My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 89

𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐫 (5)

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟗: 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐫 (5)

Time went by quickly.

In May of 2604, Lopez took control of the world stage as the Star Administrator of the Drake Star Nation in front of the international community.

Lopez also moved the Elder’s Council, helping its members grow. The members of the Elder’s Council, who received his help, naturally pledged allegiance to Lopez, just as they had to the previous Alpha.

The Overlecter, who was sent to the center of the galaxy, steadily reported the status of the Phase Assault Troops to Lopez through the Transcendencer, using the dark network at one-week intervals.

Ark, who was in charge of managing the dimensional passageway and carrying out the Chimeraz Project, also reported the status of the Darwin Foundation to Lopez steadily through the Transcendencer.

➖Ruler Subject has passed the coming-of-age ceremony simulation.

Theoretically, the scenario leading up to passing the coming-of-age ceremony has been perfected.

➖Director Darwin and Ark suggested that rather than actually creating 500 test subjects and raising them for 18 years, it would be more efficient and safer to form memories in a virtual world for 18 years and instill them.

“So the mother subject would give birth to the subjects with 18-year-old bodies?”

➖Yes, that’s right.

Brain uploading technology involves converting consciousness, awareness, and memories into information and transferring them into cyberspace.

The opposite of that is brain downloading technology.

With humanity’s current level of technology, brain uploading and brain downloading were dangerous technologies to realize. Even Lopez, who had transcended humanity’s technological capabilities, could not handle such technologies flawlessly.

➖The subjects will be born with no memories and will have memories formed over 18 years instilled in them.

“There’s no problem with that? It’s memories from a virtual world after all.”

➖Although it is a virtual world, the simulation will be carried out for 18 years, matching the actual flow of time. The only difference will be that the memories have been instilled. The results will be no different from if they were actually raised for 18 years.

That was how they intended to reduce the risk of brain downloading technology.

➖I also recommend this method, in that it can save costs and reduce risk.

“I just want Ruler Subject to be completed properly, and as long as the preliminary selection and coming-of-age ceremony, which will take place 18 years later, go smoothly, I’m fine with it.”

➖Then we will proceed as Director Darwin and Ark suggested.

Next, the Transcendencer reported on the second insurance policy.

➖The Vehlpciaarct species of the Sculptor Dwarf Constellation is undergoing a rapid transformation. They have come to practically worship Ark and have become a very friendly force to humans.

➖They contacted the diplomatic corps about 93 hours ago.

“The Vehlpciaarct didn’t tell the diplomatic corps anything strange, did they?”

➖Because my existence is a secret, I introduced myself to the Vehlpciaarct as ‘Ark’ from the beginning. So the Vehlpciaarct contacted the diplomatic corps and said that Ark had helped them.

The Transcendencer’s existence was a secret, but Ark’s existence was not.

So, in fact, the Transcendencer was the one who saved the Vehlpciaarct, but they believed that an AI named Ark was the one who saved their species.

“Then that’s fine. We gained a solid allied species.”

➖Actually, it’s not a real alliance.

➖And the Crolr of the Large Magellanic Cloud has launched a full-scale invasion of the Aooa of the Small Magellanic Cloud.

Lopez was worried about the Crolr.

The future that the Transcendencer had predicted included the extinction of humanity due to a threat from aliens, and looking at the various species operating in the Local Group of galaxies right now, it was clear that the Crolr was that alien threat.

“They always cause trouble.”

About 4 years ago, Lopez had sent Ark and a group of artificial humans to the Large Magellanic Cloud. Before humanity could fully deploy its diplomatic corps to the Local Group of galaxies, Lopez wanted to take a look at the Local Group of galaxies in advance.

Ark and the group of artificial humans were to reach the Large Magellanic Cloud, secretly establish an artificial human civilization, and construct a small dimensional passageway to communicate with the Milky Way Galaxy.

However, after establishing the initial civilization, they were attacked by ‘something’ and were completely destroyed. They all died.

If there was a force in the Large Magellanic Cloud that could wipe them out so thoroughly, without leaving a trace, it was definitely the Crolr.

After that, the Crolr encountered humanity’s diplomatic corps and has since maintained a somewhat neutral stance towards humanity.

‘I don’t like it.’

The Crolr was not on equal footing with humanity, but it was a species that had enough military power to pose a threat to humanity. Moreover, their warlike civilization fundamentally dreamed of ambition and conquest.

