help.

“Luo, these two went down the “Jaw Gate” to search for you when you went missing. Be sure to thank them.”

Two elderly men with beards, who seemed strong for their age, looked down at Luo with stern faces and sharp eyes.

Instead of apologizing when causing a lot of trouble, it’s better to thank. Both parties feel better that way. Saji had told Luo this beforehand.

“Um, thank, thank you for searching.”

Stammering, Luo managed to voice his gratitude.

“Thank you.”

The old men instantly broke their stern facades and patted Luo on the head and body.

“You can’t deny the blood. If he’s Theo’s child, he’d do something reckless like this.”

“Indeed. We felt young again after descending the “Jaw Gate”. Don’t worry, lad.”

The two old men laughed heartily after that.

Mama and the other adults touched Luo as if he were a toy and shared stories about Theo and Carla. From upstairs, the boss Gordu peered to see what was happening but immediately backed off when he met Saji’s gaze.

All the while, Luo was tense and had a hard time maintaining consciousness.

However, strangely, he didn’t feel bad.

“Next, let’s visit the neighbors.”

Led by Saji, they visited several houses.

Saji explained that Luo would be going to the city of Arche and Luo thanked them. Just for that, the neighbors were delighted to see Luo. Some even had tears in their eyes.

Luo was surprised by their unexpected reactions.

“Well, that’s about it. Shall we go home?”


On the way home, Luo was deep in thought.

Thank people when you cause them trouble. As Saji had said, it made both parties happy. It was his first time experiencing this.

Until now, he was always preoccupied with himself and never considered others. He could survive and even defeat the Rock King Eagle, all thanks to the help of many people. He hadn’t done anything but kept living the same day over and over.

It was the first time Luo realized this.

And another thing.

He hadn’t yet thanked the person who helped him the most.

He tried to speak up to the person walking ahead of him.



“What is it?”

“Thank you for being there during the last moments of Mom and Dad.”


When Saji turned around, Luo’s words almost stopped his heart.

He widened his eyes and stared.

The boy, who always looked down, was now looking up with a visibly tense expression.

After the death of his parents, Luo had been pondering his purpose in life while lying in bed.

And he found it.

To defeat Rock King Eagle, the one responsible for taking his father’s life and causing sorrow to his mother.

“Because you were watching, Saji-san, I understood. If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have been able to think of it.”

To confront the Rock King Eagle, Luo became a moss collector. Saji helped him during that time too. Despite Luo’s social awkwardness, Saji directly bought the blue moss from him and shared invaluable information.

“Despite all the help, I never once thanked you. So――.”

With a look of desperation on his face, Luo mustered the strength to speak.

“Thank you, so much!”

Saji thought differently.

All the care he gave to Luo up to this point was his way of atoning. It was penance for his irreversible past mistakes.

Every morning, seeing a broken Luo reminded him of the pain. He believed that enduring this punishment was his atonement.

But he was wrong.

Luo, and only Luo in this world, was the one who could forgive him.

Saji felt as if the chains that bound his heart were being severed.

“I. . . . . .”

When he informed Carla of Theo’s death, the guilt was so overwhelming that Saji couldn’t even apologize. He regretted that moment ever since.

“I couldn’t stop your father, Theo-san. Even though I heard the voice of the Rock King Eagle. I should have known Theo-san was losing his calmness. If I had intervened then, Theo-san wouldn’t have died.”

He knelt down, embracing his small body.

“I’m sorry. I truly am.”

Finally, Saji was able to come to terms with his feelings.

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