My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 84

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟒: 𝐈𝐧𝐟𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐏𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐭 (5)

On Teslafortress’ shoulder, the plasma railgun stirred, and Gats, who had spotted it, leaped forward, stabbing a harpoon into the railgun while he was floating in the air.

➖I’ll take care of that guy!


Gats deployed the Levitation Weapon covered with a bio-barrier, blocking the view around him. In the short darkness, something blew up the main gate, and the explosion was so powerful that it blew away the bio-barrier and even broke through the sturdy blast door of the main gate.

“You’ve chosen a reckless path by foot.”


Teslafortress smacked Gats with a metal shield. And then, it shot the plasma railgun straight at Gats, who had fallen to the ground.


The ground, which was covered with some special metal, was dug up as if it had been hit by a meteorite, and thick dust burst out like smoke.


Teslafortress expanded its shield once to blow away the annoying dust.

“. . . I thought you were dead. How are you alive?”

“Do you have a reason to ask?”

Gats was standing there, safe and sound.

“Even now, try to persuade your ruler. Kreion won’t even be able to reach the middle floors of Asilomar Ziggurat.”

“Did your sophisticated calculation make you so confident that even this city was invaded?”

“Your provocation won’t work on me.”

“That’s too bad.”

“I’ll warn you one last time. Persuade your master to stop. He’ll never be able to meet the Administrator in a state like that.”

“That’s not for you to decide.”

“The administrator will not allow contact. Your ruler will die at best at around the 100th floor.”

“I can’t understand you at all. You people act like you’re willing to talk only after the situation has gotten this bad. From our perspective, we can only think that it’s a trap. If it’s not a trap, it’s just arrogance.”

“There is no point telling you anything. Sometimes control is more efficient and certain than conversation.”

“Let me tell you one thing.”

Gats took a stance as if he would charge at Teslafortress at any moment.

“If it were another species, it would be different, but we cannot control without a ruler.”

“That is the limit of your imagination.”

“You’ll see when you go to the end.”


Inside Asilomar Ziggurat, the Chimeraz’s organic tissue was spreading rapidly. At the same time, a considerable density of bio-barriers and bio-bombs were creating a favorable environment for the Chimeraz.

In the midst of it, Kreion moved his body swiftly to fight the soldiers inside. Plasma spewed out of his right arm, and he stretched out a tentacle that expanded at the speed of a bullet from his left arm to pierce the enemies.

The gunfire from the humanoids and soldiers was blocked by the meticulously moving bio-barriers, and the small robobugs and drones fired flame explosions inside the building to remove the bio-barriers.

Without needing an elevator or stairs, holes were constantly being made to go up to the upper floors. The sturdy ceiling and floor collapsed from the erosion of the bio-bombs.

After skipping the battles with the soldiers and going up to the 20th, 30th, and 40th floor in one breath, the soldiers inside Asilomar Ziggurat couldn’t handle it anymore.

They were aiming for Kreion to reach the indoor landing field on the 43rd floor.


The shield was also deployed on the ceiling.

It was a high-ceilinged indoor hangar where the artificial particles forming the shield could sufficiently accelerate. In addition, it was a battlefield suitable for operating large weapons as it was a wide space like a small airport.


Kreion, who had stopped at the 43rd floor, heard a sharp noise echoing throughout the space.


He could tell just by the sound. It was the sound of a plasma cutter rotating and cutting through the air, and something rolling sharply scratching the floor.

When he looked in the direction from where the noise was coming, there was indeed a Chaintrooper.

‘. . .!’

He had thought they were going to restrict his movement to the 43rd floor and attack him with Chaintroopers, but there was only one Chaintrooper in this wide space.

It meant one was enough.

‘What the. . . .’

Even though it was quite a distance away, he had to tilt his head to see it fully.

The diameter of that Chaintrooper was 52 meters. The whole place was silent as the machine stopped rotating.

“Take that armor off. It’ll be easier to go up that way.”

The absurdly large Chaintrooper spoke in a strange tone with a mechanical female voice.

“I’ll go to the top floor with my own power.”

“Then you can’t go any higher. Really.”

“Stop telling me to disarm and show my face in the enemy’s base. Or tell Lopez to come down here so that we can both take the same risk fairly.”

“Shall I connect a call?”

“I’m in an overwhelmingly dangerous situation, but a call. . . Nothing will be solved until we face each other.”

“That’s not possible. The Administrator can’t let a dangerous being like you meet in the same space.”

“So I could pull out the brain of Lopez.”

Then, the huge Chaintrooper emitted something like a red light from the center of its body.

