Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 108



Marie had decided to put a stop to the schemes of the Witch of Jealousy, Martha.

Not that she had any particular interest in defeating the witch and saving the world; she was simply intrigued by Martha’s magic that changed the properties of sweets.

“So, Miss Witch.”

“What is it, Louri?”

Marie was lounging by the side of a lake, resting on a chair.

A white-haired beauty, the Guardian of the Forbidden Library, Louri, came to inquire.

“I wanted to ask about the future course of action. . . . . .”

“Go to Martha, punch her, end of story.”

“That’s too simplistic. . . . . .”

“Any complaints? (smiles)”

“No, no. . . . . . (shivering)”

Marie’s immense magical power couldn’t be defended against, even by a Guardian.

In terms of power balance, the witch was superior.

“Speaking of which. . . . . . where is Martha now? Somewhere on Horai Mountain?”

“Around now. . . . . . ah, never mind. I’ll give you a map.”

Louri snaps his fingers.

Countless bookshelves then appeared from the ground by the lake.

“W, What’s this? Bookshelves suddenly appeared! What just happened?”

“Those are books from the Forbidden Library, Your Highness.”

“Forbidden Library. . . . . . Ah yes, this is a library. I wondered where the books were.”

“I manage the books myself. I hide their very existence.”

“Incredible! Hiding their very existence. . . . . .”

“Well,” says Louri, wiping sweat from her forehead.

“Originally, I also hid this lake’s existence using magic.”

“Huh? Is that so? But I found it easily. . . . . .”

“That’s because your penetrating magic is extraordinary. . . . . .”

This lake had an inviolable barrier.

Marie had effortlessly broken it.

“There was a barrier?”

Marie was not even aware that she had deactivated it.

“Unconsciously breaking barriers. . . . . . you’re as extraordinary as ever. . . . . . no one else can do that. . . . . .”

“I can.”

“You’re the exception!”

Marie wasn’t particularly interested in levels.

To her, magic was merely a means to overcome obstacles.

“Magicians really care about tier and stuff, you know. . . . . .”

“Guardian, what’s a tier?”

Kaito asks Louri.

“Rank refers to the classification of magicians based on the types and strength of magic they can use. The lowest is the first tier, and the highest is the tenth.”

It seems that, like adventurers, magicians are also classified.

“What about Witch-sama?”

“Surprisingly, she’s at the tenth tier. . . . . . the same as the primordial magician Vrimir. . . . . . it’s exceptional.”

Even in a world where magicians were still active, Marie was an anomaly.

And in a declining world, needless to say.

“Amazing, Witch-sama! Truly amazing!”

“Thank you.”

To her, other people’s opinions didn’t matter at all.

However, Kaito was impressed by her attitude.

“Possessing great power yet never flaunting it, she uses her strength solely to protect the weak! Ahh! Witch-sama is amazing and so cool!”

In any case, there’s room for misunderstanding.

Riara’s servant Keel is taken aback, muttering, “This is insane. . . . . .”

Ose is also nodding in agreement multiple times.

Princess Riara suddenly asks Louri about something that has been on her mind.

“If Lady Witch is at the tenth tier, then what tier would the Witch of Jealousy, Martha, be? About the same?”

Certainly, if they’re both disciples of Vrimir, it would seem they possess comparable power.

“The fourth tier.”

“That’s not strong at all!”

“No. . . . . . it’s just that a tenth-tier witch is exceptionally strong. Being fourth tier means you could still be a hero.”

“So, a tenth-tier Lady Witch is. . . . . .”

A being that surpasses even heroes, an existence outside the norm.

Yet Marie casually sips on her tropical juice, murmuring, “So tasty. . . . . .♡.”

“I see. . . . . . just as Kaito said, a true powerhouse doesn’t flaunt their strength. As expected of Lady Witch!”

“Absolutely! Witch-sama is truly amazing!”

Two followers singing her praises enthusiastically.

Ose inquires with a sigh.

『So, back to the point, where is Martha?』

“She’s in the Immortal Mountain that stands at the center of Horai Mountain.”

『Is there a map for Immortal Mountain?』

“Yes, there is.”

With a flick of her finger, Louri beckons.

A book then flies off a shelf in the Forbidden Library and hovers in front of Marie and the others.

Kaito takes it.

“That book contains a map of Horai Mountain. Please use it as a reference.”


Marie stretches vigorously and snaps her fingers.

She transforms back from her swimsuit into her regular clothes.

“Louri. Put this on.”

Marie pulls something out of a different space and tosses it to Louri.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a magical communication tool.”

At first glance, it looks like an earring, but it’s a magical tool that allows for long-distance conversations.

An incredibly advanced item.

“Miss Witch really is insane. . . . . .”

“If anything happens, contact me. Also, I’ll contact you if I need to ask something. Summoning me without reason will result in the death penalty.”

“Eek! Got it!”

Marie nods and looks at Kaito and the others.

“Now, let’s depart.”


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