My Presumed Fiancé, Who I Thought Was Around 120 Years Old and Whose Face I Didn’t Know, Turned Out To Be a Transcendent Beauty – Chapter 26

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟔

Eugene woke up to the cold morning breeze.

As he pushed his eyelids open, he could see the balcony window wide open.

Part of the window was broken, and tiny shards of glass were scattered below. When he lowered his gaze, he saw his own hands, which had returned to their human form. He lightly clenched and opened them, then looked at his own body.

Since the transformation had already begun, his clothes were torn, so naturally, he was naked.

However, his body was wrapped in a worn-out, thick curtain. Through it, he could see the image of a girl resting her hand on his arm.

‘Who is this?’

When someone saw his true face, they would become infatuated.

This was a phenomenon known as “captivating the hearts of those who see.” It was a state where magic, without the control of its user, bewitched people. However, during the New Moon of the Coffin, the power would go out of control, and naturally, that magic would also have no limits.

Specifically, the heart would stop.

It was said that anyone who saw this beastly form would surely die.

That’s why during the New Moon of the Coffin, mages would not allow anyone to approach them.

Eugene also locked himself in his room, intending to endure somehow. He had managed to endure forcibly like this before.

While looking at Mabel, who was sleeping soundly as if leaning on him, Eugene furrowed his brows. He must have been tired from stroking his body all night long.

‘How is she still alive?’

Whether it be looking at my face or Row’s, her heart doesn’t get charmed.

Furthermore, even when seeing this transformed appearance under the effect of the new moon, she is still calmly breathing, beside me.

‘This form of mine…’

Eugene gently reached out his hand to Mabel. He gently moved aside the hair that was getting in the way.

Upon doing so, Mabel let out a short gasp. 

Startled, Eugene quickly withdrew his hand, but Mabel didn’t wake up. She just twisted her mouth and went back to sleep, looking content.

Eugene let out a sigh of relief. Upon closer inspection, he noticed a red cut on Mabel’s cheek, and he pondered for a while.

‘Did I do this…’

The memories of yesterday night were a blurry mess.

Whenever he transformed into a beast, he would always suffer from severe headaches.

While writhing in pain, the window suddenly opened, and the curtain fluttered.

Faded white fabric reflected someone’s figure.

Thinking that there shouldn’t be anyone coming here, Eugene looked over from his miserable position on the floor.

There, he saw a beautiful azure sky filled with countless stars and a pair of green eyes that were anxiously swaying.

Soft-looking brown hair fluttered gently, and despite the face that seemed on the verge of tears, there was a desperate expression.

―Ah, how beautiful.

During the New Moon of the Coffin, he had never recalled human-like emotions. He had only endured the pain that was relentlessly inflicted upon him.

But for that one moment, as if struck by lightning, his consciousness had returned.

The headache quickly returned, and Eugene gritted his teeth again.

But within the fading consciousness, there was only one thought: don’t get too close to her.

He didn’t want to kill her, that was all.

However, despite being subjected to cruel words multiple times, she came to Eugene’s side.

Without running away from his terrifying claws and appearance, she stroked his back all night long.

While that was happening, it felt like the excruciating pain in his brain was gradually subsiding.

‘Despite being such a small and fragile creature…’

Eugene stared intently at Mabel, who had always cared for him.

Carefully crawling out so as not to wake Mabel, Eugene took out the clothes from the closet and hurriedly changed. He then slipped his hand under Mabel’s sleeping body and held her sideways in his arms.

Even after going to such lengths, she still didn’t wake up. Eugene, feeling exasperated, looked at Mabel, who seemed to be having a pleasant dream, and she smiled and nuzzled her face against Eugene’s chest. His cheeks flushed at her gesture.

It seemed that it was Eugene who was magically charmed.

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