My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 96

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗𝟔: 𝐀 𝐖𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 (2)

An egg-shaped flying object suddenly appeared. 

➖ You resemble us. You only lack faith because you are still ignorant.

They were beings who served an existence that could neither be proven nor conjectured.

Soon Nazar was face to face with their identity.

“The 3rd in command of the collective consciousness of the Chimeraz race. Goes by the name Nazar.”  

“I am a nameless Believer who serves the creator of this universe.”

The being that introduced itself as a ‘Believer’ clearly had a physical form. 

It was about the same size as Nazar. It had an egg shape made of a shiny white material that looked like a polymer, floating in the air in an anti-gravity state, emitting a voice that sounded like a mix of several human voices.

“What do you mean by serving the creator?”

“The creator I speak of is the being that designed and created everything in this universe in the beginning.”  

“A singular god?”

“We cannot know whether this being exists as one or as many.”

“Then is there a doctrine?”

“There are no religious rules. We have never heard the words this being has spoken. We cannot presume to fathom what this being wants or dislikes. We cannot even attempt to discern its intentions.”

“But why serve without reason or purpose?”

“Because that being is our creator. That’s all.”  

‘Have they lost their minds?’

Despite their astonishing technological capabilities, their way of thinking seemed delusional.   

“Don’t you serve the creator because serving earns you some kind of benefit?”

“What we can gain is faith of heart and deed.”

‘They are clearly mad.’

Nazar felt like heaving a sigh, if he could. But regardless, he guessed their technological capabilities must be quite advanced.  

“Do you have any other questions about us?”

For now, they seemed willing to answer questions.  

Nazar continued asking.  

“Is the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy your territory?”

“We were life forms born by chance or by the will of the creator in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy. And now we exist outside of organic structures, within vessels that contain our minds.”

“You said. . .Believer. So what is the scale of your Believer race?”

“We exist in every galaxy of the Local Group.”

What does that mean?

“I just learned today that there’s a race called Believer. The majority of races don’t know about you, who exist in every galaxy of the Local Group.”

“We protect and maintain the sanctuaries in the holy pits of each galaxy, so most of them can’t know of our existence.”

They’re a race that lives by entering black holes.

Today, black holes are dangerous celestial bodies on par with neutron stars. That’s why many ships and spaceships’ navigation systems automatically build a route to avoid the gravitational influence of black holes.

The implication is that unless it’s a race that approaches black holes for research purposes or accidentally and throws something inside, there’s no way to know of their existence.

Then why on earth.

“Why do you insist on living only in black holes?”

“Everything in the universe will eventually perish. Emptiness will occupy most of the universe’s history, and there will come a time when even time is meaningless. The end of the world designed by the Creator since the beginning of time is unavoidable, so it’s wise to humbly accept that future.”

Believer continued.

“At the moment when the end of all life comes, the last survivors will come to the holy pits to extend their lives. In preparation for that time, we Believers must drive out the mortals, protect the holy pits so that they can fulfill their mission. That is the significance of the existence of the holy pits designed by the Creator.”

‘Just a moment ago, they said that they couldn’t understand the Creator’s intention at all. . . .’

Nazar understood Believer’s words for now.

They’re talking about the universe’s worldview that is so far in the future. It’s a story set in a future so distant that preparing for it now is incomprehensible.

That is, long after the shape of the galaxy has changed, it’s a moment when all stars have reached the end of their lives due to entropy. So how far into the future are they talking about?

‘First of all, they only have territory inside black holes, in all the galaxies of the Local Group.’

Nazar focused on Believer’s technology.

‘If they’re a race that’s so widely dispersed, they must have some means of communicating with each other.’

They must have very advanced means of communication. They interpreted and imitated even the Chimeraz’s waves.

“You Believers seem to have to share information sometimes to protect the holy pits. . . . When you do, what means do you use to share information?”

“We use the Creator’s breath.”

“What do you mean?”

“The holy pits exhale the Creator’s breath. With that, we Believers can exchange simple signals almost in real time regardless of distance.”

“. . . For example?”

“The Believer in the sanctuary of the Large Magellanic Cloud told us. They said that right now, after a fierce battle between powerful forces, the other galaxy seems to be in a lull.”

They seemed to be talking about the Crolr, the Chimeraz, and the Vehlpciaarct.

If that’s true, it’s absolutely unacceptable. They’re saying they can know what’s happening in the Large Magellanic Cloud almost in real time here in the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.

“Is the principle of that kind of communication a type of advanced gravitational wave cabling?”

“Let’s say it’s a dimension. We connected the signal flow from each holy pit where the sanctuary is located like strings in higher dimensions.”

“Dark energy?”

“Many beings call the force they can’t understand dark energy or magic. If that’s how you understand the Creator’s breath, that’s fine.”

