My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 92

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗𝟐: 𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐍𝐨𝐰 𝐎𝐧, 𝐖𝐞 𝐀𝐫𝐞 𝐎𝐮𝐭𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐨 (3)

A vacant room in a colony.

Kreion and Anima stand facing each other across a long table made of a dark mineral.

Living weapons are placed on the table.

“On my end, I’ve gotten all the technology from the Crolr and made a Levitation Weapon and Symbiotic Weapon.”

“The Symbiotic Weapon you brought is more powerful than the Symbiotic Weapon our Jiannettera is developing.”

“The Crolr are all about firepower. But instead, the weight of the Levitation Weapon increases to accommodate that firepower. In contrast, Jiannettera seems to make Levitation Weapons better.”

Kreion touches the Symbiotic Weapon made by Gorgo.

“If we develop new materials using the technology of the Hyraguroa species, we can reduce the weight of the Levitation Weapon.”

“The queen of that group told us everything kindly, but it’s not easy. It took thousands of trial and error just to make one simple new material.”

“I see.”

Kreion and Anima know everything about each other.

“However, Gnox can reduce trial and error to a few hundred.”

“That’s great. . . . But what’s the difference between Gnox and Gorgo?”

Why can Gnox do it, but Gorgo can’t?

“I think it’s a difference in understanding of creativity that they’re inherently born with. Each has their strengths and weaknesses.”

Gorgo can’t do what Gnox does, and Gnox can’t do what Gorgo does. That’s true for all individuals.

“It’s individuality.”

“That individuality is the ability each one has. Those things come together to make our race strong.”

That’s the main reason Kreion creates various leaders. If all leaders think the same and pursue the same thing in the same way, the Chimeraz territory will expand more rapidly and their numbers will increase tremendously. That’s because the benefits of unity will be maximized.

However, if that happens, the Chimeraz will become a very simple species by sticking to the same method, and they will eventually become rigid.

“After the talks are over, I’ll have to create more leaders when I return to the Large Magellanic Cloud.”

As Anima says this, she picks up one of the Symbiotic Weapons on the table.

Creak. . .

It looks like a gun barrel with a hole like a muzzle, a tentacle connected to the short barrel, and an organ like a heart. It looks like it’s been dissected and removed from a living creature.

“This seems to be the most stable. Does it shoot physical bullets?”

“It shoots infected bullets.”

“Will the user of this weapon be okay? Infection requires psychic power.”

“A very simple brain is built into the heart of that weapon. When an infected bullet hits a target, the brain of the weapon controls the infection.”

“Is that possible with a simple brain?”

“It is possible. But it doesn’t have the same power as the Shockphonia. It would be effective only in destroying the area around the part that was hit, as it digs into the target.”

“Then it won’t have a huge genetic blueprint like Shockphonia, will it?”

“That’s right. It’s a very simple Symbiotic Weapon that can exert maximum power with a simple design.”

Anima turned the Symbiotic Weapon around on the table.

“Let’s make this the standard model for the Symbiotic Weapon.”

“Isn’t there a Symbiotic Weapon that better suits the conditions?”

“Not for me.”

“Then let’s go with this.”

“What about the standard for the Levitation Weapon?”

“The Levitation Weapon has much greater expandability and diversity than the Symbiotic Weapon. Rather than setting a standard, it might be better to leave it up to the collective consciousness of each individual. For now.”

The decisions were transmitted to all individuals under the collective consciousness of Kreion and Anima.

From now on, existing Chimeraz individuals will be able to use the Symbiotic Weapon depending on their needs and perform beyond their unique abilities.

For example, if Hounz uses a Symbiotic Weapon, it will become a highly mobile, small, multi-sided tank, and if Kabana equips a Symbiotic Weapon, it will become a heavily armed main battle tank with plasma cannons.

In addition, among the aircraft, those with simple genes, such as Asotus, can use more complex Symbiotic Weapons. Asotus, which used to be a high-speed transport ship, will be able to take on a role similar to that of a Chimeraz attack helicopter.

And the Elite, who share the group’s consciousness, and the Mindrocker, who has sole control of the legion, will now be able to possess the Levitation Weapon, which consumes a lot of psychic power to operate.