“. . . I’m going to kill you. Saying something like that. . . .”


“I’m going to kill you!”


At that moment, the huge Chaintrooper suddenly rushed forward at an extraordinary speed of 170 kilometers per hour. The air screamed from the destructive force generated by the mass, and the neatly finished floor was scratched and torn.

Kreion’s body quickly jumped to the side, but the giant Chaintrooper abruptly changed the direction of its body’s rotation. It proved that there was no point in trying to dodge its charge by moving sideways.


He tried to stab the machine with his tentacles, which had sharp, blade-like tips, but two pairs of plasma cutters rotating separately from the body cut off the tentacles.


Then, he deployed a bio-barrier, but the huge Chaintrooper expanded its shield like other special war machines had shown, and blew away the bio-barrier.

However, Kreion knew that the shield output protecting the body was temporarily depleted after expanding the shield that way, and


He transformed his left arm into a plasma gun in an instant and shot a purple plasma beam.


The plasma beam, which exploded the air, aimed for the center of the huge Chaintrooper’s body. Then, the huge Chaintrooper abruptly changed the direction of its body’s rotation again to minimize the impact of the plasma.


The huge Chaintrooper became a sphere, dented on one side. So, the plasma cutter continued to rotate, but the body couldn’t rotate, so it stopped right there.

Anyway, the plasma attack worked.

‘One more time. . .!’

Kreion tried to gather his energy inside his body again to shoot plasma, aiming for that moment.


However, the huge Chaintrooper extended the plasma cutter that had been rotating. He had thought it was a rotating cutter, but it could also move like a whip.

“Keuk. . .!”

The plasma whip, which was almost 30 meters long, swung around and cut Kreion’s body. Its tremendous speed and striking distance were unpredictable.


His upper and lower body separated and made a few turns in the air before falling miserably to the floor.


However, red tentacles extended from the cut surfaces of the upper and lower body that had fallen to the floor, trying to repair his body.

“I said I’d kill you!”

The huge Chaintrooper didn’t just watch Kreion’s body repair.

“Die! Die! Die! Die!”


Like chopping meat with a knife, the plasma whip lashed out and carved up Kreion’s body. The plasma cutter wielded by the huge Chaintrooper from 30 meters away cleanly cut off his body and went down through the floor beneath his body, then went up again through the ceiling of the floor below and bounced back up to this floor.

To the brutal whipping, Kreion tried to send out a bio-barrier or extend tentacles to escape, but the speed at which the plasma whip lashed out was several times faster. It was repeated several times.

And in the end, only the flesh without any movement was left.

The internal organs became an unrecognizable red mass, and the arms, legs, ankles, wrists, pelvis, waist, and chest were scattered like trash.


The huge Chaintrooper retrieved the plasma whip and attached it like a rotating ring again.

“. . . Are you dead?”


The mangled body twitched, extending its tentacles again. There was no sign of life, but it was strangely alive.

“Why won’t you die?!”


He fired something like a blue flame at the body trying to resurrect.

“Burn it more! Turn it to ashes!”

This place was the heart of the enemy camp for Kreion.

The heavily armored humanoids who had found their way to this location used flamethrowers.


They burned and burned. They continued to burn even after the movement of the tentacles stopped in the flames. They didn’t stop the flamethrower until the flesh burned and turned into something like coal.

Finally, his body was carbonized to the point where it could no longer function as cells, and only then did the flamethrower stop.

“Check it quickly! Quickly!”

The humanoids moved at the huge Chaintrooper’s command. They kicked Kreion’s body with their feet.

“Did we get him?!”

POOF. . .

The body parts that were kicked lost their shape and became a pile of ash that collapsed.

“We got him!”

It was certain that he couldn’t be alive at all as he had been burned.


The humanoids stomped on the completely charred body with their feet and crushed it.


In the meantime, the head part of the body was hit by a foot.

The hardest part of the heavily armored bio-armor maintained its shape even after that much flamethrower.

One of the humanoids took out a cutter. He cut open the tissue covering the face part of the head.


“. . . .”

It was clearly a body with internal organs and flesh inside the bio-armor, but strangely, the head part was completely empty.

“. . . Huh?”

There was only a charred skull, teeth, and cerebellum.

It was a head without a face.


➖The ‘master’s body’ sent to the ground has been attacked. . . .

‘From the 1st to the 40th floor, bio-bombs and bio-barriers are encroaching. That much is enough of a threat to mobilize the soldiers inside Asilomar Ziggurat. And they must be feeling confused about my death.’

➖I’m not sure if this strategy will work. . . .

