My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 70

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕𝟎: 𝐈𝐧 𝐒𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡 𝐨𝐟 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐭𝐡 (1)

➖We admit our defeat.

January 10, 2621.

The Crolr conquest forces that invaded Defaulstellay have finally surrendered.

With only about 20 fleets left, the planets they used as outposts were recaptured by the combined forces of Defaulstellay & the Chimeraz, driving them out into space.

They tried to flee to the solar system where the rest of the conquest forces were, but were suddenly surrounded by an additional the Chimeraz fleet that appeared.

In front of their fleet stood the regular forces of Defaulstellay and the Chimeraz, and behind them, the widely deployed the Chimeraz fleet had countless Cresecters with the Lemegeton battleships opening their mouths threateningly.

And even a Euryale put psychological pressure on them. It’s understandable to be intimidated in a position of being so overwhelmed by the Chimeraz and seeing a Chimeraz the size of a Euryale.

Even a human fleet far exceeding the size of the regular forces and the Chimeraz fleets here on Defaulstellay joined.

It was the UNF fleet.

➖The Crolr. On behalf of the human military, I will inform you. Although you have surrendered, you need to confirm your intentions through other The Crolr fleets in the solar system and The Crolr side in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

➖Please stop killing us.

➖As long as there is no useless resistance, we will end the unnecessary battles. However, since a ceasefire agreement has not yet been reached, we, the Defaulstellay Federation and the UNF, intend to capture you as prisoners.

The Crolr had their ships and weapons confiscated and all armaments dismantled, and were housed in a military base on a ruined planet.

“F*cking bastards.”

The hulking figures with their arms tied in very tough fibers are being pushed in the back by armed humans.

“How many hundreds of millions have these bastards killed?”

“These f*ckers must still be killing people in the solar system. Civilians and all.”

“Hey, watch your mouth. They’re still prisoners. . . .”

“They can’t understand human speech without a translator anyway.”

“I really want to kill them. If they hadn’t surrendered, we could have killed every last one of them.”

People harbored deep resentment towards The Crolr. Someone lost their life, someone lost their job and home, and someone else must have lost precious colleagues or family.

Hundreds of UNF drones and dozens of war machines keep watch over the prisoner camps set up at the military base. Meanwhile, whenever the regular Defaulstellay forces and UNF combined forces came on spaceships, numerous The Crolr were brought along.

“At least the Chimeraz didn’t kill civilians.”

“But the Chimeraz and The Crolr are still the same monsters.”

“Are you actually thinking before you speak?”

People’s assessments of the Chimeraz have changed complexly.

“Why, am I wrong? Just because we got a little help, have you already forgotten about the Nemea incident? the Chimeraz kill civilians just the same. Think about how much damage was done to the companies that went outside.”

“Those would be bad Chimeraz.”

“Where are those?”

“All Crolr are bad but at least some of the Chimeraz are good.”


“We fought together risking our lives, can’t we think of them a little better? And their leader at least looks human. If you think back to Nemea, it seems they at least have some morality. . .”

“Morality my ass. I don’t feel good when I see what they look like. More grotesque than the Hyraguroa.”

“One definite thing is, without the Chimeraz we all would have been done for before the UNF even arrived. Warsaw would have fallen and the capital planet would have been pierced through.”

“Right. That’s true.”

“The Crolr were so freaking strong. And the invasion was at a time we didn’t expect at all.”

“That mushroom cloud and hot storm burned down the city. I heard people were just dying in droves and their skin was peeling off. I’ll never forget that for the rest of my life. F*cking bitches.”

“Thanks for all your hard work.”

“But why did the Chimeraz help us? The higher ups still haven’t told us the full story.”

“The UNF guys were also surprised when they saw the Chimeraz. They probably did something independently on our Defaulstellay.”

“It’s the bosses’ circumstances.”

“Since it’s not a normal incident, they’ll explain later I guess.”

“I just hope we don’t end up in full scale war with our galaxy and the Large Magellanic Cloud. . .”

“The key is how those Crolr bitches came out of the Magellanic Cloud.”