The majority of Levitation Weapons have become ranged energy attack weapons. And some Levitation Weapons have evolved into missile-like shapes that can fly like arrows, while others have become smoke bombs that can burst bio-barriers.

Jiannettera was delighted, and Gnox shut himself up in his room and was motivated.

As a result, the Chimeraz, from the lower-level individuals to the complex individuals, became stronger as a whole as they armed themselves with Symbiotic Weapons and Levitation Weapons.


February 1, 11:32 AM.

The host on the monitor asks.

“So, as a Chimeraz military advisor, do you think it would be better to have the Chimeraz as allies rather than enemies?”

“Yes. It’s right to consider the relationship between the Chimeraz and humanity rationally, aside from various emotional issues. Today, when encounters with various species are frequent, there is nothing good that can come from fighting a relatively strong species for the sake of the constructive future of both species.”

The Chimeraz military advisor continued to argue.

“Apoptology, Nemea, Babylonia, Hecartra. And companies that have advanced into the megaverse have had serious conflicts with the Chimeraz. I can tell you that the relationship between humanity and the Chimeraz is not good because of that past.”

“Indeed, they are actually at war.”

“Yes. But let’s think back to the time of Nemea. At that time, the Chimeraz ruler Kemet Agele Kreion showed his willingness to, at the very least, have a dialogue through a broadcast. Of course, we declared war on the Chimeraz based on the UNF’s Special Mutual Defense Treaty, but if we hadn’t declared war at the time, it’s entirely possible that humanity and the Chimeraz would have had friendly relations by now.”

“At that time, the Chimeraz did not attack civilians or civilian facilities in Nemea. It seemed that they were aware of the concept of war crimes and a minimum of propriety. However, according to several companies’ subsequent reports, the situation has escalated to the point where they are attacking civilians.”

“The relationship has worsened. The Chimeraz’s invasion of Nemea and its unilateral occupation of a country are certainly deserving of criticism, but it is no exaggeration to say that the fundamental reason why the Chimeraz have come to commit more ‘evil’ acts than at that time is the UNF’s declaration of war.”

“In short, humanity and the Chimeraz are responsible for each other?”


“Yes. . . . In this situation, the Crolr invaded the solar system and Defaulstellay, and humanity was plunged into a crisis after 20 years. At that time, there was a hidden Darwin Foundation facility in Defaulstellay, and it is said that a leader named ‘Nazar’ existed in that facility. Nazar is said to have contacted Defaulstellay’s President Sheamus Pollan and formed a joint military force.”

“Thanks to that, Defaulstellay was able to minimize damage against the Crolr’s conquering army. And the incident in which Defaulstellay and the Chimeraz joined forces to defeat the Crolr can be interpreted in many ways.”

“Around the same time, the Crolr of the Large Magellanic Cloud declared their surrender after the war with the Chimeraz. What do you think was the motive behind the Chimeraz attacking the Crolr while they were at war with humanity?”

“I think it was a conflict that arose during the Chimeraz’s territorial expansion. As you viewers know, for the Crolr, a conflict is just like a war, isn’t it?”

“Meanwhile, the Vehlpciaarct’s Force Core announced to the UNF that it had collided with the Chimeraz in the Large Magellanic Cloud. There are many who argue that the incidents in the Large Magellanic Cloud are linked by a single species called the Chimeraz.”

“Yes. The military advisors here are also speculating that way. And this is a very complicated situation. That’s because, as you said, humanity, the Chimeraz, the Crolr, and even the Vehlpciaarct are involved in this war. Therefore, it is urgent for the leaders of each race to come to an agreement.”

“The UNF’s official artificial intelligence enforcer, Hyper Mind, has released a schedule for the four-race talks to proceed as planned today. As the world’s attention is focused on the four-race talks, the conclusion there will be lost in a labyrinth. . .”


February 1, 2021, 1:00 PM. Solar System.

The Vehlpciaarct ships, which look like mechanical sea urchins, and the Defaulstellay ships are anchored in Mars orbit.

Following them, Fractal, with a width of 46 km, arrived and anchored in Mars orbit.

About 20 minutes after that, the Crolr’s fleet of sovereigns anchored in Mars orbit.