If there was ever a threatening alien force that would clash with humanity, it would definitely be the Crolr.

“We could defeat those bastards with humanity’s power, even right now. . . .”

➖But the human casualties would be enormous.

“Even if we mobilize the Vehlpciaarct?”

➖Even then, there would be hundreds of millions of casualties.

Humanity was strong, but not strong enough to overwhelm the Crolr.

And the Vehlpciaarct were still undergoing a transformation, without even a proper fleet, so it would be difficult for them to wage war for the next few years.

“We’ll end up clashing with the Crolr. With their disposition, they’ll probably see humanity as the final boss and target us for conquest.”

➖If humanity is gone, the Crolr will seize control of the Local Group of galaxies.

“. . . In many ways, we still don’t have enough power or means.”

➖That is correct.

“We need to consider the Crolr as a future threat and revise the scenario after the coming-of-age ceremony.”

And time went by quickly again. It went by alarmingly quickly.

For 18 years, Lopez and his AIs worked with the sole purpose of protecting humanity’s future.

Lopez was fiercely devoted to protecting humanity’s future for 18 years.

He did not have a moment of leisure or seek out entertainment, and because he had no time to spare, he chose to break up with the woman he loved, and he did not have children or start a family, saying he was not confident that he would be a good father.

He was treated for depression and insomnia dozens of times and lost his personal happiness somewhere along the way.

Even so, he did not neglect his work as the leader of the Drake Star Nation, and he steadily managed the members of the Elder’s Council as the Alpha.

Then, even on days when he felt like his mind was breaking, he did not break down and kept moving forward.

Despite having so much that he could enjoy, he lived a life of not enjoying anything for the sake of humanity’s future. People respected him, praised him, and called him a hero, but he was not happy at all.

‘If I don’t do it, no one else will.’

‘That’s why I have to do it.’

‘If we don’t prepare in advance, everyone will die someday.’

He kept moving forward, hoping that a good day would come someday, and a true era of peace would come someday.

Before he knew it, he was in his fifties.

‘I’ll finally be free. This is also for my sake.’

➖Administrator, you will once again protect humanity.

➖For a very long time, forever.

The Overlecter completed the Phase Assault Troops in the center of the galaxy and continued to increase their numbers. In the process, it also independently developed technologies and surpassed humanity’s average level of technology.

As always, the Transcendencer helped Lopez from the closest position. It worked as a Hyper Mind, the official AI executive of the UNF and the government agency of the Drake Star Nation.

The Vehlpciaarct grew sufficiently and eventually became the dominant species of the Sculptor Dwarf Constellation.

Ark moved the Darwin Foundation to actually give birth to 500 Chimeraz.

The 500 Chimeraz were in a scenario that was meticulously designed with numerous factors and devices.

They smoothly progressed through the scenario without deviating from it.


Subject 412 Ruler Subject actually underwent the preliminary selection after completing a few simple trainings and survived.

Meanwhile, the mother subject prioritized her children above all else. To the mother, the future of her children was more important than her own life.

The mother subject judged on her own that her existence could restrain Subject 412 and become a stumbling block to the species.

So the mother subject chose death.

Then, Subject 412 would have gone berserk and escaped from humanity’s grasp, and even if it did not escape, the Foundation would not kill the child that it had spent 18 years raising.

And above all, she judged that if she died, the Foundation would not be able to control the children using her.

Thus, the only means of death that the mother subject could choose was starvation.

In order to commit suicide, the mother subject refused to consume nutrients. However, the Darwin Foundation force-fed the mother subject.

➖The mother subject is showing the expected pattern. The Darwin Foundation is as well.

“Let her die. Without the Darwin Foundation noticing.”

➖The force-feeding has been stopped.

➖A device malfunction has been caused to make it appear that force-feeding is being done.

The mother subject tried to obtain her own freedom and the freedom of her children through death.

➖The mother subject has starved to death.

Subject 412 Ruler Subject.

The Darwin Foundation knew about the dependency that ‘Kemet Agele Kreion’ had on the mother subject. So, naturally, they would never dispose of the dead mother subject.

They intended to find a way to revive the dead mother subject by putting her in suspended animation.

However, the coming-of-age ceremony ended much faster than the Darwin Foundation had anticipated. They had envisioned a scenario where the subjects would become 19 years old, ‘adults’, and a Ruler Subject would be born by the end of this year.

