Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 142



After Marie had settled the disturbance in the Capital City. . . . . .

In the neighboring Madukas Empire, the Emperor was present before an audience.

“So, Riara, what happened afterwards?”

“Ah! I will report, Father.”

The mass outbreak of magical creatures that had been occurring across the Empire and the Kingdom had suddenly stopped.

Moreover, Horai Mountain, which had appeared in the sky above the Empire, had completely disappeared.

“According to Ose, Witch-sama’s servant, the mass outbreak of magical creatures was due to the appearance of Horai Mountain.”

“I see. . . . . . so the disappearance of the island has led to the calming down of the magical creatures.”

According to the records, Horai Mountain is not something that frequently appears on the main stage.

The Emperor took a deep breath, sighing.

“This settles one issue. Then, where is the great hero who saved our country?”

Riara spoke with a slightly sad expression.

“After explaining the conclusion of the matter, they left us behind, telling us not to misunderstand, that it wasn’t for our sake.”

Both Riara and the Emperor smiled sadly, yet nodded deeply in admiration.

“Indeed, Witch-sama is a wonderful person. Saving the country and asking for nothing in return.”

“Yes, exactly! Witch-sama is a very great person!”

They couldn’t keep her, but they accepted that it was inevitable.

“She is a divine person sent by God to save the world. We cannot keep her here due to our selfishness.”

They imagined that somewhere in the world, the Witch was extending her hand to those in need, just like them. Father and daughter held this thought while feeling reverence for the Witch.


As for where that Witch was, she was inside Horai Mountain.

Ownership had returned to Louri due to Martha being captured in the kingdom.

After being thanked by Louri, Marie received a castle made of sweets that Martha had owned. And then, thanks to a genius chef named Kaito, the castle of sweets was dismantled. . . . . .

In front of Marie was a variety of sweets.

The location was Louri’s Forbidden Library.

Marie was devouring Kaito’s snacks with incredible speed.

Watching this, Ose sighed in disbelief.

『So, in the end, you’re back to your old ways. I thought you had matured a bit after saving your sister.』

“Shut up. These are my snacks, and I’ll finish them if I want.”

『Yes, yes, Egoist Witch-sama.』

Kaito happily poured coffee from the pot into the cup.

“But really, Witch-sama, you were amazing! Saving the people of the Capital City, and even your own sister.”

“Hmph. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t intend to save the people of the Capital City or anything.”

Ose grins.

『Hmm, people of the Capital City, huh.』

“Hmph. . . . . .”

And then, it happened.


Suddenly, from above, Martha appears with wings made of candy magic.

She’s sweating all over and breathing heavily through her shoulders.

“Ah, Martha-sama! Hello!”

“Quiet, I’m eating.”

As Kaito and Marie say that, Martha approaches them, fuming.

“It’s all your fault that something terrible happened to me! What are you going to do about it?!”

『You reap what you sow.』

“Shut up, demon!”

Well, actually, since it was something she brought upon herself, what Ose said was correct.

『Why are you here? Weren’t you captured?』

“Of course, I escaped. . . . . .! And, Marie! I’ve decided!”


“I’m going to. . . . . . follow you!”

Huh? Marie and Ose tilt their heads.

“The reason I lost this time is because I lack real combat experience. So if I follow you and gain that experience, I can beat you!”

『Why don’t you go train on your own then. . . . . .』

“Quiet! Being near Marie will let me accumulate more knowledge and experience in magical combat, right?”

『Hmm, sure. So, Witch-sama, what will you do?』

Marie sips her coffee, places the cup on the table with a sigh.

She snaps her fingers and sends the chairs and table to another dimension.

She puts on her witch hat and speaks to Kaito.

“Thanks for the meal. Now, shall we continue our journey?”

“Yes!” 『Sure.』

Marie takes the two of them and gets on her broomstick.

Martha, of course, is left behind.

“Hey! Take me with you!”

“Quiet. If you’re coming, you’re useless.”

Kaito serves as a cook, and Ose is, well, a pet.

There are reasons to bring them along, but there was none for Martha.

Marie leaves her behind and quickly flies off on her broomstick.

“Witch-sama, where shall we head next?”

“Hmm. . . . . . it’s decided.”

Turning to Kaito, who is sitting behind her, Marie grins and says,

“To wherever delicious food can be found.”

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