February 1, 2021, 2:14 PM.

Mars Olympus UN, Solar System. Directorm area of Office District 1.

The President’s limousine and motorcade are driving on the road without wheels, using anti-gravity.

➖The Defaulstellay President, the Martian Planetary President, the Vehlpciaarct Lead Core, and the Crolr Sovereign are waiting in Directorm.

Directorm is the official residence of the Martian Planetary President.

Currently, Earth, which has lost the moon and become a sea of fire, is the spiritual capital of humanity, while Mars is the planet that has become the formal capital of present-day humanity.

Therefore, although President Pollan of Defaulstellay represents the UNF, the Martian Planetary President, who is the representative of the Solar System Union, has a lot of decision-making power in the UNF.

In the meantime, the real power belongs to Administrator Lopez of Drake.

Pollan was the mastermind behind the collaboration with the Chimeraz in Defaulstellay and attended as a representative of the UNF, while the Martian Planetary President attended as a representative of the Solar System Union.

Lopez will attend as the leader who first signed a temporary truce with the Chimeraz in Drake.

On the Crolr side, Sovereign Carrd will attend as the leader of the species, and it is said that the Crolr, a warrior class entrusted with the position of the Crolr’s conquering army, will attend together.

The Vehlpciaarct Lead Core is the core that is the leader of the species, but on their side, they decided that the Lead Core would participate alone due to the nature of the species’ decision-making.

Lastly, Kreion, the first ruler of the Chimeraz, Anima, the second ruler, and Gorgo, who followed Anima and fought the war against the Vehlpciaarct and the Crolr, will attend.

Those are the attendees of the four-race talks that will soon take place.

In the moving limousine, on the opposite side of Lopez, Pollan was called as a hologram and was in conversation.

“I’m getting old, so I have to quit this job. It’s embarrassing to keep getting reelected. Haha.”

“The people still support President Pollan, don’t they?”

The two of them have deep connections in the Elder’s Council.

Lopez succeeded the Alpha position in the Elder’s Council, and Pollan is the second most powerful person in the Elder’s Council, loyal to him.

“The people support me, but I wonder what Administrator Lopez thinks personally.”

“I wish you would continue. It would be a little difficult if someone else took the position of Defaulstellay President, who is the best in military power.”

“Haha. But wasn’t the title of best in military power broken by Administrator Lopez’s Phase Assault Troops?”

“People will decide whether that title is broken or not.”

“I think the people and the Elder’s Council will decide.”

That is also true.

“. . . By the way, seeing Administrator Lopez look so busy reminds me of the previous Alpha-nim.”

“Yes. The previous Alpha-nim didn’t often show his face in the Elder’s Council. He had a lot of work in the galaxy at that time.”

“Is the main reason why Administrator Lopez is busy also related to the galaxy?”

“It’s similar.”

“It is said that the previous Alpha-nim handled all the intelligent alien life groups in our galaxy. . . . May I ask what Administrator Lopez’s work is?”

“The galaxy isn’t the only one we have.”

“Oh. . . .”

Pollan was convinced at once.

“You must have a lot of difficulties for humanity.”

At that, Lopez looked out into the distance in the limousine.

Pollan, who had the chance to talk to Lopez alone for the first time in a long while, hesitated and asked.

“Is the previous Alpha-nim. . . . completely gone?”

“He transcended and disappeared. But his beliefs and will were left to me.”

“Then Administrator Lopez has become something like a messenger of God.”

“That’s an exaggeration. Haha.”

Pollan didn’t ask for more details when Lopez laughed it off like that.

“Let’s talk about the race talks. You’re in a difficult position right now, President Pollan?”

“. . . Yes. I have to take responsibility for forming an allied force with the Chimeraz, a hostile species, and explain it. But to explain this, I think I’ll have to connect with the Darwin Foundation, and then I’ll have no choice but to borrow Darwin’s mouth.”

Francis Darwin was confirmed as the mastermind behind the creation of the Chimeraz. That’s why he is still hiding from the international community.

“And I’m being criticized a lot for cooperating militarily with the Chimeraz without consulting the UNF. Of course, there are more voices saying that the judgment was the best at the time, given the situation. . . . Still, the voice saying that the Chimeraz is unacceptable and that it’s wrong to borrow the power of a monster that threatens humanity to protect our country cannot be ignored.”