“Please, I’m tired of war if that’s what it is.”


Pollan gazed out the window from the high government building on the capital planet.

The orbital structures were healthy as usual, including the colony in geosynchronous orbit. Many ships and modules were busily working to fortify the planet.

‘Thank goodness.’

The downtown area of the capital had returned to life.

Various drones and vehicles were weaving through the tall buildings, and the citizens on the ground were playing loud music as if they were celebrating their victory at Defaulstellay.

On the hologram billboards of the building, announcers and reporters from each broadcasting station were talking hopefully.

‘Really. . . . This is really a relief.’

Behind Pollan, there was a man in his 60s wearing a UNF uniform.

He was the fleet commander of the UNF fleet dispatched to the Defaulstellay Federation this time.

“So, you’re saying that the captured entity from Babylonia this time is the leader of the group that helped the Federation?”

Pollan, who had been immersed in admiration for a moment, quickly returned to reality.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s called Nazar, the third in the hierarchy.”

“That leader . . . . It was a commendable decision to use Nazar’s power to protect the Federation.”

“Thank you.”

“But what prompted Nazar to help the Federation? If it’s the Chimeraz of the collective consciousness, it must be hostile to humans.”

Now it was time to spill the beans.

Pollan had to explain about defending his country by borrowing the power of the enemy race, the Chimeraz.

“It’s the Darwin Foundation. Dr. Francis Darwin helped us a lot.”

“That man who’s evading the international pursuit?”

“Yes. The facility in the underground of Warsaw belonged to the Darwin Foundation. Dr. Darwin was also living in seclusion there. I found out about it late.”

“So, you sent the captured entity to the facility that could study it best. . . . Was it coincidentally the Darwin Foundation’s secret facility?”


At that, the UNF fleet commander looked at Pollan with suspicion.

“Is that a coincidence?”

“What do you mean?”

“Star President Pollan-nim, did you really not know that it was the Darwin Foundation’s facility?”

“. . . .”

Pollan smiled comfortably without saying anything.

That was enough of an answer.

“. . .I see. I have no right to pursue Star President Defaulstellay-nim right now. I’ll ask you to explain the details when the dimensional passageway communication network is restored.”

“Of course, I will. It’s become quite complicated, to the point that Dr. Darwin was here, so I think we’ll need to have a lot of discussions with the leaders of the new universe civilization.”

“Yes. Good.”

“By the way, Commander. Is the situation in the solar system okay? I expected that the UNF would support the solar system first if it moved.”

Just before the dimensional passageways in the solar system were destroyed, there was the last news that the solar system and Defaulstellay were under a massive invasion by the Crolr.

But why did the UNF fleet come here?

“Oh, the solar system is fine.”

“Wasn’t the UNF fleet’s forces fully deployed to the Hecartra star system for the ‘Operation: Annihilation of the Chimeraz Main Colony’?”

“Yes. It’s embarrassing, but we had to retreat after suffering heavy casualties.”

“Considering the size of the UNF fleet that is here now, I assume that there is almost no UNF force in the solar system. . . . Are you sure it’s okay not to go to the solar system?”

Then the UNF fleet commander answered simply.

“The Nanozator fleet appeared in the solar system.”

The Nanozator fleet.

The Force Core, which is in charge of the Vehlpciaarct’s military power, controls that fleet.

In other words, the Vehlpciaarct’s full force had come to help the solar system.

“Aha. . . .”

“So, the situation in the solar system seems very promising.”

That’s why the remaining forces of the UNF fleet were able to come straight to Defaulstellay instead of the solar system.

Pollan was greatly relieved.

“The Vehlpciaarct is always reliable. It will be of great help when we negotiate a peace treaty with the Crolr of the Large Magellanic Cloud later.”

“I definitely have something to tell you about that.”

“What is it?”

The UNF fleet commander swallowed once and continued.

“I heard that the Crolr in the Large Magellanic Cloud surrendered to the Chimeraz.”

Pollan doubted his ears.

“What did you say?”

“The Force Core reported it that way and even showed me the fleet battle footage.”

