My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 94

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗𝟒: 𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐍𝐨𝐰 𝐎𝐧, 𝐖𝐞 𝐀𝐫𝐞 𝐎𝐮𝐭𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐨 (5)

Through the Mind Repeaters and Mind Advocates, colonies and wave networks were established around each star. 

Gorgo, who had inflated its shell structure to the maximum, collapsed it and returned to the size of an ordinary celestial body.

Gorgo, which has two satellites, accelerated with tremendous energy towards the Large Magellanic Cloud as its destination. Anima shared all the information of the collective consciousness with Kreion and left the Milky Way with Gorgo.

Meanwhile, Kreion, who returned to the throne of the main colony, summoned a leader.

Tap. . . tap tap tap. . .

It lacks the “symmetry” that most living things basically show in their form. It moves around, sometimes dragging, with legs and tentacles of various shapes that touch the ground. 

It seems to have severely keratinized, sunken heads that it holds out in four directions, with four versatile tentacles fluttering behind such heads.


Gorrm, 18th in the hierarchy of the collective consciousness.

Before the ceasefire, he was a leader who freely deployed his colony zone and mainly attacked human corporations.

“I chose you as the most free leader at the moment.” 

➖It’s an honor. . .!

Gorrm seemed to be deeply moved that he was with Kreion and Ludwig.

“First of all, calm down a bit.”

Gorrm stretched out the tentacles randomly attached to his body here and there, then minimized that movement. And he chose one of his legs and turned it into an organ that could utter sounds.

“I’m sorry. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the master in person since I was created. . . I committed a faux pas.”

“It’s fine if you’ve calmed down. It’s nice to see you again after a long time.”

“I’m always grateful for the master’s infinite love.” 

“Yes. . . .So what are you doing now?”

“Human corporations were my enemies, but a ceasefire has been declared this time. So now, expanding and managing my colony zone is all I do.”

In other words, what Gorrm is doing now is just taking care of his own colony zone.

After confirming this fact, Kreion winked at Ludwig.

“Gorgo’s Star is the tremendous firepower of our race. . . But the energy and resources it consumes are enormously large to the point of being impossible to reproduce. . .”


“Massive objects like Gorgo’s Star are powerful, but we want to avoid having too many of them. . . . So it’s inefficient and wasteful to operate every colony like Gorgo’s Star. . . . That’s why the Master decided to keep the existing planetary and satellite colony style and create separate massive objects that we can operate as trump cards like a human Planet Weapon. . . .”

“It seems that in order to operate a massive object like Gorgo’s Star we’ll need special management.”

“From now on we’ll define them as bio-planets.”

If humans have artificial planets, then these are bio-planets.

“Gorrm. Aside from Berne and the mass-produced leaders under Berne. . . . You have the greatest leadership power among those ranked 17th and below. And you have considerable territory.”

“Yes, I currently rule 13 colonies in 3 star systems.”

“Then you’re the right person for this job.”

Gorrm nodded deeply, his twisted head hanging down.

“Just give the order.”

“We will create numerous uninhabited bio-planets about the size of satellites and put them into operation. Humans have so much territory that there are many celestial bodies without owners and with unclear territorial rights. Therefore, there will still be celestial bodies that can be used as resources for bio-planets even after several centuries.”

That’s how Gorrm decided to create more bio-planets for The Chimeraz.

Humans have Planet Weapons like Babylonia and other threatening artificial planets. So, The Chimeraz also needs super long-range interstellar attack weapons like Planet Weapons, and it was decided to convert some bio-planets into Planet Weapons to be used as materials for such weapons.

➖According to the blueprints of the Babylonia Planet Weapon, it worked by sending out antimatter pulses carried by gravity wave cables. . . .

➖We need a huge amount of antimatter for the experiment. . . . But it’s nearly impossible to obtain natural antimatter in the universe. . . .

‘Refer to the particle accelerator system of Lemegeton and build an antimatter production structure in a colony on the ground. It won’t be difficult since it’s not much different from the Organic Accelerator Cannon.’

Then, a Chimeraz structure was formed, looking like a very long centipede curled up.

It was an ultra-advanced bio-accelerator with a completely sealed interior and exterior made of a new material created by the Hyraguroa species.

Gnox, who had been managing the structure with the Hydra group nearby, was sweating profusely, then suddenly cheered.

“Ha! Hahaha. . . !”

Squeak! Squeak!

The Hydra group, sharing Gnox’s excitement, seemed to exhale with joy, shaking their many heads from side to side.

“Jiannettera! Hurry up and take that out!”

