My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 80

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟎: 𝐈𝐧𝐟𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐏𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐭 (1)

In orbit around Obsidian Drake, the Fractal fleet and the Chimeraz fleets were butchering and destroying each other. 

The Chimeraz had prepared considerably, but they were still lacking against the mighty foe, and so they had to evolve constantly, even while fighting the enemy.

Kreion and Gnox were facing each other at the heart of the largest mutant, Euryale.

“Shockphonia is able to infect others because it has all the information, genetic blueprints, instincts, and will of the Chimeraz. Shockphonia provides control over the infected to the leader connected to it through waves.”

That was the main reason why Shockphonia was an advanced entity.

“The bioweapon we’ll create this time will also contain our essence like Shockphonia.”

Between Kreion and Gnox, a black sphere connected to the ground with thick, vein-like cords existed.

Squirm, squirm. . .

The 5-meter-diameter living sphere moved its wrinkly surface dynamically.

“It’s basically a projectile, so it can’t contain a complex organ like a brain. . . What should we do?”

“I will infuse the information and instincts on the cellular level.”

“Is that possible?”

“It is. The structure itself isn’t much different from Xenotera or the bio-barrier.”

“But Xenotera or the bio-barrier only performs a very simple task when viewed on the cellular level. That’s why they have countless consciousnesses, but they’re easy for the leader to control.”

Xenotera had the instinct to expand its territory. Therefore, the countless Chimeraz that make up Xenotera would reproduce on their own if the conditions were met, even without anyone giving them orders. Then, if they received orders from a superior being, they would provide information they sensed through waves, build structures, or form organs to attack enemies.

Similar to Xenotera, the bio-barrier made of countless Chimeraz had the instinct to gather. So once the bio-barrier spread, even without anyone giving them orders, they would gather like a cloud, sensing the air currents among themselves. Then, if they received sudden and massive orders from a superior being, they would have their movements controlled individually.

In the end, a cluster made of countless tiny Chimeraz could only have very simple instincts, and when performing a complex task, they would definitely need waves from a superior being.

“Infection is a very complex task, so. . . It will require a mental power incomparable to the bio-barrier.”

“Yes. We’ll need to invest a legion dominance far greater than the legion dominance required in a large-scale fleet battle. . . We need control.”

“Control. . .”


Gnox savored the word.

And soon, he realized Kreion’s intentions.

“Surely not. . .”

“This is a biological ‘bomb.’ It will be designed so that control is not necessary after it hits.”

“It won’t follow orders?”

“It will follow orders if given, but I intend to design it so that it can sufficiently carry out its role as a bomb without giving it massive orders.”

Between Kreion and Gnox, the black sphere full of wrinkles continued to grow until it reached a diameter of about 8 meters.

“Infuse all the information and experience of our race into it on a cellular level.”

“Do I need to infuse every single cell?”

“If you infuse all of it into one, the genetic material will become too heavy. Infuse it into each cell separately.”

“Then the death of a single cell could lead to the loss of vast information.”

“We’ll make thousands of them and shoot them. The surviving children of the bioweapon will share information with each other after impact and achieve an amount of information close to the original.”

“Aha. . .”

Gnox created a tentacle from the tip of his finger and attached it to the bioweapon Kreion had completed.

It was definitely a cluster made of countless Chimeraz. However, each of the Chimeraz the size of cells that made up the cluster were interacting with each other.

Very faint and insignificant waves, but those waves combined were making the cluster called the bioweapon function like a single brain.

‘Realizing something like distributed computing with waves. . . Or maybe it’s like a cloud system. . .? An imaginary brain? A collection of countless folders. . .? It’s a bit different from those. . . What would you define this as?’

It was similar to something that already existed, but it was definitely not a concept that already existed. He knew the principle, but where else in the world would anyone use this principle?

“Hurry up, Gnox.”

“Oh, yes, sir.”

Gnox detached his tentacle that was attached to the bioweapon. A cluster performing the functions of such a shapeless ‘brain’ could infuse information through waves without the need to connect tentacles.

While Gnox was infusing all the information of the Chimeraz into the bioweapon, Kreion began to infuse a will.

‘You are children born with the infinite potential of our race.’

Kreion touched the bioweapon directly.

Shhh. . .

Then, the bioweapon expanded its wrinkles only where Kreion’s palm touched it. The wrinkles that spread out in the shape of Kreion’s palm proved that it instinctively recognized its master’s touch.