“The leader simply borrowed the power of a monster for the sake of the people and the country. It was a flexible and resourceful response. As a result, Defaulstellay’s Crolr was defeated, and many people were able to survive.”

“That’s true, but. . . .”

“I think President Pollan’s choice was the right one. You did a great job.”

“Thank you for your kind words. But if this goes wrong, I may have to step down from my position, regardless of public opinion.”

“. . . Is that why you were talking about quitting a while ago?”

Lopez didn’t look stern or threatening, and his voice was just as gentle as usual.

Nevertheless, Pollan, who had a wealth of experience as a politician and a member of the Elder’s Council, could tell instinctively.

The answer is set here.

“No. Haha. Anyway, I still think I have a lot to do. And as Administrator Lopez said, the people want me as a leader, so I can’t run away from the people’s demands in the form of taking responsibility.”


“Yes. Haha. . . .”

“It was a good decision to join forces with Nazar for the security and survival of Defaulstellay.”

Pollan expected what Lopez would say next, and

Lopez understood his intentions.

“It’ll be fine. Don’t worry, I’ll help you get through it. You’re a hero to the people of Defaulstellay, so don’t make a face like a sinner.”

Pollan gulped and replied.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for looking into it when I was having a hard time.”

“Tell Darwin-nim to stand in front of the camera when you explain. Darwin-nim can’t hide forever, can he?”

“I will do that.”

During that time, Transcendencer’s voice was heard in Lopez’s head.


At the same time, Pollan took out his ringing cell phone and turned on the screen with his brainwaves.

“. . . Administrator Lopez.”

➖An unidentified celestial body has been detected currently passing through the Oort Cloud and approaching the solar system at low speed.

“What is it?”

Pollan enlarged the screen in his cell phone into a hologram so that Lopez could see it clearly.

In the screen, reporters, announcers, hosts, and experts from various fields who were broadcasting live about the race talks were all looking terrified as they looked at the table or behind the camera.

People felt their hearts pounding. Those aboard spaceships couldn’t even cover the windows because their hands were shaking. Those in the planetary nations in orbit beyond Mars felt like they wanted to find a ceiling to hide under. The information received by the eyeballs was unrealistic, but the brain judged it to be real, and that sense of incongruity also approached as fear. It felt like their hearts were constricting.

Those who had seen it directly with the deep space telescope even vomited at the sight of an overwhelming presence approaching.

Then, what was entering the solar system was broadcast live on video.

Pollan opened his eyes wide as he looked at them in the video. Even he, who had once been an ally with the Chimeraz, couldn’t hide the tremor in his voice.

“That’s definitely the Chimeraz fleet. . . . That’s exactly how it looked. . . . But what is that strange planet behind this Chimeraz fleet. . . .”

At that moment, Lopez caught sight of an oppressive celestial body that stimulated humanity’s cosmic fear, simply by approaching.

He maintained his composure even after seeing it.

And he asked in his head.

‘Transcendencer. Is that by any chance that thing?’

➖It’s called Gorgo’s Star.

‘It’s much bigger than the Vehlpciaarct said.’

➖That’s right.

‘What? A planet made of gas, not a planet, is half the size of Jupiter? Is that scientifically possible?’

➖That’s why I told you before that it’s a variable mass.

‘Variable mass. . . . .’

February 1, 2621, 2:20 PM.

➖Kemet Agele Kreion and Anima Selas have informed the UNF that they have come for the four-race talks.

‘Gorgo’s Star is something they brought out on purpose to show off. They plan to take the lead in the race talks and create an atmosphere.’

It is clear that this star is not evil towards them, but its mere presence is already a threat.

➖The balance of power must not tip in favor of the Chimeraz. Humanity and the Chimeraz must maintain a horizontal balance by forming an equal balance of power.

‘I think I’m going crazy. Really. . . . ‘

➖There are 39 minutes left until the four-race talks.

The grand figure of Gorgo’s Star showing off and the countless Chimeraz fleets surrounding it.

They undoubtedly declared to the Local Group that a new era had begun.

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