‘It’s such an extreme strategy that even you question it. That’s why they would never have imagined this. That we would attack like this.’

➖Yes. . . . Got it. . . .

➖Now, everything is ready. . . .

‘Give up the fleet battle and aim for Asilomar Ziggurat.’

It was an extreme strategy. It was a strategy possible because it was the Chimeraz. It was a strategy possible because they had created this situation.

From the moment they invaded Obsidia Drake, they had cleverly prepared everything and twisted it several times so that the enemies couldn’t predict it. It was a movement decided at the end.

‘All fleets’ of the Chimeraz, which had been fighting the Fractal fleet, abandoned the fleet battle and descended to Obsidia Drake’s low orbit.


Suddenly, the Chimeraz fleet that had escaped from the fleet battle exposed their vulnerable rear to the Fractal fleet. So, the Fractal fleet chased after the Chimeraz fleet and poured out their firepower to kill as many Chimeraz as they could.

The Chimeraz fleet, which approached Obsidia Drake’s low orbit, easily withstood the attack of the few surviving defense satellites.


And the sky opened up.

Euryale, Lemegeton, Cresecter, Crepitus, Drop Cyst, Asotus, bio-barrier, bio-bombs.

The shadows of huge creatures appeared in this world along with the small shadows, as if declaring the end of the world.

They ignored the Fractal fleet and carrier aircraft that followed them from behind and exerted an overwhelming force on Asilomar Ziggurat’s upper floors.

The Chimeraz aircraft used in fleet battles fought with enemy aircraft at the same altitude as the top floor of Asilomar Ziggurat. The clouds spread wide below were pushed away by the powerful fire, and successive explosions abused the atmosphere.

As the surrounding altitude became the battlefield, Asilomar Ziggurat generated a strong shield output. Crepitus collided with Asilomar Ziggurat, and Euryale, Lemegeton’s Organic Accelerator Cannons aimed at Asilomar Ziggurat and explosively shot purple plasma beams. The largest mutant Euryale even hovered above the top floor, casting a huge shadow.

Still, Asilomar Ziggurat’s shield output was strong.

‘But it’ll complicate things.’

The Fractal fleet chased after the Chimeraz fleet that had given up the fleet battle. So, the Fractal fleet and the aircraft in the atmosphere that had been guarding Asilomar Ziggurat were currently facing the Chimeraz fleet.

However, the Chimeraz fleet was now using the airspace around Asilomar Ziggurat as their battlefield.

Therefore, the firepower of the fleet operating in space couldn’t be used recklessly in this atmosphere, especially in the area where the top floor of Asilomar Ziggurat was nearby.

‘If we make a mistake, the top floor where Lopez is will be destroyed.’

On the other hand, the Chimeraz could fight without worrying about how much firepower Asilomar Ziggurat was exposed to. It was a temporary advantage.

‘I’ve turned the tower site into a battlefield. I’ve spread bio-bombs and bio-barriers from the 1st to the 40th floor.’

That’s why he broke through the main gate with a bio-armor that had only its body duplicated in the first place.

‘The Chimeraz is blocking the east, west, south, and north of the city on the ground and in the sky.’

That’s why he had placed each leader like that in the first place.

‘The Chimeraz fleet has taken the high ground as their battlefield.’

That’s why the Chimeraz fleet gave up the fleet battle and came down.

‘You’re trapped there, Lopez.’

SHING. . . .

Kreion entered Asotus’ snout.

➖The Hyper Mind server is on the 365th floor of Asilomar Ziggurat. . . .

➖The partial shield output there is considerable, so it penetrated the shield of the 364th floor. . . .

In the midst of the fierce air battle, a single Asotus, which had no threats or features, flew towards Asilomar Ziggurat at supersonic speed.

➖There aren’t many Crepitus that are consistently wearing down the shield. . . . It seems like you’ll be able to enter before the 364th floor’s shield output is restored. . . .


It could be seen that the shield of the part that Crepitus was persistently aiming at was weakening. More Crepitus rushed in and burned their lives away, and then an Asotus instantly threw its body into the shield that had momentarily turned off.


Asotus, which crashed into the outer wall, became half-dented and bled. The blood soon turned into a black fluid, which stuck to the outer wall, and Asotus’ body was fixed in place.

➖Since we gave up the fleet battle, there’s no going back. . . . Too many children are dying. . . .

➖You must see the end now. . . .

➖Our ruler. . . .


Kreion pierced the outer wall and entered the 364th floor.

‘I know.’

It was a place that could be a laboratory or an office, with machines of unknown purpose assigned their own space by transparent glass walls.

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