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The large Jiannettera took something out of the centipede-like snout of the bio-accelerator.

It was a very hot, black mineral. It was a large, donut-shaped object 8 meters in diameter.

Jiannettera held it up high with both hands so that the group gathered around could see it well. At that moment, a red dwarf star from the red sky seemed to fit perfectly inside the large donut-shaped hole.


The unarmed Elite with very large brains also raised their hands high, following Jiannettera’s pose.

Everyone cheered at the sight.

➖Antimatter production. . . . Successful. . . .


➖Now that we have a source of antimatter, all we need is a power source and mass equivalent to a bio-planet. . . . We can start the first experiment. . . .

Since the other side has powerful weapons, they also need powerful weapons. And when the other side knows that they have powerful weapons, they will also develop more powerful weapons. Then, they will continue to grow stronger so as not to be defeated by the other side.

The army grows, weapons evolve, and technology advances. That’s how the fierce competition takes place in various fields.

➖Super long-range interstellar attack weapons. . . . We can make them too. . . .

That was the advantage and danger of the Cold War.


Large Magellanic Cloud.

The Land of Aboriginal.

Green plants grow abundantly on the ruins of the extinct civilization. High mechanical buildings and roads are covered with vines and leaves, making it seem like thousands of years have passed, but in fact, this is Ririm rebuilding its capital planet, which was taken over by The Crolr just a month ago.

Primitive wild animals run around, drinking water from puddles and eating berries. The clear water in the puddles is full of insect larvae, which are hunted by small fish.

Ririm’s civilization looks like a natural ecosystem, nature itself.

A huge shadow of a group of living creatures fell over the blue sky. They lowered Organic Pipes like orbital elevators to the ground.

Rumble. . . .

The native creatures growled at the strange army that appeared in front of them, but soon recognized them as a natural disaster and ran away in a row.

Inside a building covered with plants.

Anima sits on a living wooden chair. Behind her are the Elite guards and Gorgo.

And an Elite with a human mouth, who is putting his hand inside the plant mass on the table, spoke.

“We are classified as Ririm transmitters. But Ririm is one for all and all for one. It’s a plant mass, so there’s no concept of a leader. The will of the members is the will of the entire Ririm.”

“So, it’s okay to decide many things here with the transmitter?”

“Correct. We and The Chimeraz have been trading many planets. We have a fair trading ratio: when we terraform two planets, The Chimeraz takes one planet, and when we terraform two star systems, The Chimeraz takes one star system. The complementary interaction between us and The Chimeraz can be evaluated as a very high constructive gain. No one can deny this fact.”

“I think so too. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to reduce the effort of terraforming considerably. It takes too long for a colony to grow when you start a colony on a barren planet without nutrients, but it’s been a lot easier since Ririm made the environment fertile in advance.”

“There are many good things about The Chimeraz. It’s reassuring to have The Chimeraz ships covering our capital’s orbit. By the way, I’m curious, where is Gorgo’s Star that defeated The Crolr?”

“I’ve put it far away. If the gravity is too strong and it enters the star system too deeply, the orbital path will be disturbed. Oh, this guy is Gorgo.”


“He’s the leader who handles Gorgo’s Star.”

Gorgo slightly bowed his head to the Ririm transmitter as a greeting.

“Confirmed. Gorgo is a wonderful creation. A creature that is the ultimate form of animal evolution. I look forward to seeing many more great performances from Gorgo in the future. I’m counting on you.”

Ririm has returned to the Large Magellanic Cloud, reclaimed its capital planet, and is rebuilding its homeland.

Thanks to this, Ririm is currently very friendly to The Chimeraz.

“Gorgo. You guys go out for a while and visit the city. . . . Is that okay?”

“Of course, I allow it. Various ecosystems coexist in our city. If The Chimeraz is also utilizing the random and selective evolution of ecosystems, there will be many things to learn from the Land of Aboriginal.”

Anima didn’t say that herself. That was exactly why she wanted Gorgo to see Ririm’s city.

However, the Ririm transmitter took the initiative to say that visiting the city could benefit The Chimeraz and expressed a willingness to let them visit.

Is it a gesture of goodwill because they know our intentions?

“Thank you.”

“If The Chimeraz gets stronger, that’s good for us too. Our biological affinity allows for a close symbiosis. The Chimeraz and Ririm will work together harmoniously.”

Anima smiled openly, and Gorgo and the Elite group went outside the building.

“We used metal and mechanical ships as our means of space transportation. However, metal and mechanical ships are difficult to handle, and from the perspective of our species, they require complicated maintenance.”

