Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 73



On her way to meet the Sorcerer King, Marie hears about the King’s past from his minion, Kyūbi.

『The Sorcerer King is aiming to become more powerful in order to resurrect his mother.』

Apparently, becoming a powerful sorcerer allows one to use a special technique known as the Resurrection Technique.

“The Resurrection Technique. . . . . .?”

『It’s a spell that brings the dead back to life. The Sorcerer King wants to master it. But it won’t mean anything if the King himself dies.』

So, according to Kyūbi. . . . . .

“What if I defeat the Sorcerer King?”

“I don’t know. But you and the Sorcerer King seem equally matched. If you collide head-on, you both will likely suffer severe injuries.”

Marie is not at all interested in her own strength.

She’s strong, or so she gathers from how others react to her.

『The Sorcerer King plans to eventually master the Resurrection Technique. He doesn’t think there’s an urgent need to master it while fighting monsters.』

“. . . . . .?”


Where. . . . . .? She shakes her head.

Kyūbi sighs in disbelief.

『Could you please go back? You’re not originally from here, are you?』

Marie came to the Far East by crossing the ocean from a continent in the west.

Indeed, just as Kyūbi says, she has no emotional attachment to this remote island nation.

『Then, let him be. Don’t interfere with his mission.』

“. . . . . .”

Kyūbi is probably speaking for the Sorcerer King.

She knows She’d be turned into fox stew if She upsets Marie.

Still, She’s trying to persuade Marie for the sake of her master.

“. . . . . .”

Kyūbi is frightened.

Well, she should be. She easily defeated the Four Heavenly Kings.

Still, she opposes her even after recognizing her power.

She must be prepared to die.

. . . . . .Marie asks,

“Can you persuade the Sorcerer King then?”

『Huh. . . . . .?』

“All I want is to eat sushi.”

『S, Sushi. . . . . .』

“Yes. If I can get the Sorcerer King to promise not to harm the Far East, I have no intention of killing needlessly.”

Kyūbi’s expression brightens up.

『I got it! I’ll try to persuade him!』

Well, that’s fine.

There’s nothing about strength, or subjugation, or rewards.

As long as she can eat delicious sushi, skipping the fight is fine.

. . . . . .But,

Swish. . . . . .!

『Agh. . . . . .!』

Something has pierced Kyūbi’s abdomen.

It was a human hand.

“Don’t spoil the fun, Kyūbi.”

Marie turns around.

Breaking through a recognition-inhibiting barrier, appearing was. . . . . .

A handsome young man.

『S, Sorcerer King. . . . . .”

Standing there was the Sorcerer King, Abeno Haruakira.

Smiling wickedly, he says,

“I want to fight strong enemies. Don’t do something that spoils the mood, you fool.”

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