Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 9

𝐂𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐚𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐤𝐞𝐛𝐚𝐛 𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐰𝐢𝐜𝐡

Witch Marie and her servant Kaito are heading to a town known for its special cooking tools.

An event occurred on their journey.

“Oh, what’s that over there?”

“Is that. . . . . .a chicken?”

As they travel along the road, near the town, they spot a giant chicken.

On closer inspection, it seems to have dragon-like parts in its lower body.

“I remember! That’s a C*ckatrice.”

“Ah, the monster with the petrifying gaze.”

Marie had fought one before in her previous life. It wasn’t that tough of an enemy… as far as she recalls.

“. . . . . .”

What a hassle. They want to go to that town and retrieve Kaito’s cooking tools.

But with such a chicken-like monster blocking the town’s entrance, they can’t go in.

“. . . . . .”

It’s not like she must kill it instantly. Besides, won’t the townspeople take care of it themselves? 

There’s no need for Marie to intervene.

“Marie-sama, this is serious! That monster has the power to petrify! We must defeat it quickly, or it could cause significant damage!”

So what? Marie doesn’t feel obliged to fight it.

Just then,

Grrrr. . . . . .

“. . . . . .”

She’s hungry. She had just eaten bear steak not too long ago.

Perhaps because it didn’t have as much impact as dragon steak, she wasn’t quite satisfied.

Suddenly, Marie speaks up.

“Kaito, can you make a tasty dish using chicken? Other than steak, with the ingredients and tools we have on hand.”

Kaito tilts his head, puzzled by what the witch suddenly proposes.

People’s lives are at stake, yet. . . . . .he thinks.

(Since it’s Witch-sama, there must be some deep thought behind this that I can’t understand!) ※Not really

After thinking for a moment, Kaito replies.

“Kebab! I can make kebab sandwiches!”

“Oh? Kebab. Are they good?”


Now she has the motivation to defeat it. Kebab. What’s that? She’s never heard of such a dish.

A new, unknown “deliciousness” is before her.

So why not just kill it quickly? 

She needs chicken meat, so she attacks it with her usual 【Wind Blade】.


“Tch. . . . . .Annoying.”

The C*ckatrice takes to the air, dodging Marie’s attack.

Then, it releases its petrifying ray.

The purple ray hits right at Marie’s feet.

“Witch-sama! Ah, that was close!”

Dust billows, and Marie is petrified by the C*ckatrice. . . . . .

“No problem here.”


The C*ckatrice is astonished. Marie should have been petrified, yet she is unharmed.

“Bad luck for you. I have an Anti-magic Zone always active around me.”

Anti-magic Zone. A spell Marie created.

A barrier is cast around her body, and it activates the moment any attack magic from an enemy approaches.

A thin barrier forms around her, nullifying the enemy’s magic.

“That’s amazing, Witch-sama! As expected!”

“This is common knowledge in my previous life. Now, you, read the wind. Perhaps because you’re a bird-like monster.”

Marie’s Wind Magic is so fast that not even dragons can avoid it.

The fact that it dodged it means it must have been reading the wind.

“Then 【Thunder Strike】.”

Marie points her index finger at the C*ckatrice.

At that instant, a bolt of lightning erupts from her fingertip.

It strikes the C*ckatrice’s face at a speed too fast to see.

After its body rigidly jerks, it falls over with a thud.

“Huh? That’s odd, isn’t it?”

Kaito looks dumbfounded. And then. . . . . .

Far off, there were people who looked like adventurers.

“What just happened…?” “Did that monster suddenly fall?” “Did that girl do it?” “What exactly. . . . . .?”

Ignoring the confused adventurers, Marie walks over to the C*ckatrice.

The enemy was completely dead, its eyes rolled back.

Marie sighs in disbelief.

“Why would you die from just a paralyzing, status-altering spell?”

That’s right, it wasn’t even an attack spell.

It was just a weak bolt of lightning meant to temporarily paralyze enemies at a distance.

However, Marie’s fearsome magical power had amped up the spell’s strength.

“The C*ckatrices of the future have weakened due to the decline of magic.”

That’s not it. Marie had just become stronger than in her previous life.

Of course, what she said was also true to an extent.

“Well, that’s fine.”

Marie uses 【Wind Blade】 to tear it into pieces and collects the chicken meat.

She uses Storage Magic to remove the meat from the area.

The audience then. . . . . .

“What?! What just happened?! The monster disappeared?! What’s going on?!”

Marie, who is hungry, doesn’t hear them.

She quickly goes to Kaito and hands over the chicken meat.

“Amazing, Witch-sama!”

“Just make the kebab now, immediately.”


So saying, Kaito starts cooking.

First, he needs metal skewers.

Marie, at Kaito’s request, procures the skewers.

“Can I use 『these』?”

“Yes, if I said it’s fine, then use it.”

He skewers chunks of meat onto the sticks. A whole lot of meat is skewered.

“Is it just meat on sticks?”

“This is where it gets different.”

He sets charcoal beneath the skewers and starts to grill. The piled-up chunks of meat sizzle as they cook.

Kaito uses a stone knife to shave off the surface of the meat.

Shave, grill, shave again. This way, grilled chicken piles up on a leaf plate.

Next, Kaito prepares some preserved bread borrowed from a slave trader’s wagon.

“Fresh kneaded bread would be tastier, but…”

“You can make bread too? You’re amazing!”

“Thank you! Hehe, I got praised by Witch-sama~♪.”

Grilled chicken on the hard bread, and a spicy sauce made from dried herbs and crushed tree nuts.

All sandwiched in the bread, it’s complete.

“It’s done! Kebab sandwich!”

Meat sandwiched between bread, topped with vegetables. It’s an unimaginable food in 【this world】.

Marie gleefully stuffs her face with the kebab sandwich.

“How is it? Fresh vegetables would taste better, I know. I’m sorry, but the herbs will help mask the monster meat smell. . . . . .”


Marie had already finished another one.

Her eyes glitter like a starry sky as Marie passionately talks.

“Delicious! How can it be this good! This meat, herbs, and bread! The three different textures combined with the spicy sauce, the more you chew, the more the flavor overflows!”

Kaito, looking stunned, makes a second sandwich and hands it over.

Marie immediately devours it, her face melting in bliss.

“It’s just grilled meat, but it’s too delicious! I see, by eating it with vegetables and bread, I can enjoy different textures together! The icing on the cake is this sweet and spicy sauce! How did you make it? Sweet yet spicy!”

“I, I made it by mixing nuts, fruits, and vegetables.”

Seemingly moved, Marie pats his shoulder after finishing her meal.

“That was the best! Thank you!”

Kaito’s face brightens up, and he wears a soft, melted smile.

. . . . . .such were the two of them, watched intently from a distance by the adventurers.

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