Kreion was extraordinary, brilliant, cold-hearted, and rational.

➖They will try to revive the mother subject, but they will not be successful. Kreion will arrive at Apoptology at the exact moment.

➖Kreion has arrived at Apoptology.

A situation that could be easily misunderstood.

A situation that could not be helped but be misunderstood.

➖Kreion’s dependency on the mother subject is very high. Therefore, the moment he realizes that the mother subject’s wave is gone, he will search for the place where the mother subject is and witness the dead mother subject with his own eyes.

This was the scenario after the coming-of-age ceremony.

➖I will cause another device malfunction to lift the mother subject’s suspended animation.

“Since he’s highly dependent on the mother subject, he’ll probably go berserk. But he’ll soon regain his sanity.”

➖Because he resembles Administrator. He will not be consumed by anger, even if he goes berserk.

At that time, it was hard to watch with open eyes as Kreion confirmed the dead mother subject right before his eyes and approached to find the warmth of his mother.

➖Mother. . .?

Calling her ‘Mother’ was like an immature child.

That made it even harder to watch.

➖Ah, no. . . .

➖Mother. . .!

➖Ha. . . . Ugh. . . .

And at that time, Kreion did not know that he could shed tears. He was a character with a somewhat diminished emotional range, yet he shed tears like that.

Then, how much pain must he have been in, how much sorrow, how much anger, for him to show such an appearance?

➖It seems that his dependency on the mother subject was somewhat high.

“Ha. . . .”

➖Kreion is going berserk.

➖Director Darwin is not reporting the situation to Ark because of his obsessive nature.

➖Administrator, you must stay strong.

Lopez quickly corrected his mind, which had been about to weaken for a moment.

Like he always did.

“Tell Director Darwin to send Ark to investigate Nemea after Kreion escapes. He must know full well that I am the Alpha and that Ark is mine, so why isn’t he reporting to me. . . . I need to see how obsessed he is with the project.”

➖Kreion boarded the prototype Lemegeton with his adjutant, Ludwig, and escaped from Apoptology. The soldiers and workers cannot stop Kreion.

When he returns with that anger, how much stronger will he have become?

Kreion would strengthen his species to the best of his ability against the enemy, the Darwin Foundation.

➖Kreion’s dependency on the mother subject and his anger are proportional. Therefore, the extent of Kreion’s anger was also higher than the previous predictions.

“It’s no use worrying about it now.”

➖Kreion has changed the Lemegeton’s course towards the Nemea Star Nation. The Darwin Foundation’s fleet that tagged along was countered by the new Chimeraz airships.

➖Kreion used the Nemea dimensional passageway to travel to the Solar System, and then used the Solar System dimensional passageway to travel to the Slav dimensional passageway.

➖Also, Darwin gave orders to Ark without Ark’s knowledge after Ark left Apoptology.

➖He is forming a pursuit fleet to chase after Kreion. And it seems he is trying to make up for his mistakes by annihilating Kreion and the Chimeraz on Ark’s behalf.

The Chimeraz. Kreion.

Would their species be able to become a force that would dominate the space age? And would they be able to choose cooperation with humanity through dialogue or the situation, even though they had escaped from humanity’s control and had become very hostile towards humanity?

A grand scenario had begun to test such things.

➖Darwin’s pursuit fleet is not the main scenario. What will you do?

“They’ll end up facing the UNF fleet eventually anyway. They should be able to overcome something like a pursuit fleet at this point.”

➖Then, let’s use the pursuit fleet as the first test and enter the sub-scenario.

If the Chimeraz were weak or had defects, they would go extinct when they encountered the pursuit fleet.

Even so, Lopez believed.

He believed that the Chimeraz would be able to defeat something like a pursuit fleet.

That was because they had the power of a ‘monster’ but moved with ‘reason’.

➖Administrator, you can discard the emotions that you are feeling right now for the sake of the cause.

“That mother subject. . . .”


“He’s just an 18-year-old kid. Of course, his mental age is not 18, but. . . . I wonder if this is something that a human would do.”

➖It can be considered something that a human would not do.

➖However, this is something that humans must do.

“. . .I’m afraid to see Kreion’s face later.”

In any case, everything was perfectly prepared,

and he believed that he would be able to carry it out perfectly in the future.


As expected, Kreion chose a remote location in the human galaxy, far from the Slav territory. This was because the Chimeraz did not yet have the means to leave the galaxy.