“Oh, you mentioned it before, right? That you want to buy a lot of The Chimeraz’s symbiotic ships. . . .”

“Since ancient times, wise plants have dramatically expanded their range of activities by borrowing the power of animals. Therefore, The Chimeraz, made of bones, muscles, flesh, and internal organs, is a very convenient mobile body for us to use. It almost never needs maintenance because it repairs itself. And since it’s a living creature, it can also be strengthened independently if necessary with Ririm’s power.”

“For now, we can trade Lemegeton and Asotus with you. If you remove their self-awareness and cut off their waves, they won’t be The Chimeraz anymore. They will just be moving vehicles that can move according to Ririm’s hormone control while being alive.”

“Thank you for the very positive proposal. In return for that trade, is there anything that The Chimeraz wants?”

Anima had known that Ririm had its eyes on The Chimeraz ships before she came to the Land of Aboriginal. So, she had thought in advance about obtaining The Chimeraz ships as a trade.

Something that can only be obtained from Ririm, a modest request, but its importance can never be ignored.

That is information.

“Ririm is widely spread in the Local Group of Galaxies. Species other than Ririm know that Ririm is spread even more widely than it appears.”

“I don’t deny that our consciousness is spread widely in the Local Group of Galaxies. However, I’m very sorry, but I can’t tell you the principle or location of it.”

“Even I think it’s too much to ask for that. How can I dare ask for Ririm’s survival secrets?”

“Then what?”

“Ririm’s vast network of information. Information about events related to The Chimeraz or that can affect The Chimeraz in any way. I hope you can provide us with such information on an ongoing basis.”

“I understand. We will send that information through the Mind Repeater deployed in the orbit of the Land of Aboriginal. Instead, if that information provision is ‘continuous,’ I think it’s fair that you also provide us with The Chimeraz ships ‘continuously.’ This is not a one-time trade, but a kind of agreement.”

It was a very satisfactory deal, but Anima deliberately showed an expression as if she were thinking for a moment.

There was one more thing she wanted.

“In addition to that, I’d like to access Ririm’s information network when necessary and find out what I want to know.”

“Access to the information network? The word ‘access’ is ambiguous. I’d like you to give me a specific example.”

“For example. . . . If we want to know which species is on which star, or where a certain species’ fleet is moving, we want to be able to ask Ririm’s information network about these things and get an answer. Like an internet search.”

“Continuous and automatic provision of information, and when The Chimeraz asks, the information network filters the information and provides an answer. You want both of these things?”

“Yes. Is it possible?”

“In that case, I think it’s a bit insufficient to provide The Chimeraz ships continuously. We need one more deal that matches the agreement of questions and answers with Ririm’s information network.”

“Hmm. . . . Then, is there anything else you want besides the ships?”

The Ririm transmitter seemed to be thinking and was silent for a few seconds.

“. . . Kemet Agele Kreion. When will he arrive at the Land of Aboriginal?”

“Just a moment.”

‘Gorgo. Connect me to the giant Mind Repeater on your star.’


At that moment, the minds of countless armies poured into Anima’s head. And among the countless minds, there was one very strong wave that continued in a single line.

‘Kreion. I feel your waves. Where are you now?’

➖I can see your star. It looks like it will take about two more hours to reach the Land of Aboriginal.

➖Is there anything special?

‘I think Ririm wants to see you.’

➖How are we talking when I haven’t arrived yet?

‘An Elite put his hand in the plant mass and spoke on behalf of Ririm. Ririm can hear our voices, and we can understand Ririm’s hormones.’

➖I guess I don’t need a translator when talking to Ririm.

‘Yeah. I totally understand what symbiotic affinity means in many ways.’

➖I’m a little late because there’s a lot going on in the Human Galaxy. Tell her I’m sorry.

‘I got it. I’ll be waiting.’

“He says it’ll take about two hours. Since we recently declared a truce, we’ve been very busy with things related to species reinforcement. Please understand that we are coming as quickly as possible.”

“We appreciate your consideration of coming to the Large Magellanic Cloud in person despite your busy schedule. No matter how long it takes, we will wait. This is a very short moment, less than an instant.”

“Haha. By the way, do you have anything you want to tell Kreion other than me?”

“. . . .”

In this dangerous and vast world, it is very difficult to find a friend. That’s why when species who can become friends meet each other with miraculous probability, there is something that the two species can instinctively feel when they see each other.

That’s why Anima had been thinking ever since she first met Ririm.

I knew it would end up like this.

“We would like to form a formal alliance with the Chimeraz.”

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