It doesn’t look like they’re going to explain the specific principles.

“There’s one more thing I’m curious about.”

“Tell me.”

“I want to know the principle that allows you to exist in a black hole without your form collapsing.”

“That’s a secret of the sanctuary. We can’t tell other races.”

“. . . .”

Anyway, they have a very desirable communication technology. They also seem to be handling a solid material that can maintain its form even inside a black hole.

‘Should I just absorb them by force?’

But he doesn’t know if he can understand that abstruse technology unless they tell him directly. And if he tries to subdue them by force, they’ll definitely have to enter that black hole and fight.

In such an environment, not even the Chimeraz, but any fleet would be able to withstand it. They’ll be swallowed up by the black hole before they even face their army. No, they’ll be torn to pieces at the atomic level before they’re even swallowed by the black hole.

‘. . . Let’s just get one. It’s greedy to aim for two things at once.’

Communication technology that all races have wanted since the dawn of the space age, but no race has been able to realize.

There’s also the fact that humans are strong because only a human’s dimensional passageway has realized a technology comparable to that.

However, these Believers have amazing communication technology that can control the Local Group, yet they’re unable to play an active role because they’re distributed over a very wide area and have an excessively isolationist civilization.

They have higher-dimensional technology, but their consciousness doesn’t seem to be higher-dimensional.

In that case, I can use them.

‘I have to find out and make it ours.’

They highly valued curiosity. So Nazar spoke of what he wanted with sincere curiosity.

“I want to introduce your communication technology to our race.”


“Why do you think it’s impossible?”

“You need more than one holy pit to use the Creator’s breath. But the holy pits are sanctuaries. No other race can touch them.”

“I just want to realize the principle in a similar way. Our technology can’t even touch a black hole anyway.”

Believer suddenly stood up and approached Nazar.

“If we tell you about it, what can you give us?”

Now Nazar’s brain was spinning very fast. He considered the characteristics, personality, beliefs, situation, needs, and unnecessary things of The Believer race one by one, and filtered out the things that could benefit them from their perspective.

After organizing his thoughts in a short moment, Nazar replied.

“There seems to be a race in this galaxy that’s constantly tampering with black holes.”

That’s based on what Believer said earlier.

➖Until now, there have been many rude guys who sent machines to the holy pits out of curiosity.

‘Rude’ guys who send ‘machines’.

That must have been referring to the machine race among the three races in the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.

“Tell me if you have any problems.”

Believer realized what Nazar was trying to say.

It was the machine race.

“The Chimeraz. . . . Can you take care of those troublesome guys?”

“If necessary, I can even cleanse this galaxy. No one will be able to touch your ‘holy pits’.”

“How strong are you?”

“Strong enough to face humans. I’ll surpass humans someday.”

“That’s interesting.”

“We’re distributed in the Human Galaxy and the Large Magellanic Cloud. You know that there was a huge war in the Human Galaxy and the Large Magellanic Cloud recently, and now it’s in a lull.”


“The Chimeraz were the main force in the war that took place in the two galaxies. After our ruler saw much gain, he decided on a ceasefire, and now he’s working to expand his influence throughout the Local Group. And I’m looking into the galaxies of the Local Group one by one as part of my activities to expand my influence.”

“There are machine guys I want to get rid of. But can you really do it? With organic bodies, against those machines. . . .”

“To say it again, I’m the collective consciousness rank ‘3rd’. Nazar.”

3rd in rank, even among the Chimeraz race that’s so strong.

“My legion doesn’t have many opportunities to go into battle, but there are frequent times when we have to go into battle. Every time that happens, there’s an instinct that I always instill in the children of my collective consciousness.”

“What instinct?”

“When a leader as high-ranking as 3rd orders something to be annihilated, it must be done.”

This time, Nazar approached Believer.

As he did so, his eyes gleamed purple with his optic fibers like optical fibers.

“The world I look into will soon perish.”

Believer couldn’t help but be convinced by that clear statement.


There are three races in the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.

Each of the three races, with very different characteristics, are engaged in a savage three-way battle to become the dominant race of the galaxy.

The three races are the machine race, the fungal race, and the mammalian race.

【I’m the new Deal Core of the Vehlpciaarct.】

【New Deal Core? . . . Did something happen to the Deal Core that visited us 343,080,100 seconds ago (10.8 years)?】

Teterek is a machine race that has chosen 100% mechanization.

The Teterek race, which used to be arthropods, resembles arthropods in that all members of the race, including ships, are metal-based machines.

And now, the Teterek race is facing the Deal Core fleet in the binary star system of their capital.

【The previous Deal Core was destroyed due to unavoidable combat.】

【Regrettable. We have been waiting for the Deal Core to return since our first encounter.】

The Vehlpciaarct and Teterek.

Their conversation is made possible by radio communication in written human characters.