That red dwarf star system with the dark nebula was the best candidate for a colony site that Kreion could choose, due to various factors.

➖The dark network has been constructed up to VNC 400481.

The Transcendencer identified the location of the colony site.

Due to the dark nebula that absorbed all light, a micro-sized signal amplifier was deployed to observe the colony site at all times.

Meanwhile, the Aooa species was small in scale, so their movements were within the category of the scenario.

The duplicate Ark in the Small Magellanic Cloud was watching Oaaa, the 1st-class diplomat of their species.

➖Diplomat Oaaa has arrived in the Solar System and is communicating with Chairman Rittan of Whitehole.

“Rittan became a father and changed his temperament to be kind and religious. He’ll help Oaaa if Oaaa asks him for help with the famine problem.”

➖The Aooa species lacks the number of celestial bodies that they own. Therefore, they will try to create a satellite and replenish their food supply with it.

Also, the Aooa were a carnivorous species that mainly consumed protein, similar to the Crolr.

➖Oaaa has announced to Rittan that he will create a new self-replicating protein satellite.

Rittan and Darwin were members of the Elder’s Council, so they could use each other when they needed help.

Therefore, the factors of Rittan’s kind heart and the Elder’s Council created an inevitable scenario.

➖Rittan recommended Darwin Foundation to Oaaa.

Also, Darwin would want to find out Kreion’s colony site as soon as possible in order to reverse his mistake.

It took too long to search the area around Slav with the pursuit fleet, and if Darwin asked another member of the Elder’s Council, it would mean publicly revealing his mistake.

So Darwin had no choice but to borrow the power of an external force, the Aooa.

➖Oaaa found the colony site before the pursuit fleet.

➖The scenario will branch depending on what decision Kreion makes in response to Oaaa’s fleet.

As expected, the Aooa species were naturally timid and peace-oriented.

Oaaa chose to trade with Kreion instead of annihilating Kreion’s colony site with 22 ships. And Kreion surprisingly succeeded in making the first trade between species.

➖Kreion has acquired the Ring Formation Technique.

➖The travel time between celestial bodies for the Chimeraz species has been greatly shortened, which will accelerate the progress of the scenario.

The result of the accelerated scenario progression was a swift Apoptology invasion.

➖The Chimeraz have been strengthened enough to adequately fight against modern weapons.

“What about Darwin and the secretary?”

➖Darwin survived and escaped, and Haber was killed by Kreion.

“He killed Haber. . .?”

Haber’s death was an unexpected outcome.

“He wouldn’t kill Haber, at least. . . . Haber may look like he betrayed Kreion, but he wouldn’t kill him because he cares about him. I’m sure Kreion knows that even what he sees is suspicious.”

➖That’s right. It seems like Kreion did not intend to kill Haber. This is because he removed the face part of his biological armor, showed his expression, and tried to talk to Haber.

“Then why did he kill him?”

➖Because Haber aimed at Kreion’s face. This was a situation where Kreion could have been sufficiently dangerous.

“. . . .”

➖Thanks to this, it is judged that Kreion must have absorbed Haber’s memory and been stimulated by the human aspects.

➖Rather, it is a good thing.

Things were not going as predicted, but they were going well overall.

“I’ll go to hell if I die. . . .”

➖There is no hell.

“That’s just what people say.”

In the end, Apoptology was blown up.

In the meantime, Kreion returned with a ruler named Anima Selas, who was created by the Darwin Foundation to prepare for the failure of the Chimeraz project, and human resources that would act as variables in the future.

➖Anima Selas’s actions, who is not a complete ruler, are inaccurate compared to Kreion’s. Therefore, variables caused by Anima Selas may occur in the scenario in the future.

➖How about creating a sub-scenario in the direction of killing Anima Selas for stability?

“What about the human resources?”

➖Except for Gnox, the human resources are factors that cannot cause major variables.


➖He is an artificial human who mentally succeeded the role of Fnox, the former integrated information manager of Obsidiamon and my learning assistant.

“Gnox was supposed to be the key to letting Kreion reach me.”

➖That’s right.

“If Gnox is the key, Anima Selas must be an insurance policy for Kreion. I don’t think it’s good to take that away. Let’s just go with the plan for now without creating a new scenario.”


And during the Apoptology invasion, the Darwin Foundation’s pursuit fleet invaded the VNC 400481 star system.

