Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 124



So, Marie and her team had just defeated the orcs. . . . . .

They used the anywhere restaurant to travel to other spaces.

The place, resembling the interior of a high-end restaurant, was a virtual space created by a magic tool.

Marie was sitting politely in a chair, eagerly awaiting the dish that Kaito was preparing.

『Witch-sama, do you really have time for this? The final battle with Martha is waiting, you know.』

“Quiet, shut up.”

Marie silenced them with a single, stern command.

She was meditating, preparing her body and mind for the upcoming meal.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

『Wow, what a loud stomach rumble. . . . . . are you that hungry?』

“Yes, I used a big spell.”

『Ah, you can convert the energy from food into magical power, right?』

Normally, magical power is directly connected to mental strength.

Using too much could lead to symptoms like headaches.

But Marie is special.

She has the unique ability to transform energy from food into magical power.

No matter how much magic she uses, she won’t be immobilized by a headache.

In her case, it’s hunger that could incapacitate her. Well, either way she would be incapacitated. . . . . .

“Kaito, is it ready yet? I feel like I’m going to starve to death. . . . . .”

『I can’t even imagine you starving. . . . . . Hey! What are you doing. . . . . .!』

Marie grabbed the black cat Ose firmly. . . . . .

“These paws. . . . . . they look delicious. They’re so squishy, like jelly.”

『Hey, idiot! Stop it! Don’t eat my paws!』

“Nom nom.”


Marie held the cat’s paw in her mouth.

A stunned Ose tried to scratch at Marie’s face.

Clang! The attack was thwarted by a barrier.

『What are you doing?!』

“Not tasty at all.”

『You’re so rude!』

Despite Ose’s desperate clawing, all its attacks were blocked by Marie’s barrier.

Soon after. . . . . .

“Witch-sama! It’s ready. . . . . .!”

“I’ve been waiting!”

In Kaito’s hand was an incredibly large bowl.

Marie’s anticipation peaked.

Her eyes, sparkling like a starry night, locked onto the huge bowl that Kaito had made.

Thud! Kaito placed the bowl on the table.

『That’s a huge serving. . . . . .』

“Witch-sama has a big boss battle coming up! I wanted to make sure she has plenty of energy, so I made a lot!”

『You’re too devoted. . . . . .』

It was hard not to feel sorry for Kaito, serving such a gluttonous egoist.

Meanwhile, Marie was practically drooling, her anticipation clearly showing. Her behavior was anything but ladylike.

“Come on, hurry up! Don’t tease me!”

“Understood. . . . . . Open!”

Kaito stood on the chair and opened the giant bowl’s lid.


Marie’s ecstatic scream.

And why not? The bowl contained an unbelievably huge serving.

“W, What is this! This golden. . . . . . dish!”

“It’s Katsudun!”

“Ka, Katsudun?!”

“Yes! It’s a local dish that I learned from my grandparents back home!”

Katsudun. . . . . .

It’s a dish that Kaito’s grandparents taught him.

In fact, they were reincarnates from another world, and Katsudun is essentially pork cutlet rice bowl.

Fried pork topped with broth and beaten eggs, a staple dish from another world.

“I’ve never seen a dish like this!”

To Marie and her friends, dishes from another world are a complete mystery.

Marie’s eyes shine like the sun when she sees the pork cutlet rice bowl.

“Please go ahead! Eat the rice with that golden meat!”

“Understood in detail!”

They had received a lot of rice from the Far East after solving an incident there.

Kaito used that rice, along with some recently acquired orc meat, to complete the pork cutlet rice bowl.

Marie inserts her spoon into the ocean of Katsudūn.

She scoops it up, and. . . . . .

The spoon holds crispy, freshly fried pork cutlet, covered in silky, runny eggs.

The delightful aroma of the broth makes not just Marie, but even Ose involuntarily swallow.

“I, I’m going to eat!”

“Please enjoy!”

Marie takes a mouthful of the pork cutlet rice bowl.

Crunch. . . . . .juicy. . . . . .


With a blissful expression, Marie shudders throughout her body.

Her body trembles from the unfamiliar taste, a newfound delight spreading within her mouth.

“So, how is it? To be honest, it’s a lesser-known dish from my hometown. It might not suit your taste. . . . . .”


Ping! Ose covers her ears due to the loudness.

Kaito is left dumbfounded.

“Delicious! Too delicious! What is this! Fried pork and rice go so well together! And this broth and egg complement it perfectly! It’s sweet and salty and so filling! It’s greasy but not at all heavy!”

Marie slams her hands on the table and bows her head.

“It’s the best dish! Thank you for making it!”

It’s rare for Marie to bow her head like this.

She must have really enjoyed the dish to want to express her gratitude to the cook.

Seeing Marie like this, Kaito’s eyes moisten.

“I’m so happy. . . . . .”

『Well done, all your hard work paid off.』


Ose extends her tail to wipe away Kaito’s tears.

Meanwhile, Marie continues to devour the pork cutlet rice bowl.

Having consumed the meal with immense enthusiasm, Marie stands up.

“Magical power, fully charged!”

『What about your motivation?』

“Max Fire!”

The meaning is unclear, but she seems to be pumped up.

Marie readjusts her witch’s hat, takes her broom, and smiles defiantly.

“Let’s go!”

“Yes!” 『Alright』

“To eat dessert after the meal!”

『So that’s what you meant. . . . . .』

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