My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 29

Chapter 29 (Leanhardt POV)│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com


You can’t be smarter than me and expect to be the heir to a duchy!

Father too!

It was just one mistake!

I’ll admit it was a bad move to fall for that idiot. That’s why I wanted to leave Miri for the future of the Duchy, because I knew it was wrong.

It was not my intention to offend His Highness.

If I had known that Miri was wrong, if I had known that Charlotte had correctly informed him, I would not have made that mistake.

The problem was that the information had not reached me properly.

So, simply put, it was a series of bad luck. I just drew a low probability, like one in a hundred or one in a thousand.

Elmhardt is not a duke. He’s the kind of man who makes mistakes that pale in comparison to this little one.

The proof is that he’s no better than I am.

—I’ll have to convince your father.

Yes, you’re right. If I really ask him to put me back as heir to the dukedom, I’m sure he’ll forgive me.

“Leanhardt-sama, the master wants to see you.”

And then my father called me.

Is this a chance?!

Maybe he thought he’d gone too far by declaring that I wouldn’t succeed him.

Yes. He must have! Because it’s definitely too much.

Yes! Did you see that?! Elmhardt!

You’ll remember that when I’m back as an heir!

I’ll repay you a thousandfold for the humiliation you’ve caused me!

…I went to my father’s study in high spirits.

“Father! You’ve forgiven me?! Thank you!”

I gave him a beautiful bow.

Well, that’s a good bow that shows off my humility.

Father is now smilin—.

“Huh? No! You thick b*stard. Be thankful I don’t disown you!”


My father yells at me in a loud voice.

What the hell… You’re not… Then don’t call me…

What the hell do you want? I don’t understand.

“Elmhardt wishes to take Miri Arzel, your still fiancée, to be his wife. I don’t appreciate the beating, but that girl… Is it true that she doesn’t even know that the King of Albania has a name?”

My father said that Ermhart wanted to marry that stupid girl.

Was Ermhart crazy enough to want Mirim as a wife?

Oh, come on, my brother. Are you out of your mind? She’s a stupid woman.

Of all the people, to choose Miri as his wife…

“Elmhardt for Miri? Hahaha, what’s he really saying? You’re right, Father, she’s—.”

No, wait.

What if Elmhardt brought Miri home as his fiancee and then, say, attended Charlotte and Alfred’s wedding and misbehaved?

He’d be chased out of the Duke’s house for sure…

Chance! A great opportunity has arrived!

This is my chance to take back my place from that as*hole of a brother!

“Well, she’s a bit of a know-nothing, but if she doesn’t fit in with me, maybe he will fit in with the hard-working Elmhardt. He likes to teach people.”


I wanted to push Ermhart to make such a stupid choice as taking Milim as a wife.

So I will tell my father that this is a good idea.

Be thankful, Elmhardt, that I am giving you what you want.

“It’s just that Miri is now… Miri is being sent to a monastery. As far as I’m concerned, if we’re thinking about the future of the Duke’s family, Miri’s sister Charlotte is getting married to His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of Albania, and I think Elmhardt should go with her to say hello…”

“Hmmm. Certainly, many of the families there are close friends of ours. If she doesn’t attend, there will be strange rumors, I suppose.”


At this rate, we’ll get Miri back from the monastery and send her to Charlotte’s wedding with Elmhardt.

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