As he said that, the fleet commander pressed the military device attached to the wrist of his uniform and turned on the hologram.

“The situation has become complicated.”

There was something remarkably noticeable in the hologram.

“What the hell is this. . . .”

It was a living planet in the hologram.

In other words, it was the living planet of the Chimeraz, which could not be expressed in any other way.

“The Force Core said that they intercepted part of the conversation between the Crolr and the Chimeraz. I don’t have it with me right now because it’s much more top secret than this footage, but I know the gist of it.”

Pollan opened his eyes wide, which was rare for him.

“Anima Selas, the second leader of the Chimeraz, was leading the Chimeraz of the Large Magellanic Cloud. There was a war in that galaxy too, without us knowing.”

‘Anima Selas. . .? Darwin didn’t tell me about this being even though it existed. . . .’

“The group she led subjugated the Crolr and liberated the races that were under the Crolr’s sphere of influence in the Local Group of Galaxies.”

Surprising news kept coming.

“The fact that races like the Aooa, Ririm, and Hyraguroa are actively expanding their territories without paying attention to the Crolr is proof of that.”

“Even Ririm and Hyraguroa received help from the Chimeraz?”

Ririm is a green plant race that seems to embody nature. Their power is the power of nature, which is so abstruse that it is difficult to explain scientifically, and their influence seems to be somewhat restrained. If it weren’t for the Crolr, Ririm would have become the dominant race in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Hyraguroa is also an economic power that distributes unique new materials to advanced races today. This is because many races are eager to trade new materials with them.

It seems that the two races received some kind of ‘favor’ from the Chimeraz that they can never repay.

In a short period of time, the Chimeraz had secured an enormous diplomatic position in the Local Group of Galaxies.

“How could that happen. . . .”

“That’s why I keep saying that the situation has become complicated.”

The UNF fleet attacked the Hecartra star system with the aim of annihilating the Chimeraz, but they were defeated and returned.

The Chimeraz here, led by Nazar, cooperated with humans and defeated the Crolr of Defaulstellay.

The Crolr of the solar system is likely to be defeated soon with the support of the Vehlpciaarct.

The Crolr of the Large Magellanic Cloud was taken care of by Anima’s Chimeraz.

In that Large Magellanic Cloud, the Vehlpciaarct attacked Anima’s Chimeraz.

Pollan pressed his forehead hard, wondering if he had a headache.

“How should we sort out the relationships between the races in this situation?”

“We need to finish off the Crolr of the solar system, sort out this situation with the Crolr of the Large Magellanic Cloud, and hmm. . . . It seems that we need to have a meeting with the leaders of the new universe civilization and even the Vehlpciaarct after Kreion, Nazar, and Anima of the Chimeraz establish their opinions.”

It’s a daunting process just to hear about it.

Although it is daunting, Pollan and the UNF fleet commander come to the same conclusion.

“At least the possibility of dialogue has become more certain. Everyone might feel the need to adjust their relationships soon.”

“Yes. I’d rather have this kind of complicated situation. That’s if we want to find a way to survive.”


Nazar and his group are retreating.

There are 43 excellent Lemegetons and 1 Euryale made from the resources of Defaulstellay.

➖Pollan-nim must be meeting with UNF officials and talking about you right now.

It was Darwin’s voice.

➖Is it really okay to leave this place without meeting them, Nazar?

“I’m just a leader. There’s nothing I can decide if I go to a place like that.”

➖the Chimeraz’s loyalty is truly mechanical. Then I’d like you to go back to Hecartra and talk to Kreion.

“I will report what I experienced and thought here honestly, and master will decide everything.”

➖That’s fine.

Euryale and dozens of Lemegetons formed a ring formation. Space was distorted in the direction and the opposite direction of their movement.

And they accelerate.

“Goodbye, Darwin.”

➖Even though you could have just left, thank you for fighting with us until the end.


Nazar left the Defaulstellay Federation without responding to Darwin’s last greeting.

‘Accelerate at full power. I have to go back to master quickly.’


They entered the nostalgic dark nebula.

