My Presumed Fiancé, Who I Thought Was Around 120 Years Old and Whose Face I Didn’t Know, Turned Out To Be a Transcendent Beauty – Chapter 64

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔𝟒

It seemed that Amane, who had chased after Mabel, had sent a messenger using his subordinates. Faced with the sudden appearance of Eugene, Mabel searched for the right words to say.

“Um, I…”

“―Are you the rumored monster?”

However, upon hearing Kairi’s voice coming from the deck, Mabel immediately felt nervous.

Looking down, she saw Kairi’s subordinates lined up, aiming their arrows at the two of them. Kairi examined Eugene’s wings with great delight, his mouth curling up in a pleased smile.

“How rare. Capture him alive.”

With those words as a signal, countless arrows were released.

Mabel instinctively closed her eyes, but just before the arrows touched Eugene’s body, they were deflected as if protected by an invisible shield, falling to the ground like rain.

Despite being astonished by the extraordinary sight, the subordinates desperately continued to draw their bows. However, no matter how skilled they were, they couldn’t harm Eugene.

“What are you doing? He’s not human, so even if you get a little rough, he won’t die.”

Kairi seemed to feel a sense of urgency as well. The attacks intensified, and even arrows with ignited tips began to fly. Perhaps due to their panic, their trajectories interfered with each other, and arrows started falling onto the deck and warehouse roofs.

One of them pierced the deck and quietly started to burn. Seeing this, Mabel looked up at Eugene. 

“Eugene-san, we need to leave here. The harbor will be in great danger from the fire.”

But just as Eugene was about to respond, there was a massive explosion that shook the air. Surprised, Mabel looked down and saw a metal cylinder installed at the bow of the ship, its black mouth aimed toward them.

A moment later, screams could be heard from the direction of the harbor, and Mabel could see a corner of the warehouse on the waterfront being crushed by iron balls.

“A cannon. It’s completely different from a gun.”

From Eugene’s tone, it seemed that what they were facing was indeed a cannon. It appeared to be an enlarged version of what Kairi had, so the smaller one was probably called a gun. However, Eugene showed no signs of fear and calmly surveyed the scene below.

Then came the second shot.

However, whether it be due to a lack of accuracy or something else, the projectile landed on the sea surface in an arc, creating a high water column before disappearing. Mabel was relieved that there was no further damage and noticed that the surface of the water, which was swaying from the impact, was brighter than before.

It seemed that dawn was approaching.

As the sky began to brighten, the momentum of the arrows gradually subsided. Faced with Eugene, who showed no reaction to the attacks, the men on the deck seemed to be reaching their limit as well.

“How pathetic. Let me show you an example.”

Perhaps feeling frustrated by the fear and weakness that had emerged, Kairi himself finally aimed the gun. 

However, the barrel was not directed at Eugene, but at Mabel.

“If you can’t hit the monster, then aim for the woman.”

With those words, a light gunshot rang out.

Mabel immediately tensed up, but she felt a sensation of being tightly embraced. Without pain, she cautiously looked up and saw Eugene turning his body to protect her.

It seemed that the bullet had grazed the edge of his mask, causing the fastening fixture to click and come loose. After a short pause, the black and delicate mask fell off Eugene’s face.

“As expected. Next, the head―”

Kairi’s face, which had a half-smile, froze as if it had been stuck in place. In his line of sight were Eugene’s shining golden eyes. With the mask removed, Eugene’s revealed appearance―it was truly beautiful.

With a perfectly calculated bone structure and amber-colored radiance.

His straight nose led to thin lips, which were now pressed together. Even a single strand of his long eyelashes and a cluster of glossy hair seemed to have been created by a god’s love. Kairi was momentarily breathless, unable to put into words the beauty of his features.

But it wasn’t just because of Eugene’s beauty alone.

Kairi realized this when his subordinates around him began to collapse one after another. 

They all clutched their chests, curling up in pain. Surprised by the sight of his writhing subordinates, Kairi finally felt the suffocation and fell to his knees. 

Desperately trying to inhale air into his lungs, Kairi’s heart was pounding so intensely that he couldn’t breathe properly. His mind was filled with the image of Eugene as if it had been burned into his memory.

Love, longing, and many other emotions filled his mind. It was clear that he was being consumed by terrifying and wicked emotions.

‘Is this magic?!’

Eventually, Eugene appeared before the crouching Kairi. He narrowed his eyes at him, who was desperately trying to lift his face while enduring the palpitations.

“Are you satisfied?”

“Ah, uh!”

“This is the monster you desired. Is it still not enough?”

With those words, Eugene directed a cold sneer at Kairi.

Instantly, Kairi’s trembling intensified, and unpleasant sweat began to trickle down his forehead and chest. It felt as if his heart was being directly grasped, almost being crushed.

Despite having that devilish face right next to her, Mabel, who was embraced by Eugene’s arms, calmly looked back at him and Kairi. Finally, Kairi realized that he should not have laid a hand on Mabel.

‘How can she endure this! Unbelievable!’

Eventually, Kairi collapsed to the floor, losing consciousness.

Quickly after he fell unconscious, the magic was also lifted. as Kairi’s body moved slightly up and down. Mabel let out a sigh of relief.

‘Amazing. Just by taking a look at Eugene’s face, he was knocked out cold…’

Of course, it was partly because he had used a genuine spell, but Mabel was once again reminded of Eugene’s greatness.

However, before she could catch her breath, Mabel exclaimed, 

“Ah! Amane-san fell into the sea! We have to save him!”

“―Calm down.”

As Mabel struggled to get down to the deck immediately, Eugene furrowed his brow.

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