My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 36

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I’ve been employed as a servant of the Duke for three years now.

My parents were happy to hear that I would have a secure future with the Dukes. They were happy that we wouldn’t have to go without food, but I’m not so sure about that now.

Their eldest son, Leanhardt-sama, was not so clever.

His words were often careless and condescending, and he often misspoke.

Well, he was a legitimate son of a duke, so there was no one to protest him to his face, but this only made him worse.

So I was a little relieved when he chose Charlotte Arzel as his fiancée.

I thought that if she were to be the future duchess, she would support Leanhardt-sama and protect the duke’s household. They said she was well-educated and that she was thought to be the most popular among the noble Ladies.

—I didn’t expect them to break off the engagement so quickly.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that Leanhardt-sama had broken off his engagement to Charlotte-sama.

Is he going to be okay? I’m sure all the servants in the duchy thought so, too.


His fall from grace was terrible.

Miri Arzel, the sister of Charlotte-sama,

Even for me, a commoner, she lacked culture and made me fear for the future of the dukes.

Leanhardt-sama regretted that he had been distracted by her appearance and tried to break up with her, but this was not the right way and it caused displeasure to His Royal Highness Alfred.

His character of being rash and prone to gaffes was probably the cause of his displeasure.

Thus, Leanhardt-sama was disinherited and his younger brother, Elmhardt-sama, became the heir to the dukedom.

I was relieved to hear that someone like Miri would not be the future duchess, and I had expected someone more decent, if not as good as Charlotte-sama, to marry into the family.

And yet—.

“Miri Arzel is a delicious potato (Albania).”

“No, please listen to me one more time (in Ezersta). My name is Miri Arsel(in Albanian).”

“Miri Arzel is a delicious potato (Albania).”

Why is she here now?

And Elmhardt-sama, who was so confident that he would discipline Miri-sama ruthlessly, has not even been able to teach Miri-sama how to introduce herself properly.

I had a bad feeling about this. After all, when Elmhardt-sama saw Miri for the first time, he looked so disheveled.

Come to think of it, he had no tolerance for women at all. And he did not show up at parties because of his brother, Leanhardt-sama.

And he used to be nervous around me…

He is also very taciturn and has a relaxed demeanor, which makes him look smart, but he is just average in the head.

However, because he has been oppressed for so many years, he longs to be a schemer and thinks he is better than his brother.

He seems to be carrying on a sulk that is common in adolescent boys.

Tomorrow is already the wedding of Prince Alfredo and Charlotte-sama, and Miri has spent the whole day trying not to call herself a “delicious potato.” But that doesn’t stop her from calling herself a “delicious potato.”

In spite of all this, Elmhardt-sama is never angry and still does not change her habits.

Wouldn’t it be better to run away? Or rather, can I run away?

“Yes, that’s right! I have no choice! Anna! You will attend the wedding as Miri!”

“… Huh?”

Elmhardt-sama said something impossible, like he wanted me to attend the wedding as Miri’s double.

No, I don’t care if I was in a place where no one knew Miri, but Charlotte-sama, Mr. and Mrs. Arzel, Prince Alfred, everyone knows what she looks like, don’t they?

I questioned Elmhardt-sama’s sanity.

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