‘You must be able to judge for yourselves by combining your strength. You are now receiving a single wave from me, but I can’t control all 5,262 trillion consciousnesses you have.’

‘So when you clash with a non-ally, you must choose the number that will allow you to thrive on your own.’

‘And in doing so, annihilate everything you touch.’


Now Kreion gave the order.

“Attack. Phlegeth.”

The Phlegeth swarm dug deeper into the heart of the fleet battle, once again targeting Fractal. It was the same method as before, and this time too, Fractal fired a barrage of cannon fire and missiles spreading plasma beams.

At the leader’s order, the Chimeraz ships that had entered the limbs were instantly blown up and pierced, scattering flesh and blood.


“I will begin. . .”

Ludwig, who had gained control of the Chimeraz main force, displayed the power of the second in command. The Chimeraz ships began to fight an even more fierce fleet battle with command capabilities not much different from when Kreion was in control.

Seeing the Chimeraz fleet suddenly moving aggressively, the Fractal fleet spared no expense in mobilizing cannon resources and carrier aircraft.

Fractal judged that the Chimeraz had noticed. That time was on Obsidian’s side.

Therefore, the Fractal fleet poured out the output it had been saving in response to the Chimeraz fleet’s movements, and as a result, each ship in the Fractal fleet partially deployed very strong shields to deal with the Chimeraz ships they faced and fired a full broadside.


Amidst the fleet battle taking on the appearance of a full-scale firefight, a single Euryale stepped forward.

The Euryale, escorted by 10 Lemegeton and 5 infected fleets, charged unmistakably toward Fractal.

Fractal considered the Euryale fleet, warping gravity and accelerating, as a threat. However, the Phlegeth swarm and Jiannettera swarm were currently targeting Fractal, and the entire Chimeraz fleet was forcing a firefight, risking their lives.

Therefore, Fractal and the escort fleets around it did not have sufficient cannon resources.

‘But if you unleash firepower, there will be too many allies around.’

Kreion had prepared for this situation in advance in order to increase the chances of success even a little.

With the Chimeraz fleet’s aggressive movement, the fleet battle had turned into a firefight, so each ship was sparing no expense in using its output and cannon resources.

In this situation, if Fractal used 100% of its firepower, even the Drake ships with their excellent output would be swept away.

‘Either way is fine.’

Fractal was forced to choose from three options against the Euryale fleet.

The first method was to order the entire fleet to ignore all the Chimeraz ships they were currently facing and to destroy the Euryale fleet first.

In that case, the Fractal fleet would completely destroy the Euryale fleet, but it would suffer numerical losses in the entire fleet.

The second method was for Fractal to use its unique firepower to destroy the Euryale fleet.

In that case too, the Fractal fleet would suffer numerical losses due to attacks from friendly forces. Additionally, as a price for investing firepower there, Fractal would also be exposed to attacks from the Phlegeth swarm.

The third method was to simply hold off the Euryale fleet’s approach at a reasonable level.

In that case, Fractal would face the bioweapon.

And Fractal’s choice was a compromise between the first and third methods.

Fractal used the cannon resources it had and the support of the surrounding fleet to deal with the Phlegeth swarm while simultaneously attacking Euryale from a long distance.

‘The safest choice. I suppose it can’t be helped.’

Because Fractal didn’t know.

It didn’t know about the existence of the bioweapon, and it didn’t know how close the approaching Euryale fleet intended to get or how it intended to approach.

Therefore, Fractal’s safe choice now was like a middle-of-the-road choice. It had created a situation where it couldn’t be helped.

The Euryale, escorted by 5 infected fleets, invested all the energy it had into gravity distortion and acceleration without even using the Organic Accelerator Cannon.

In response, the Fractal fleet distorted the space around Euryale to block its approach as much as possible while simultaneously firing powerful cannon shots from multiple angles.

Then, the 5 infected fleets distorted the surrounding gravity a second time and deployed a group shield that enveloped the entire Euryale fleet.

Soon, Fractal judged that it couldn’t penetrate the Euryale fleet’s defenses with just the fleet’s firepower. So Fractal used its own firepower to reduce the Euryale fleet’s shield output.

Now, the Euryale fleet had approached to a distance where it could pose a clear threat to Fractal. It was a distance where it could send out Cresecter and Crepitus and directly strike Fractal.

