My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 56.2

➖Will you be able to stop us with your current forces, even if the Vehlpciaarct Nanozator fleets gather? According to your calculations?

➖The Vehlpciaarct can fight for our cause even when our annihilation is predicted.

Clorta snorted at the curious statement.

➖I see! So this is how you try to score points with the humans! It means that the Sculptor Dwarf Constellation is also in the clutches of the Human Galaxy!

➖Do not misunderstand, Supreme Commander Clorta. We are not simply sacrificing our entire fleet in the hope of gaining favor with the humans.

➖Then what is it? Did the AIs of the Vehlpciaarct learn how to commit suicide?

➖This is an act driven by conviction.

➖ . . .

➖We, the Vehlpciaarct species, respect humans more than the Crolr. Therefore, I, Deal Core, will leave behind the fact that I was annihilated while trying to stop you.

Even though they already knew their defeat, they said they would fight. That was what they called conviction.

Clorta gritted his teeth.

➖You cold-hearted machines. Do not speak of conviction. You, who calculate only profit and loss. You cannot sugarcoat any of your actions with conviction.

➖You, lacking the capacity to understand, will never comprehend. Clorta.

“Krrrr. . .!”

Clorta cut off the communication and ordered from the bridge.

【Destroy that damned Deal Core and Vehlpciaarct machines! We are wasting time!】

Immediately, the Crolr armada deployed a wide-range gravitational field, binding the Deal Core fleet, and poured countless nuclear warheads into the gravitational field.

In response, the Deal Core fleet reversed the gravitational field deployed by the Crolr, creating a gravitational field within the range of their own fleet, and with precise cannon fire, intercepted all warheads, having already calculated the speed and explosive force of the incoming nuclear warheads.

【Pesky defense system! Show them destruction beyond their calculations!】

The Crolr warships, each equipped with an antimatter main cannon, eventually wiped out the Deal Core fleet in just 11 hours. 


In the Federation of Defaulstellay, the capital planet is called Planet Defaulstellay.

Planet Defaulstellay has a satellite called Warsaw, which is a small city with a Darwin Foundation facility located underground.

Francis Darwin locked eyes with his subordinate researcher in a hallway filled with surveillance cameras.

“You must be tired. How about a cup of coffee?”

“Yes, chief.”

As if it had been arranged beforehand, the employee entered the small break room with Darwin without asking any questions. Of course, this room was also filled with surveillance cameras.

“How long have you been working for the foundation?”

“Two years.”

“I thought you looked familiar.”


Darwin retrieved a can of coffee from the multi-purpose vending machine and handed it to the researcher. As Darwin and the researcher’s hands touched, the researcher discreetly accepted a note that Darwin had prepared in advance.

“I heard that the field manual community is getting active these days.”

“I think that’s because of the frequent clashes with the Chimeraz. It benefits us that there’s more traffic because the field manual is also used by the UNF and the headquarters of each country. But. . . I can’t be happy when I think about the reason for the increased traffic.”

“What can we do? We have to survive.”

“The special forces against the Chimeraz are also waking up one by one and receiving requests for dispatch. There are many places requesting mercenaries specializing Chimeraz.”

Then, the researcher unfolded the note while turning his back to the surveillance camera.

【Cut the power in 10 minutes. Spill the coffee.】

“Let’s work hard. Even though our foundation has done many dirty things, we’ve always fought for a just cause.”

“I understand what you mean perfectly.”

“Good. Let’s stop here.”

The researcher crumpled the note along with the coffee can and threw it into the trash can protruding from the wall.


The trash can crushed the coffee can and the note together and sent them down to the recycling room.

After that, Darwin finished his coffee in the break room for 5 minutes and left the room alone.

“Whew. . .”

He took a deep breath and walked to an elevator. Two humanoids armed with automatic weapons were guarding the elevator.

“Do you have any business on the lower floors, Darwin-nim?”

“As the one who knows the Chimeraz best, shouldn’t I get some information from G141? I heard he just woke up from his anesthesia.”

The two humanoids looked at each other for a moment and communicated.

“Torture is not allowed during the interrogation of G141.”

“What? Are you even concerned about the human rights of the Chimeraz? It’s a bit fishy to call them human rights.”

“G141’s metabolic rate is very low due to the effects of the drug. Torture could adversely affect G141’s life activities.”

“I see. I’ll try to talk him into it.”

“Also, the internal video and audio will be recorded.”

“I know. Can you step aside?”

“Be careful.”

Darwin got on the elevator that could only go down.

Then, he went down to a deeper underground floor. This was a floor that existed to isolate just one Chimeraz, including the elevator he had just ridden.

“It’s brutal.”

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