Even without Kreion, the early Chimeraz held their own against the pursuit fleet.

After that, Kreion quickly returned to his colony site and defeated the pursuit fleet.


Kreion reconsidered his attitude towards humans due to the variable named Anima Selas, and reached the Nemea Star Nation for the future of his species.

In a slightly different form.

➖Kreion contacted Darwin by imitating Commander Brinicle of the pursuit fleet.

➖Darwin and Kreion reconciled. They realized that they had misunderstandings about each other.

“It’s not the time for that.”

➖I will hack into Darwin’s secretary humanoid, impersonate Ark, and order Darwin to assassinate Kreion.

However, Darwin did not listen to Ark’s orders.

“. . .I can’t help it. If our opponent, humanity, disappears, the Chimeraz won’t get stronger at the same rate as they are now.”

➖I will hack into the soldiers’ guns and attack Kreion. I can force the Nemea invasion using that gunfire as an excuse.

“Darwin can be reconciled now, so let’s keep him in a visible place and protect him so that he won’t die in the future.”

That way, the soldiers’ guns shot Kreion, and Kreion developed a strong animosity towards Ark. This was because he had confirmed Ark’s direct intervention while he had suspicions regarding the death of the mother experimental subject.

In other words, it was not animosity towards humanity.

Therefore, before invading the Nemea Star Nation, the Chimeraz rationally attempted to communicate with the Nemea regular fleet.

The fact that they were trying to communicate with humanity even after being shot by Ark showed that.

➖This is not in the plan.

Anima Selas, the variable, resulted in the communication between the Chimeraz fleet and the Nemea regular fleet. Originally, in the scenario, Kreion was supposed to invade Nemea and the UNF was supposed to become aware of the existence of the Chimeraz.

“Block the communication.”

The Transcendencer infiltrated the Nemea regular fleet through the dark network and made it so that their equipment could neither receive nor send any radio waves in the direction of the Chimeraz fleet.

And by manipulating the systems of some of the Nemea fleet ships, it made it look like the Chimeraz fleet had started a preemptive strike.

The Nemea fleet responded immediately, and from the Chimeraz fleet’s point of view, it must have looked like the Nemea fleet was attacking first.

➖The Chimeraz overthrew the Nemea Star Nation.

In the process, the old-fashioned Drone Hive that the Nemea Star Nation was operating fell into the hands of the Chimeraz.

A conspiracy was planted in that Drone Hive. The information planted was that the Drone Hive traveled through the dimensional passageway when it was in danger.

The hints given in that way would allow Kreion and Gnox to extend the chain of suspicion to the Drake Star Nation, along with the appearance of Ark, the artificial intelligence that managed the dimensional passageway.

And at the end of the chain, they would realize Lopez’s existence.

➖Kreion started broadcasting to the Nemea government network.

“Yes. I guess he took that scenario. . . .”

➖The UNF has learned about the true identity and existence of the Chimeraz.

➖The UNF is planning to convene a meeting of national leaders to discuss it.

“You take the lead in declaring war. You can just mention the UNF’s Special Mutual Defense Treaty.”

At that time, Lopez met Sheamus Pollan’s gaze in response to the UNF’s convocation.

The Transcendencer intervened in the UNF under the name Hyper Mind, and Sheamus Pollan, the Federal Star President, knew that Hyper Mind was an artificial intelligence created by Lopez of the Elder’s Council.

Also, Sheamus Pollan was a member of the Elder’s Council and was loyal to Lopez.

Therefore, the factors of Hyper Mind, Lopez, Sheamus Pollan, and the Special Mutual Defense Treaty led the UNF to declare war on the Chimeraz.

Now the UNF will move to Nemea to attack Kreion’s Chimeraz legion.

‘Please. . . .’

At that time, the Chimeraz were not strong enough to fight the UNF.

‘Please run away.’

Fortunately, Kreion made a wise decision. He destroyed Nemea’s dimensional passageway and retreated.

➖The Chimeraz and humanity’s confrontation structure has been completed.

Faced with the threat of the Chimeraz, humanity realized that the era of peace had been broken and joined forces to grow their military.

Likewise, the Chimeraz, who had become enemies with all of humanity, expanded and strengthened their species even faster.

➖You can now pass through the branching point and enter the main scenario.

Humanity and the Chimeraz began to grow stronger.

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