My Presumed Fiancé, Who I Thought Was Around 120 Years Old and Whose Face I Didn’t Know, Turned Out To Be a Transcendent Beauty – Chapter 37

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑𝟕

In the midst of the crowd, the corridor wall shook with a loud bang, and a portion of it collapsed.

Screams erupted from the group that had been running ahead, causing Strauss to let go in surprise.

In that brief moment, Mabel moved away from him. She thought of escaping quickly, but she ended up being swept away by the crowd.

‘It’s so hard!’

Exhausted from being imprisoned for so long, Mabel felt her consciousness fading.

At that moment, someone grabbed Mabel’s arm again. She was led into a storage room by the side of the corridor.

‘Who?! Who is…?’

The door was forcefully closed and locked.

When Mabel looked up, Eugene was there.

Trying desperately to contain her joy and surprise, she fought back the urge to cry out.

‘No, Eugene is already Onee-sama’s…’

Amidst her hesitation, Eugene grabbed her arm.

The area where Strauss had held her was red.

“What happened?”

He touched it in worry, his body trembling.

Then, it felt slightly warm, and the pain subsided. His touch was so gentle that tears welled up in Mabel’s eyes.

However, hearing Eugene’s next words, her expression quickly darkened.

“So, it was you, Mabel.”

Mabel quietly lowered her head.

She knew she would be blamed for lying.

But when Eugene saw her like that, he suddenly smiled, just like before.

“Are you angry?”

This time, it was Mabel’s turn to be surprised.

“I went ahead and got engaged to your sister all of a sudden.”

“… “

Mabel couldn’t bear it and shook her head vigorously.

She had no right to be angry. But the fact that she was sad couldn’t be denied.

“I’m sorry.”


She wanted to know everything right away.

She wanted to talk.

She wanted to apologize.


‘I…I like you’

But if she voiced it, she would die.

In this critical situation, she didn’t want to burden him.

With unspoken feelings, Mabel reached out her finger toward Eugene’s chest.


Tears overflowed from Mabel’s eyes, beyond her control.

Desperately biting her lip to keep from making a sound.

Seeing Mabel like that, Eugene gently placed his hand on her cheek, looking surprised.

“Mabel, you―”

In an instant, a larger impact than before struck the wall.

It seemed that Wiski’s invasion was getting worse.

“It’s dangerous here. Let’s go quickly.”

With Eugene leading her, Mabel went back into the corridor.

There were more debris and wood scattered than before, and flames ignited by arrows were devouring the red carpet. Eugene tried to go downstairs, but many Wiski soldiers were invading below.

“This way.”

They quickly turned around and ran towards the path leading to the rooftop of the tower.

While running, Eugene spoke to Mabel.

“Are there mages over there? This explosion…”

The word “mage” reminded Mabel of Mutabilis.

But she had no way to convey that to him, and the two of them arrived on the rooftop as they were.

Under the blue sky, several pillars of black smoke rose from the castle town. It had turned into a hellish scene of clashing swords, soldiers’ shouts, high-pitched screams, and children’s cries.

Mabel felt despair and collapsed on the spot. Seeing this, Eugene immediately began a small incantation.

At that moment, right next to them, another explosion occurred.

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