Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Martina and the Dragonmancer 7

“To keep a promise made decades ago and continue your training! And that she believes in you and secretly supports you?! Because a human’s life is limited, every moment is more valuable than ours! And you use it in this manner… Isn’t that beautiful…?!”

Demon? Dragon? Barvel wipes his tears and groans, which is kind of shocking or something.

“Y-You’re more of a romantic than I thought. I’m embarrassed to be referred to as that. It’s just that I’m not one to give up easily. Tina’s works, after all, may be the product of this old man’s imagination.”

“No, I’m sure she’s expecting you! Let’s find out quickly. I’ll fly as fast as I can!”

Barvel’s flying speed increases.

Anghar…! Anghaaaar…!

Flying dragons are blocking the way.

There have to be a dozen of them.

“Get out of the waaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Barvel is in a good mood and charges forward without pausing.

And with his sword, he slashes at the dragon’s wings with all his might.

The flying dragon is knocked to the ground.

“Ash! Don’t fall!”

Then, he uses aerial spinning kicks and reverses to strike it with his thick, log-like tail, opening up a blood path.

“Oh…! This old man will not stand idly by!”

The enemies are numerous, and this old man’s mobility is restricted.

In such a case, this old man recites a spell and does the incantation.

“Be my servant, come forth, flame, Fire Arrow!”

Countless red fire streaks dance across the sky.

Flying dragons that are hit hard fall to the ground, and flying dragons that move around to avoid them crowd together and create chaos.

“Then I’ll follow…! Dragon Strike!”

Barvel’s sword created a massive dragon’s jaw out of pale light.


It roars as it flies through the sky. It sucks the flying dragons into its mouth, one after the other.


They burst open with a sound, forming a massive pillar of light that engulfed the flying dragons.

The flying dragons are ripped to shreds and fall to the ground one by one.

―The front’s open!

“We’re going to break through!”

Barvell makes an immediate breakthrough. He’s going to break out of the enclosure.

“Is that “Dragon Strike”…! The way it pops at the end is similar to “Motion Wave Blast”.

“Yes. That is the power I drew from the Pearl of Life and channeled into Dragon Strike, the original technique.

“…Pearl of life. That’s the one this old man has.”

“You are welcome to have it. It was only borrowed to break my seal. I don’t need it now that I’ve turned into this.”

“Wasn’t it yours from the start?”


“And whose―”

“Well, this is a new move!”

The conversation is cut off at this point.

Barvel has already passed through the city and arrived at the castle.

However, a new interceptor appears.

The face of a dragon, but a bipedal, almost humanoid.

They have wings spread wide on their backs, and they are armed and armored.

They may be smaller than Barvel, but they look exactly like him.

Almost a dozen of them were blocking our path.

“?! They’re…! “

“…They look exactly like you.”

“Oh it’s the same dragonborn… They’re dragonewts. These were once my men…! Dormina, d*nm you! You did not allow those who fought so valiantly to rest in peace!”

Barvel is gnashing his teeth.

The dragons who used to be Barvel’s men have bright red eyes, just like Barvel’s did in the tent earlier.

Barvel has managed to remain sane and uncontrollable after his resurrection, but it appears to be difficult for them.

“Well, well, well…? Isn’t that Barvel-sama?”

“Hasn’t it been a while?”

“But, for Dormina-sama’s sake, we can’t let you pass here.”

“…Come to your senses, Dormina is just taking advantage of you!”

Barvel’s attempts at persuasion appear to be futile.

“That goes for you too!”

“We would be dead now if we had followed you!”

“Under Dormina-sama, even if I die, I will be resurrected!”

“Damn it! Ash, go ahead and take down Dormina! I’ll hold them off until Dormina dies, and then we can rest in peace…!”

But there was something about the way he said it that struck me.

“Are you certain…?! If that’s the case, you will, too…”

“I don’t mind! You’ve already defeated me! And It was worth resurrecting to hear your beautiful story!”

“… I understand!”

“Alright! Let’s take it up a notch! Goooooo!”

Barvel grabs this old man by the scruff of his neck and hurls him towards the royal castle grounds!

“Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa?! You’re a real jerk!”

“Hmph. Don’t begrudge me for getting you this far!”

His dragon face is difficult to read. But it looks like he’s smiling a little.

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