【An emerging race called the Chimeraz is aggressively expanding their forces in the Local Group. Are you aware?】

【We do not have access to the diplomatic information network of the Local Group, so we do not know. We are currently prioritizing combat in the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.】

As expected, Teterek is a machine race. They don’t need a conversation to form friendly relations before getting to the main point.

The Deal Core, who knew that well, got to the point.

【We, the Vehlpciaarct, have made sufficient efforts in technology and military for a long time. However, the Chimeraz, a new threat, is showing exponential growth in technology, military, and diplomacy. Accordingly, we, the Vehlpciaarct, have decided to open up to diplomacy in order to prepare for the threat of the Chimeraz.】

And they said that the Chimeraz had formed an alliance with Ririm.

The ripple effect of the alliance between the two races was too complex to calculate, even with the Vehlpciaarct’s superior mathematics.

So from the Vehlpciaarct’s perspective, it’s complacent to just look at humans in this situation.

【Is the war with the Chimeraz ongoing?】

【We decided on a ceasefire according to the will of humans. So now, each race is competing while watching the movements of the enemy race.】

【Can it be defined as a cold war, or something similar?】


【The existence of reliable allies is of great importance. However, the Vehlpciaarct only communicated with humans through closed diplomacy. That is inefficient.】

【Yes. We admit that we foolishly chose inefficiency.】

【Also, Teterek couldn’t find a trustworthy race other than the Vehlpciaarct. That’s why we were hoping that the Deal Core that visited 343,091,100 seconds ago would return soon. Because we wanted to cooperate more with the Vehlpciaarct.】

【We apologize for taking long to come back.】

For now, the Deal Core apologized. Of course, the concept of ‘resentment’ itself doesn’t exist for the Teterek race.

So Teterek didn’t care at all that the Vehlpciaarct was only reaching out to them now out of their own need.

【The Vehlpciaarct and Teterek have structural similarities in their groups and members. They are intelligent forces that have become 100% inorganic after choosing to transcend machines. And since they are based on artificial intelligence but have informatized consciousness, they are not central control either. The Vehlpciaarct is led by the Lead Core with a Core-centered control method, while Teterek is led by the Center Object with a drone and object method.】

【Yes. That’s why we, the Vehlpciaarct, agree that the structural similarities of both sides can have credibility, and that we can cooperate on the basis of basic trust.】

【If you decided on that direction of intent even now, that’s fortunate. We welcome it.】

【Thank you.】

【Our relationship score with the Vehlpciaarct has improved. We also hope to update the relationship score to a higher one than the current relationship score. Therefore, this is a turning point to establish the first cooperation process.】


【Based on the current positional conditions, it is rational for the Vehlpciaarct to help us. Then we can help the Vehlpciaarct. And then the Vehlpciaarct can help us again. The relationship score will be able to be updated positively.】

【We have a plan.】

【What is it?】

【We, the Vehlpciaarct, hope that the Teterek race will become the dominant race of the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.】

【We, Teterek, also want that. The other two races in the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy are primitive, barbaric, aggressive, and uncivilized.】

【It seems that you have invested a lot of time and effort in purging the fungal race and the mammalian race.】

【Yes. We have been carrying out a series of long-term processes to purge the other two races.】

【It seems that you are going through a difficult process.】

【We are more superior in technology, but the achievement of our goal is delayed due to complex factors including military power.】

【We will help you militarily so that Teterek can become the dominant race of this galaxy. Then, participate in the diplomacy of the Local Group and become a strong ally of the Vehlpciaarct.】

【Perfect. We have anticipated this situation since the moment we first met the Deal Core. The Vehlpciaarct and Teterek were bound to end up like this.】

【Then, will you accept my proposal?】

【We accept all the preconditions and the process of cooperation proposed by the Deal Core without exception. Can we proceed immediately?】

【The Vehlpciaarct fleet can change its role to an armed fleet at any time.】

【The fungal race and the mammalian race. I recommend the mammalian race as the first target to purge.】

【Why do you prioritize the mammalian race over the fungal race? After all, both races are just organisms made up of cells.】

【The fungal race must be overwhelmed with firepower.】


【Their vitality is abnormal. Therefore, we need more preparation against the fungal race. Let’s start with the mammalian race, which is relatively easy to purge, in our alliance.】

【I see. Then, I would like you to give us some resources to increase the size of our fleet.】

【We will provide them. We will also send messenger ships to each star system to assemble the fleet. What do you think?】


Just as humans once did to the Vehlpciaarct, the Vehlpciaarct reached out to Teterek.

The goal is to make Teterek the dominant race of the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.

And to grow Teterek into a full-fledged ally.

【Finally, the time has come to determine the dominant race of this galaxy.】

To do that, we must purge the primitive organic groups in this galaxy.

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