Hecartra star system is not far away. A reddish star in the distance seems to beckon.

Soon, Nazar sensed the waves of his brethren at an earlier moment than he thought. It’s still quite a distance to connect the waves.

➖Who are you entering our territory now? Identify yourself.

It was Berne’s voice, the wave.

Nazar informs Berne of his existence.

“I’m back.”

➖This wave is. . . . Can it be Nazar-nim?

“Yes. It’s me.”

➖Is it really you, Nazar-nim? Did you survive the Battle of Babylonia?

“There was a lot going on. But how did you recognize the waves of my children at this distance? How is our real-time wave connection established now?”

➖The Mind Repeater has been enhanced, and a new type of entity called the Mind Advocate has dramatically expanded the relay range.

➖There are Mind Repeaters and Mind Advocates disguised as asteroids scattered around the area where you are now, Nazar.

After confirming the new entity called the Mind Advocate, Nazar received their genetic blueprint into his collective consciousness.

“What about the UNF fleet?”

➖Oh, have you already heard the news in the human territory?

“Operation: Annihilation of the Hecartra Main Colony. I heard it from Darwin.”

➖Yes. Fortunately, we defeated them by sinking more than half of their fleet.

“That’s good news.”

He said that they had blocked the UNF’s attack, which was the most worrisome. The UNF fleet that appeared in Defaulstellay a few days ago was them.

‘As expected, master was not a being that they could handle.’

The surrounding waves are strong and intricately intertwined.

It’s a feeling I really missed.



“Is master there?”

➖Master left 182 hours ago and is not here now.

“Where did master go?”

Belated news.

A complex situation caused by long distances.

Scheduled goal.

➖Master went to invade the Drake star system.

An event that happened a long time ago.

“The group with master. . .?”

➖All those from the human resource, Ludwig, Phlegeth, Gats, Jiannettera, and Equillocke.

Needless to say, Phlegeth,

Jiannettera and Equillocke are the only ones who brought the most ferocious and powerful leaders.

‘I knew something like this would happen. . . .’

➖I sense a complex emotion from Nazar-nim. Is there anything you need to tell master?

“Is there a way to tell master something I want to say right away?”

➖Humans continue to deploy Mind Repeaters and Mind Advocates in the Human Galaxy. If you wish, Nazar-nim, we will use more resources to deploy them in the direction of the Drake star system first.

“Is it faster than going there in person?”


“Then do that.”

Then Berne asked again.

➖I’m sorry to ask again, but can I ask what you need to tell master urgently?

“The truth of the incidents that have plagued us, which master wants to reveal.”

➖. . . ?

“We have come to a situation where it is okay to consider other methods to reveal the truth.”

➖But master already left 182 hours ago. Master prepared so many things for that one action for a very long time, but if you suddenly say that it’s okay to consider other methods. . . .



“I don’t know either. What is the right judgment in this situation.”

➖Master’s judgment is correct.

“Even if that judgment could kill master?”

➖. . . . .

Nazar’s earnest question left Berne unanswered.

“Deploy the Mind Repeaters so that you can deliver the news to master as quickly as possible, regardless of the means and methods.”

➖We need to save at least a minimum amount of power due to the threat of the UNF.

“There’s no need for that. The UNF is no threat to us. By now, they must have even given up the idea of attacking us. The leaders will reconsider their judgment as the situation changes, and the Crolr and the Vehlpciaarct will. . . .”

Nazar can feel it from Berne’s waves.

Berne does not understand the situation now.

He is not accepting Nazar’s orders.

➖Ludwig-nim ordered me to leave some power.

Is this a ranking for times like this?

“Ludwig-nim, who gave you the order, is not in the connectable area. So obey my orders now.”

➖But. . . .

“I will take responsibility if there is a problem later.”

➖. . . . .

“I don’t want to control you by force with my waves, Berne.”

The ranking is absolute and can be replaced if necessary.

➖. . .If you say so, I will follow.

“I’ll give you a detailed explanation when I arrive at your colony. Tell the leaders under me to move too. We don’t have time.”

➖I understand.

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