My Ex-fiancee Has Had Enough of My Cute Little Sister – Chapter 1

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People who are blessed with good looks from birth have an easier life afterwards. I have learned this firsthand.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t on the fortunate side…

My parents said I was lucky to be as good as everyone else, but I had a complex about my looks—I had pale silver hair like the moon and amber eyes that were nothing like my parents’.

I was born the eldest daughter of a count family, and I was obliged to marry a gentleman of the best family background possible. My parents trained me to be a gifted student and to learn all kinds of things, from ancient and modern culture to the arts.

It was worth it. I’ve been blessed with a good match, and I’m engaged to be married to Leinhardt-sama, the legitimate son of a duke.

I congratulated myself that my efforts had finally paid off.

If you ask me, Leanhardt-sama was very pleased with my piano playing.

He also said that he enjoyed talking to me because I had a lot of topics to talk about.

I think this is all due to my parents’ education.

However, a marriage that had been going well suddenly took a sharp turn.

It all started when my sister, Milim, started crying when she first met Leanhardt-sama.

“Charlotte-onesama is cunning. You know how much Milim adores Leanhardt-sama, and yet she’s going to make a marriage proposal out of nowhere—”

She complained, her ruby eyes became moist, and her beautiful black hair trembled.

Apparently, Milim has been an admirer of Leanhardt-sama since she first saw his face at a social gathering and has secretly had feelings for him.

And, she said, she didn’t like the fact that I, who should have known about it, had proceeded with the marriage without telling her.

That’s not true. I’ve never heard a word of it, so it’s an accusation…

“I can’t do this anymore. Betrayed by my dear Onesama, I can’t even pass food down my throat. I’m going to lose weight and die…”

However, Mirim made up a story and claimed that she was sick and fell asleep.

My parents were so distressed by this that they asked me if I really had any idea what was going on.

Milim has always had a habit of crying and coveting whenever I get something new, but I never thought she would want a human being too.

“Milim, you’ll get a good match sooner or later. So this is not the place—”

“I don’t like it. I always believed my destiny was with Leanhardt-sama. I have no choice but to die…”

No matter how hard I try to convince her, she doesn’t accept my arguments.

No matter how selfish she was, I would never give up my fiancé, but when this story reached Leanhardt-sama, I went through hell.

“What?! Your sister, Mirim?! She’s as beautiful as a fairy. The girl who is reputed to be the most beautiful in the country is thinking about me… You said she was sick.”

When Leanhardt-sama came to my house, he demanded to see Mirim.

I thought he would convince Mirim. I think that’s why my parents allowed him to visit them.

But that was an oversight—.

“Charlotte, she’s as beautiful as an angel. I’m going to marry Mirim, who loves me so much.”

All that I had built up over the past ten years was destroyed by my sister’s looks.

My parents thought that my younger sister, Mirim, would be blessed with a good marriage because of her good character, so they did not put any effort into her education, and they were worried about her safety. As if to ridicule me for it, they denied all my efforts.

“Onesama, I’m going to be happy with Leanhardt-sama.”

When I saw the triumphant expression on Milim’s face, an inexplicable feeling of emptiness came over me.

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