My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 6

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“Father! Mother! It’s strange that I’m getting married to a duke and Charlotte-onesama is getting married to the crown prince of a neighboring country!”

Miri pointed at me with a knife during the meal and made an incomprehensible protest. I wish she would stop behaving so badly…

First of all, I understand your surprise that I am to be married to the crown prince of a neighboring country, but what do you mean by “strange”?

First of all, my engagement to Leanhardt-sama was forcibly broken because you cried and said you were sick.

I don’t want Miri to be the only one to complain about it, so I was a bit annoyed as well.

“That’s not strange. Besides, you can now marry the man of your dreams, Leanhardt-dono, without feeling guilty about your sister. Shouldn’t that be a blessing?”

My father must not have expected Miri to protest.

He tilted his head and argued that it wasn’t particularly strange and that it was convenient that Miri didn’t have to think about the fact that she had stolen my fiancé.

I think that’s a different topic, but I’m willing to hear her argument because I don’t understand why Mirim is so upset either.

“I don’t feel any guilt about Onesama. because Leanhardt-sama likes me. This result is unavoidable.”

“…Regardless of whether you feel guilty or not, Charlotte is Leanhardt-sama’s ex-fiancee. If she stays here, it’s going to be awkward, so there’s no downside for you.”

Milim had no sympathy for me at all.

My mother doesn’t admonish her for it, but she reminds Miri that it will be awkward if I stay in this country.

At least Leanhardt-sama won’t want to see my face.

Because we broke up like that.

Mirim doesn’t understand. If she doesn’t feel bad, she might at least say she wants to see me happy.

“Father, Mother, what you are saying is too difficult to understand. Onesama’s cunning is to marry the Crown Prince, because the Crown Prince is a higher person than the Duke, isn’t he?”

—So, you thought my engagement was cunning for such a shallow reason?

I was taken aback by my sister’s shallow complaint.

I could understand it if it was said by a child of about five years old, but to think that it was said by someone of this age?

Miri may be even more childish than I thought.

“I also want to marry the crown prince of the neighboring country. You are so cunning! Sneaky! Whaaaa!!!”

Miri started to cry, calling me cunning.

I’m the one who wants to cry. My fiancé was taken away from me, and then when I got a chance to be with His Highness Alfred, she cried that I was cunning.

“Oh, don’t cry, don’t cry. Miri, you’re taking it too easy by living in a neighboring country. There’s a lot of spicy food there that you don’t like. You’ll have to make friends from scratch, and most of all, you won’t be able to speak the language. In all likelihood, you’d be happier as the wife of the next duke in this country.”

My father tells Miri about the disadvantages of living in a neighboring country.

It’s all true, and considering the cultural differences, it would be much easier to stay in this country.

But that’s not enough to convince my sist—.

“I-Isn’t that a hell of a place then?! I feel sorry for you, Onesama. I’ll be happy in my own country!”

Isn’t it too soon? Don’t you change your mind too quickly?

Just because my father mentioned a few troublesome points, it seems I’ve become a poor woman to her.

Anyway, let’s just say I’m glad to be free from being called cunning.

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