As the distance shortened, Fractal mobilized greater firepower. With explosions so intense that they were blinding, the shield output of the 5 infected fleets was completely turned off.

At that moment,

The 10 Lemegeton escorting Euryale self-destructed.

It was a bio-barrier boasting an absurd scale and density. The bio-barrier that had been squeezed to the extreme inside the 10 Lemegeton’s bodies enveloped the Euryale fleet in pitch black under Kreion’s massive legion dominance.

When seen with the naked eye, it just looked like darkness closing in.

When seen in terms of thermal energy, it looked like a red cloud.

When calculated with gravity, its exact location could not be determined.

So Fractal ended up bringing out its main cannon.

“Now, wait a minute, Kreion-nim! That’s really dangerous!”

“Master. . .! I’m detecting an enormous flow of energy even at this distance. . .!”

“It doesn’t matter. We won’t get hit by that.”

The hundreds of meters long barrel at the center of Fractal emitted a sequential light, foreshadowing the energy flow that was about to begin. It was Fractal’s main cannon.

It was the Supernova Spectrometer.

The barrel of the Supernova Spectrometer was in the shape of dense feathers, and it soon changed into a shape like the feathers had all been folded at right angles.

At that moment, a bright flash erupted as if all the stars in the universe had disappeared. Simultaneously, neutrons accelerated to near the speed of light from the Supernova Spectrometer were trapped in an artificial magnetic field and gravitational field, forming an almost straight trajectory.

It was a streak of light that was excessively vivid cyan.


It was definitely in the vacuum of space, but the roar was so powerful that it pounded in their ears. All the Drake ships and Chimeraz ships that were in the crosshairs of the Supernova Spectrometer were decorated with thermonuclear fusion explosions like round suns due to the collision of the air and neutrons inside them, and the light of the thermonuclear fusion explosions faded away in an instant every time the cyan streak of light flickered.

The cyan streak of light erased many things and extended far into space.

The Supernova Spectrometer had been used against the suspicious Euryale fleet that was approaching too close.

And Kreion and the leaders’ main Chimeraz ships were not originally alongside Euryale, which had been sent out in front.

“Gasp. . .! Gasp. . .!”

Gnox, who had witnessed an annihilation beyond death, sweated profusely.

Ludwig looked at Kreion with curious eyes.

“We weren’t in its crosshairs.”

That was why Kreion had said it didn’t matter, that we wouldn’t get hit by that.

“Well. . . Fortunately, unfortunately, the bioweapon fleet that we worked so hard to prepare has been erased. . .”

“W-What do you mean, fortunately, unfortunately. . .”

“It’s fine. After all, I expected them to use the main cannon.”

A single Euryale that was suspiciously using all its output to charge forward, 10 Lemegeton filling it with bio-barriers to protect that Euryale, and 5 infected fleets using advanced technology to protect Euryale.

They were erased by Fractal’s main cannon.

In other words, all the ships in the crosshairs of the Supernova Spectrometer were erased.

“The path is open. Equillocke.”


The Crepitus of Equillocke, which had been mixed in with the Phlegeth swarm, used their unique ability for abrupt changes in direction to forcibly break into the area that had been cut open in a straight line.

There were no ships obstructing their movement around the Crepitus swarm.

Fractal intercepted them one by one with precise cannon fire. The surrounding fleets also joined in to intercept the Crepitus swarm.

Boasting an astonishing hit rate, the Fractal fleet’s group interception caused the Crepitus swarm to suffer mass casualties.

However, even though the path was open, it was too wide open.

In the end, the Crepitus swarm approached right up to Fractal, and Fractal and the surrounding escort ships deployed shields to protect Fractal, and the shields became a wall, protecting the Crepitus from Fractal’s cannon fire instead.

The Crepitus continued to collide with the shields and reduce their output, and while the fleet’s cannon resources were focused there, the Phlegeth & Jiannettera swarms openly attacked the escort ships around Fractal.

They fought back and forth like that for about 6 minutes.

One Crepitus forcibly passed through the shield and its body was torn apart and it died.

Space was an area with no friction.

The Crepitus’s dead body touched Fractal.

Thud, thud, thud, thud. . .!

It was the dead body of an ‘infected’ Crepitus.

At that moment, all the Chimeraz members were in awe of Kreion.

“No one can calculate ‘imagination’.”

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