My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 32

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Miri Arzel is coming to me.

I have nothing against her, but I have to give her a hard time.

Because my brother hasn’t invited me to dinner parties with the Arzels, I haven’t met her. I think it’s a good thing that she doesn’t see me acting my timid self in front of her.

I can’t let “him” take advantage of me…

I used my connections to the duke’s family to get an invitation from the royal palace of Albania.

In this case, absence is out of the question, and I will not embarrass myself in any way.

I will discipline Miri and go to the party.

There is not a shred of compassion left in me. 

Forget it.

“Elmhardt-sama, I have brought Miri-sama.”

“I’m Miri Arzel. Nice to meet you, Elmhardt-sama.”



She’s so cute!

Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?

Is Miri really this cute?

It can’t be true, right? She’s by far the cutest woman I’ve ever seen!

Oh, my God! It’s like a fairy has landed in the real world… A live action goddess! It’s like… It’s like she’s the sum of all kinds of beauty!


She was so beautiful that I forgot to say a word.

When I heard that my brother had left Charlotte and gotten engaged to Miri, I thought, “What a stupid thing to do!” But I think I understand a little…

“Elmhardt-sama, Miri-sama says hello. Is there something wrong with your health?”

“Ah?! I’m fine. Anna, please escort Miri-san to the carriage.”

My servant Anna is worried about my health, but I am not sick. I was just admiring her. No problem.

You must keep a cool head, Ermhardt!

I have three days from now to subdue her, discipline her, and attend the wedding of a neighboring prince.

That’s right. Just because she has a pretty face doesn’t mean anything.

The problem is that this woman is so illiterate that she doesn’t even know that the King of Albania has a name.

What does her face matter? All right, now let’s get down to business—.

“Elmhardt-sama, let’s go together.”

“Y-Yes, of course. I, uh… I’m going to, uh, discipline Miri-san, or rather, study with her. Yes, study…”

She’s holding my hand!!

P-Please don’t do that! Don’t hold my hand with such soft hands.

I’m too nervous to speak properly.

“Are we studying, Elmhardt-sama? Are you going to teach me how to study?”

“Y-Yes, yes. Because we’re going with Miri to the kingdom of Albania.”

“You’re taking me on a trip? Thank you. Ermhardt-sama is a very kind and nice person.”

“Very kind…? Oh, really? You’re wonderful too, Miri-san.”

In three days, Miri will be a full-fledged lady!

I was going to discipline her by beating her, not even feeding her!

You can’t lose! I’m a hard man!

I’m not like “him”!

She’s just a very pretty and beautiful woman… but what does that matter?

If I can’t discipline her strictly here, I’m finished.

That’s why I—.

“Hey, Elmhardt-sama, why don’t you walk with Miri?”

“Yes! I’m coming!”

“I’ve got to find a new job…. Ermhardt-sama has the same face as Leanhardt-sama…”

(Translator: Potato-tan: The “Curse of Miri” (lol)

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  1. kirindas Avatar

    Wow. They’re really brothers. They fell so easily.
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  2. It runs in the family i guess🤣

  3. Fak. I was hoping he’d actually be able to succeed where others have failed. If I was the brother, in his situation I wouldn’t attend the wedding, I’d just keep her locked in a cage and prevent her from ever leaving the house. Plenty of men are happily married to trophy wives, with no problems. Just hire a butler to be in charge of the things a duchess would do normally (I.E. matters of the house) and avoid going out into the noble society. If you have kids, let them play with the mom in their spare time, but make sure they are 120% educated by actual professionals otherwise. Problems solved

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